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  1. Possibly because it hasn't had a stand alone blu-ray release in Japan?
  2. The Japanese Blu-ray release didn't have subtitles on the OVA, and the movie translation was....interesting. People also tend to forget how dark Manga's old analogue master on DVD OVA releaae was. I'm personally all in for the upgrade.
  3. That was an old Manga Video issue from tje VHS release. The U.S. had the same cast on ep 4, but different SFX & music que's because of some issue Manga was having getting the raw audio, the UK release had propper SFX/music, but a different cast.
  4. This is the response on twitter. Which I take as the OVA being a box exclusive. Considering how much better of a deal the Ii kickstarter is (regular sized box + artbook + 4k & 2k + OVA & movie cuts] I'm not ecstatic about this....but I'll get it. What I will not do however is support their release of Zero, I'm quite fine with the recent Japanese release on that. As for the french edition, they're being very quiet as to whether these different shop releases are region locked, but I wouldn't risk it. I did pick up tjeir Gundam movie 4k pre-order though (which is also cheaper), since 4k doesn't have region locks.
  5. This isn'y really news, but OMFG is it amazing.
  6. You need to go buy a lottery ticket.
  7. Maybe Sony is trying to get that Disney muscle to help get the final push to wrestle the original series/DYRL back. Or, maybe we all just woke up in crazy world this morning...
  8. Which is why AnimEigo screwed back and (mind you this is pure assumption based on what I saw from both releases) gave HG back their sh!t quality audio masters as the source when ADV did their release.
  9. Yup, nothing especially "Macross" about it at all. I'd take a not even remotely remastered console port if the PSP ArtDink games over this any day.
  10. Just rewatched through Macross Plus Movie Ed, the Frontier movies, and the Delta movies again, and saw this in "Sayonara no Tsubasa" And immidiately thought Imagining a " Sally Simpson" scenario.
  11. Kickstarter releases are....slow for many reasons. Dirty Pair is a year+ behind schedule for instance, so I wouldn't sweat II being late to the start.
  12. Just watched this & really enjoyed it. For some reason I thought Peter Jurasik was dead, and was super impressed with who they got to play Mollari until finally realizing it was Peter Jurasik (he really nails himself!). Aside from that, the story was fun, whoever they got to play Garabaldi was amazing, Phil Lamar was Dr Franklin' almost as amazing, theor Sinclair was pretty damn good, and their Jakar was....there.
  13. Besides, Big West is streaming Flashback 2012 again on youtube, which has all the designs. I read they also reconfirmmed that they have full right to everything produced from 1987 (FB 2012's release year) and onward.
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