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  1. After losing the woman dearest to me recently, I have a wholey new appreciation for Anno and whatever it is that personally happened to him that he puts into his works. I've been and still am lost as of recent, and fully "get" the character of Gendou and his motivations more than I ever cared to. Where many casually write off a villain as casually willing to destroy the world & re-write it to take back someone unjustly taken away from him, I see a hero. Sorry if that's a bit subjectively dark, but it's a weight I wouldn't wish on anyone. If I ever did meet Hideaki Anno, I'd simply like to buy the man a beer and quietly drink, nothing more.
  2. I'm hoping Discotek finishes the series with remasters, but heads-up, they're also working on Gunbuster.
  3. By doing the any of the 3 thing's HG refuses to do, make new, original & "good" content.
  4. Aside from the potential of a 4K release (as they did with Robot Carnival) it's doubtful anything will top the blu-ray release for quality.
  5. And in that TNG with Wesley being pressurred to cover up his classmates screwup.
  6. And for those still on the fence, the SOC is freakin' amazing. The pure weight of each lion alone is something to behold.
  7. I'm assuming you watched the awesome new blu-ray release made from the once thought lost film negatives. Discotek was in the process of upscaling the old LD master when someone found a cache of anime film negative gold. They also found the masters we're getting the upcoming Madox-01 blu-ray from.
  8. More directly, the Spaceballs cartoon was a dumpster fire.
  9. The biggest problem with Nemesis is Data trying to commit suicide every other scene he appears in. There are telegraphed deaths, and them there's Nemesis.
  10. It's like they started making a "Bonkers" movie, then decided to swap in The Rescue Rangers instead.
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