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  1. Given that there is already 60+ years of "anti-woke" TV out there, I don't believe that should be any kind of review focal point. Is it good? Does it suck? That kinda thing seems more productive. I'm getting "good ole boy" vibes from your review that just paints it as super unappealing.
  2. With the Funimation releases of the first 3 going OOP it begs the question of whether GKids will grab the Rebuild license too.
  3. There's a new Animeigo kickstarter up for MADOX-01.
  4. I love Mikimoto"s quote, and he can be damn sure as soon as any of his artbooks or Macross The First show up on Kindle, I'll jump to support. It still hasn't phased me that Delta movie II will come out here domestically, I've still been in a waiting to import the Japanese release state of mind.
  5. Exactly, that thing Disney did where it struck away the Star Wars EU is what erasing from canon looks like, except for that part where they keep recycling bits for their new canon...
  6. Ah, see that's where your misunderstanding lies. I don't deal in opinions, I deal in facts. Things like "these sequels that were pretty damn successful were actually not successful because I and a few people I talked to didn't like them" are "opinions." On the other hand things like "sequels that are still supported with new continuations and a ton of people I have spoken with actually keep spending their hard earned money on are the definition of popular" are cold hard facts.
  7. You seem to be Gori Gori grasping, but that's cool bra. Batman & Robin would be akin to Macross II, it exists, but that branch was not continued. The definition of "poorly received." Delta on the other hand 5 years after release is still actively supported.
  8. So you believe a pocket (and that's being gemerous) of old men on the internet who complain about A LOT (that's an understatement) outstrips the merch, blue-ray, movie ticket, CD & toy sales that have followed each release (7, Frontier, Delta, and to a lessor extent II, Plus & Zero)? You think money would still be thrown into these productions if they weren't profitable? Plenty of unsuccessful anime series have had their episode count slashed mid production due to low ratings, Macross has never been in that boat (save for the original series before it aired). 7 hit 49 episodes, a movie
  9. I love that "poorly received" mythos that Macross sequels keep getting. While I haven't seen Delta nearly as many times as 7, every sequel (except II) has been quite popular.
  10. Macross II may have many faults, but "never" stooped so low as to be "quasi-Robotech."
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