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  1. As they announce it in 2 months, we will see it in 4 months if not in 6 ...
  2. So I wonder if Macross is happening in the alternate timeline. According to Macross, Sv-51 alpha wikis were common and belonged to the Anti-UN Forces. When Macross Zero was created, Poland was not under the influence of Russia and the East for about 10 years. 🤨
  3. I bet they will announce DVD/BD relase in March. Why? The screening ended on January 27 and they usually announce the release of a BD / DVD 2 months after the screening. On the other hand, after an announcement, the waiting time for a release is usually 4/5 months. I wouldn't be surprised if the premiere was in October - when the series has its 40th anniversary
  4. According to the latest Macross magazine, Macross 29 (yes, the one from the musical) has settled on Ragna
  5. I am surprised that there are no leaks (pictures of the cinema screen). In my country, the entire movie would be already online XD
  6. What am I supposed to say XD, in Poland there has been no anime in theaters for over a dozen years (not counting ghibli films)
  7. I wonder if someone from the USA releases this film, will Japanese editions have English subtitles?
  8. I saw that someone had a booklet for sale with a clear file and threw in free fliers from the movie
  9. in about 2-3 weeks I will have a booklet of this movie so I will be able to take precise pictures and share more informations
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