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  1. Phew.. just had my Zeta Flash movie Blitzwing dropped off, and my fingers hurt. I'll post a few more details once I get the nerve up to transform it again and put it through its paces, but this one is a doozy. For anyone who thought Bandai's SV-262 was not complex enough, this one should be right up your alley. Overall I think it's really well done. A few tolerances are on the tight side, and some of the snaps and pins need some massaging, but everything works well enough. Three main complaints with it. First, the instructions are pretty useless, and leave a lot of steps up to
  2. I've said it before somewhere, but it bears repeating. My favorite part of the VF-4 is the surprise people exhibit when they discover that it actually transforms. In this world of "jet with a robot stuck underneath" transformers, something as utterly clean as the VF-4 is a rarity indeed.
  3. Yeah, making a small-scale turntable that can be used for an in-line rotation like a bicep or thigh would be a huge step up. Far as figures go.. I'd be happy if they just brought back the classic Technics figures. They're a bit outdated, and maybe a little bigger than they need to be, but those things have a level of articulation that rivals many modern action figures.
  4. Finally got my standard 2012 version in from AE, I waited to ship until they got my last set of TV DX fast packs. So glad to finally have the scheme everyone was wanting since 2012. Missiles do feel a lot more solid on this release, though they still pop off occasionally. Two next to the nose gear still love to just fall off, but not sure what to do with them, other than maybe just glue them in. Everything else feels tight, took a bit of work to transform it because the main body joints were so stiff, which isn't a bad thing. Really though, this one is staying in fighter forever.
  5. Yeah, literally all I want for mecha design? I want those heavy click hinges, with the lift arm turned into a turntable mount on the round face. That would make PERFECT rotational joints for shoulders. As they are now, it takes massive work-arounds to get those joints inside of anything but a knee or elbow.
  6. The strip isn't consistent across all of the schemes, but the DYRL ones do have a black stripe in that same spot, but only on the underside of the leg. Max and Kakizaki 1As both leave that marking off, as well as the CF. Far as the color goes though, the gray is consistent across the Milia's scheme for all the warning markings that would otherwise be red. Intake warnings, ejection triangles, etc, are all printed in gray so they show up, where they'd be red on any other scheme. I can't find any real life example of this at the moment, but I feel like I've seen that done on red aircraf
  7. That accent is based on real-life warning markings to indicate where critical components of the engines are, and where you should avoid standing during operation. Fighters tend to have those near where the turbine wheels are before the afterburner ducts start, and you also see them on airliners. The VF-1's science fiction engines are spread throughout the legs, so who knows exactly where specific components are, but the lines look like they mark off the location of the second-stage compressor you can see in some cut-away drawings. The gray stripe on Millia's is just an alternate col
  8. Ok, I'm going to be a little blunt here. That shuttle kind of pisses me off. Not because it's a bad set, but because that's about as close as you can get to directly ripping off the Kingsknight set, including some of the adjustments made to the set after the fact to make the parts easier to acquire. It's not a total copy, since they adjusted it to fit a minifigure, and turned it into that triple design set, but it's still a slap in the face to turn down that design, and then come out with a set that takes that many cues from it. Annoyance aside, I still just want them to produc
  9. Wouldn't surprise me, and I'm not even saying I'd buy one, but these sorts of add-on parts are something they do quite a bit for other series, from what I recall. I know they did missile effects for the HMR missiles at least, and I thought the old Yamato 1/60 v.2 effects set was one of the harder-to-get releases. Definitely would be a niche item, but I think it would make a really good display, especially at this scale.
  10. If Bandai's smart about this, they'll make a webshop effects set so you can have the full Itano-circus like Yamato's old 1/60 version.
  11. The gray/white is less important to me than Bandai taking "liberties" with the entire scheme based on individual animation frames. I'm half expecting them to take another completely unique take on the entire scheme, just because they can.
  12. I fully expect the future VF-1A/S releases to just include the matching modex roundels for the boosters, unless Bandai just repeats how they did the original HM releases, and we get the rest of them as bundled web releases.
  13. I would actually just straight up drill them out, and pin them with segments of either small nails, or straight pins of some kind. Could even be a good use for some of those old knurled pins from the early Yamato v2 releases.
  14. I'm voting that they're pulling them out of their backsides, because if they actually bothered looking at actual standard aircraft markings, there wouldn't be this level of varied nonsense. The lack of ejection triangles and boneheaded backwards tail modex numbers are just flat out wrong, regardless of what demented scheme of "but it wasn't drawn in this instance" mentality they're following. The really bonkers thing about it is that they're actually making more work for themselves by not standardizing all of this junk that should be entirely consistent.
  15. The only Eaglemoss releases I have are from BSG, but I considered several of the XL releases when I saw them... and quickly decided against them because the reviews just weren't flattering. The obnoxious amount of tampo misprints I see across the board has always been a main issue, and the cheap-looking clear plastic in the warp nacelles always stands out to me, because you can see straight through it. Paint would be a big improvement. The Enterprise Refit was a special level of WTF with how off-model they made it. The other I remember seriously considering was the XL Akira, but I coul
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