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  1. While it is being consistent with the original, one thing that's always been completely inaccurate about Top Gun is how stylish the callsigns are. The only pilots I've ever known with callsigns that weren't some form of in-joke or veiled reference to previous dumbassery on the part of the pilot were from the Air Force. Navy callsigns are earned, not picked. Every once in a while you get oddball ones that sound very cool, like "DASH," but then you learn the history, and discover it's a reference to when the guy's utility knife came loose in the cockpit during carrier ops, and literally stands for "Dumb Ass Stabbed Himself." I've managed to get to know a fair number of flight crew over the years, and some of the ones that stick out are "ERAL" (literally a guy named Earl who the maintainers misprinted his name on his plane, and the name stuck when he complained), "Dingle" (a guy whose last name is "Berry"), and "Gnome" (someone with the literal face of a lawn gnome). "BOB" is probably the most realistic one of them, since there are a lot of things that could stand for. Maybe Rooster, since that's a rather well-known euphemism.
  2. True, Arcadia's are still a step above Bandai, but even they went the screw cover/glue route with the VF-19 series, and it's made modifying or maintaining them really difficult. I had the misfortune of getting a pretty borked shoulder in my Arcadia Ivanov, and that was just impossible to fix. Spring-pins, screw covers, and glue all the way. I think VF-1-derived designs are more friendly in general though, since I remember seeing disassembled Bandai ones as well. Maybe it's just something about the nature of their design that makes them depend more on reasonably accessible screws.
  3. Also a thought on the gear, if you aren't attached to the F-18 style. With a thick-enough wing root, you could probably pull off something roughly similar to the YF-21's gear, pulling back and slightly outboard of the engines at a slight angle, something like a more-vertical F-16 main gear. A bent F-18 style strut might work, but I think it would need to rotate in the opposite direction to get out of the way of the underside thrust vents, extending back along the sides. Obviously you don't have to make it actually retract, but designing a bay to match that sort of strut sounds like a mess.
  4. You know what I miss the most from the old Yamato valks? Being able to even do that. It's been years since we got anything from either Bandai or Arcadia that you can disassemble that completely without utterly destroying it.
  5. I believe you mean "Kyun-kyun!"
  6. Careful about using rubber gloves rather than cloth, since I've had those actually stick to things and strip paint before, depending on the type of rubber.
  7. I don't think anyone would balk at the idea of just using something like standard F-18 pylons under the wings, since those are designed specifically to avoid interference with the control surfaces. I am curious what's going on with the spine between the engines on the underside, since it seems to dip lower at the back end. Otherwise, I'd vote for making the profile as curvy as possible/practical, since the forward fuselage seems to have a very VF-4-ish curvature to it.
  8. Will look forward to building and messing with that one, definitely have been waiting for actual transforming sets for a long time. I went back to the drawing board a few dozen times on that XL-15 model, and while I want to figure out some rear landing gear, I think I like where the design went. So.. so many angled plates. That non-existent slope I mocked up would have been really handy in a few places here. Also, no clue whether this would actually work in real life, since the studio collision detection is sketchy as all get out.
  9. So I've been holding any enthusiasm for this, just out of general management of expectations... But this might be one of the best endorsements you could ever ask for. He does go into details that would count as spoilers for the overall plot, so you've been warned. Some specifics are kept vague, but it's a fairly complete plot summary. I got to see a few bits of the hubbub surrounding the filming, because a fairly large chunk was done on base at China Lake, and I hope we wind up with some sort of public viewing in town here. I fully expect that his opinion is heavily colored by nostalgia glasses, but at the same time, I feel like this isn't the type of movie to go into looking for oscar-worthy writing and performances anyhow. If it lives up to the original, that's good enough for me, which mostly means I'm in the seat to get my hair blown back by jet noise in surround sound.
  10. I saw that, and was wondering if it's different from one of the previous Harrier 3rd party transformers. I don't usually follow Superion-related stuff because I feel like no one has pulled off a Silverbolt that didn't fall on its face. I do like that they managed to get the hand self-contained though. If they can pull off the other limbs, I might jump on this one, but Silverbolt aside, these Superion sets always seem to wind up with F-15s that aren't as good as Starscream, and F-16s that wind up as blocky messes. Edit: Yeah, looked up the preview of the entire set, and the other jets aren't terrible, despite the F-16 looking like an SD-style caracature. But everyone NEEDS to ditch the Concorde as an option forever. It does not work. Give up, and use a plane with potential to not look like a robot hangliding under an aircraft. People keep suggesting the XB-70, and I cannot help but agree, because even if the underside boxy section had to be bulked up, it's still the only reasonably similar design that even has anything like a giant boxy underbelly.
  11. Basically, just pinch with finger and thumb around the tip of the spine. It's tapered, so you'll just squeeze the pod off of the mount. If they permanently mounted it on Mirage's, I'm actually going to be pissed, because it looks so much better with the original pod.
  12. Interesting faceplate piece, but I think I'm actually interested in how it looks like a natural progression of this style of piece into the 33 degree slope category. Might be a little more curved on the edge though. One thing I've been lamenting recently is that this particular piece is in an entirely isolated category of sloped elements. We have lots of elements that taper in two directions at once, but the tapers are always in the same direction in the vertical axis, missing a fundamental possibility. We have all of these.. When are we getting slopes that do this? Something that gets smaller in one axis top-to-bottom, but wider in the other? I'm not sure if anything like this is possible currently. I've tried orienting slopes in all manner of directions with convoluted SNOT assemblies, and can't really come up with anything that works for this particular combination of angles without resorting to hinged plate assemblies, jamming wedge tiles together at odd angles to build the right shape. Edit: To make it a bit more clear what I'm thinking of, you could stack these to make this sort of shape. Tried making these in the part designer, but not sure how to get the boolean operations working right to make this complete shape, since it keeps leaving odd fragments of parts.
  13. I think the original VF-31 line was about as good as you can get on quality control from Bandai, minus a few fit issues around the spine from that ever-present gap behind the cockpit. They did have the VF-31 dialed in... they just managed to blast it all into oblivion by somehow screwing up a bunch of things they had already solved, and making the new variants worse in a fair number of ways (adding in more over-complicated mechanisms, and somehow just flat out forgetting to check part tolerances). I'm fairly sure we'll never know how they managed to pull that off, but it seems pretty likely they had to contract work out to cheaper factories to get these production runs completed in the middle of all the supply chain issues. They haven't even tried to get a new VF-1 release out in months, and it looks like they're struggling to even get the few new Delta releases manufactured on time.
  14. OK WHAT? That's actually kind of amazing. I need one.
  15. Think there haven't been enough reports on Mirage to make any kind of call on that yet. We know Hayate's had a load of issues, but it'll be a bit before we can make a good comparison.
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