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  1. Yeah, no, that's just Bandai's "engineering" on display. Those legs are an unmitigated disaster. I would say on the positive side though, at least yours came off in one piece. Mine that broke like that shattered beyond repair. Just imagine if they had been smart enough to just put a single solid shaft between those parts. Honestly.. if you can get the screw cover off of the lower knee without utterly destroying it, you might be able to fix the whole problem with a good old-fashioned BIC pen mod. I'm not sure if the lower section has the room for it though, the knee ratchet takes up a lot of that space.
  2. That really is a beautiful display. Far as the VF-19P goes though, I think the plastic is actually a very specific shade of off-white. It doesn't show up in photos under lights, but it always felt like it had a slight bluish-gray tint to it for me, which might help the plastic not to yellow. I don't know if it works the same way with plastic as it does with paint, but painting things a very slight shade of off-white tends to help the paint not to yellow.
  3. Reminds me, I should actually see about finishing the design I made to replace the bottom triangles with something like the Yamato VF-17 had, just a two piece panel that mounts to the original screw, and folds down. Don't think my FDM printer will work for it, but might be worth a shot with Shapeways.
  4. Interesting this pops up now, though thank you for the reminder that I ordered one, and didn't remember where. Had to go searching the forum here to find out I got one at AE, since my email search was being useless.
  5. Bandai always does this though. "Thou shalt not include any accessory not explicitly seen on-screen (unless it's something non-canon that someone on our design team thinks looks better)." No TV Missiles with Movie VF-1s, no movie missiles with TV versions, and none at all if you didn't see it animated. Whole reason I had to make weapon hardpoints for my HMR VF-1D, they didn't even give it the hardpointed wings. At least they had the decency to put them on the DX version.
  6. Honestly, it never really felt out of place to me? If they were trying to do a hand-signal based IFF confirmation, that's not something that would be universal, and would probably be kept guarded. I don't know if they were using universal hand signals or not, but if they suspected the plane was stolen, they probably would have been signaling for a confirmation signal before any other communication.
  7. Glad I grabbed doubles of the VF-0S, since this one's clearly not getting any of the normal missiles.
  8. And.. Gone. Yeah, uh.. HLJ is not even useful for any of these orders now. Gone in an instant. Got two at Anime Export and Hobbi Genki though, so hopefully those both come through. https://anime-export.com/index.php?product=74884
  9. They demo the VB-6 transformation at about 36 minutes in, looks like a really good solid shuttle, though looks pretty fiddly to transform, and I'm not expecting it to survive a lot of cycles. Some nice extra articulation in the feet though, and looks like a pretty good size for display, maybe a little smaller than the Bandai Robot Spirits version. I'll probably just keep one as a shuttle, and the other in destroid mode for display.
  10. Do we know how many different items are actually going up for sale tonight? I'd assume that confirms the VF-0A, but do we have any idea if the YF-21 and VT-1 could be dropping as well, or will those be later?
  11. Not sure what you mean, since he definitely has both there? Unless you had to make a repair, and you mean you had to glue the leg together, it just looks like the kneecap got stuck closed.
  12. It's actually made a decent amount worse, just by being mounted on the stand, since the giant mounting bracket blends into the packs. All things considered, it might look pretty slim with the packs taken off.
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