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  1. And my point both times was that none of the pylons are long enough, including the TV missile clusters. And remember, they used the missile boxes in atmosphere in DYRL as well. Judging by the mounts and pictures from before, these are the Bandai missiles for their 1/72 transforming kit. Hasegawa ones just had pin mounts.
  2. The other added benefit for using the Hasegawa pylons is that unlike Bandai, they made them big enough to leave clearance to let the wing control surfaces actually move. Even having several of the Bandai sets doesn't stop me from wanting to make my own pylons. They're just bonkers undersized.
  3. Oh wtf Bandai, stop making things so hard to throw money at you for.
  4. This would be a bigger issue, except these exist, and are of a generally higher quality than Bandai's feeble attempts at making anything resembling realistic aircraft weaponry. Also much cheaper. https://www.plazajapan.com/4967834656543/ Even without any paint at all, these are generally going to look better than Bandai's, and the reaction missiles are the only ones not molded in color. It will just take a little extra work with magnets or some kind of pylon adapters to make them fit.
  5. FB2012 is in this weird nonsensical bubble of exportability, so we might get it here. In spite of basically being an SDFM music video, it somehow made it past the export blockade, as I recall? Maybe my brain's out of date. I've got plenty of this mold in multiple scales though, so yeah, no reason to get it for a new stand.
  6. Oh, yeah, that's absolutely an issue. The metal shoulder pivots really feel like they don't fit down far enough into their sockets. For me that generally got overshadowed by how insanely mis-matched their paint is.
  7. Just got a notice from AE that this is in stock, so might be releasing a little earlier than expected.
  8. Maybe I'm forgetting things, but isn't this basically where the booster mounted on the Yamato too?
  9. Got a picture? You'll have to be a little more specific about which hinge, which panel, and which gap. The VF-19 mold is very susceptible to minor mis-alignments though. One of my VF-19Fs was completely cockeyed due to a small piece of mold flash blocking one of the wing tabs from seating completely.
  10. Yeeeeeaahhh... they really should just go back and remake the YF-19 kit from scratch now, using all the improvements from this design. It's such a quarter-assed effort, it's really disappointing next to the YF-21.
  11. Compared with a few other printed resin kits I've picked up, I'd probably expect the raw printed parts (no cleanup, still on the tree) to run between $200-$250 for something this complex. The cost for a finished set would just be adding the cost for someone to paint and finish a pre-made resin kit for you on top of that. The initial investment to produce things of this type is only one part of the expense, and a larger printer will let you produce more parts at the same time, but the production process is still time intensive, and you're dealing with a lot of setup and cleanup with some pretty toxic chemicals. I don't know how it compares to regular resin casting, but they're both labors of love. The benefit of not having to worry about limited-use molds is great, but you still have to account for the losses from failed prints. That becomes less as printers get more reliable, but it's never something you can entirely disregard, especially with the cost of higher quality resin.
  12. Still looks gold to me from the side, might just be dependent on the lighting and atmosphere around. I forget if we saw one on display out here or not, but I know I've seen one or two at Edwards before.
  13. Oh, I'm not going to hesitate to grab a bunch of these. I do have to question where the color for those effects came from though.. I haven't watched that in a while. Are the engine plumes actually greenish? Because that looks positively disgusting.
  14. Nope, not in the slightest, and it is gradually driving me away from technology more and more each year. My next computer will probably run Linux, and my next phone will probably be a classic audio-only flip phone, because I've absolutely had it with the way all of these systems are evolving to just harvest data about every aspect of people's lives.
  15. To be entirely fair, if the game had launched with that requirement from the start, they would have been better off, because the people in regions without PSN access shouldn't have been able to buy it at all. Instead, they sold the game in a ton of countries that never should have had access in the first place, and then were stuck with either refunding them all, or backtracking on the account requirement (for the time being at least).
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