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  1. Probably, but I'll probably wait until release to see if it's available. I'm not sure I want to pay the import mark-up on top of local shipping that may not even be less than international at this point.
  2. Hah, I guess I'll be sitting this one out, I completely missed that the pre-order was last night. S'okay, I'm good with the original releases, and I need to stop blowing money on duplicates.
  3. This is about the clearest picture I can find of the back of the foot, and I think unfortunately there's a fair bit of magic going on in general. Problem is, then in fighter mode it has to morph into this: If I'm being fair, I think they got the shape of the whole foot mostly right, but it's way too big. The toe looks good as a foot, but has the same oversize issue the DX YF-19 and VF-19 Advance have, it just doesn't fit into the leg. The bigger problem with the heel is that the heel hinge needs to be relocated, and have its range of motion doubled. Right now, the heel is only rotating halfway to where it's supposed to be, with the ground-contact surface of the heel becoming a horizontal panel in-line with the exhaust. I think that actually would be the best solution, a complete foot replacement for fighter mode. I can appreciate the animation accuracy for battroid, and the bigger proportions, but nothing about that works even slightly for fighter mode. For all of the ankle issues Yamato and Arcadia had with their VF-19/YF-19 feet, I still think they managed the best balance between modes. They got the right shape for both the toe and heel, and they're undersized just enough collapse inside of the leg.
  4. Ok, that's unexpected. For $30, I'll bite. Even if I never transform it, that's cheap enough to warrant rebuilding the feet, and this will likely make a nice unobtrusive display for my desk at work.
  5. It's not a translation issue.. I want to know wtf they're smoking Cloth costumes? Ooooohhhhkayyy.... But I'm mostly confused at the catgirl waitress from.. Ok, I can't just say she's from outer space because that's probably a given, but still, WTF? Saying that's "out of left field" is completely insufficient to describe that. That's like someone in a baseball game making the call, "And it looks like Elway is going with the 9-iron for this penalty kick."
  6. It wouldn't be Bandai if they didn't manage to take (at least) a step backwards for every one forwards.
  7. Hah, that's what I get for not digging into the external sources and side story material more often. The details about the exotic matter, and gravitational manipulation -do- make some sense from a technology standpoint, so I can appreciate that. I've never read into the explanations of how it was related to all of the gravity-manipulation tech they've had since the SDF-1, but it does connect the dots pretty well. I remembered the sound boosters from 7 being related to amplifying and broadcasting it, but didn't remember it was just adapted fold booster tech.
  8. Not wrong at all, it's been a progression of one-upping itself as a plot-device. I think I just forgot how much it was already in use. I think from a technical standpoint, fold waves made the most sense in Frontier (at the start), because they were treated as a sort of waveform somewhere in the EM spectrum. Vajra happened to communicate on that wavelength, and Ranka and Sheryl's conditions allowed them to "speak" on that wavelength in a way that confused the Vajra, because it was like hearing garbled and confused telepathic messages transmitted by someone who didn't speak your language (none of them knew how to think in Russian, clearly). Blasting out music carrying that waveform effectively worked as noise jamming against Vajra communications. In the end, it felt like it was turning spiritia from Macross 7 into an almost scientific concept. I am, however, going to ignore the fact that if it's carried by live song, there's no reason a mic should pic it up, or speakers should amplify it, because they aren't designed to carry that wavelength. They kind of danced around that point by just using the raw crystals as transmitters. Now though.. between the Frontier movies and Delta, it's just approaching technobabble capabilities that would make the Enterprise-D's deflector dish jealous. It's not just an energy form, it's also generated by raw emotion, and directly infusing that as a transmitted signal into your engines suddenly makes them more powerful, and routing it through the right headphones gives you extreme g-tolerance and spidey senses. We've honestly reached peak Orky levels of tek here. They turned an electromagnetic waveform into a way to convert emotions into an energy beam that grants people and machines superpowers. Just imagine rewiring your car stereo directly into the engine, and getting a NOX-like boost effect from blasting power metal through the cylinders.
  9. Ok... I have no idea what I'm even looking at anymore.. Still good for a monster (or two, depending on price), but I have no idea what they're doing at this point. Are they making Ranka dolls to pair with the valk?
  10. I'm guessing it's because Alto's the only one they've made any copies of with the new molds yet. Hey, who knows.. they might actually mold Ozma's in all the right colors this time. Also, it's really strange to say, but I wish they would base Michael's scheme off of the V.1 DX instead of the canon series.. I never understood why his was such an oddball. The first DX had the entire lower half of the nose painted white.. but the canon scheme is just the gear doors? It looks so much better being all painted together.
  11. Eh.. I can say I was a sucker for the emotional bits, but yeah, this felt.. I don't know. I guess I kind of enjoyed it, but only as long as I didn't try to think about any of it? You know what I think might actually make a decent story? Delete the Delta series, and rewrite it as two seasons, one based on each movie. The first movie felt better than the series for me because it deleted a lot of fluff, while streamlining some of the plot in a way that felt more sensible (but still iffy). This movie.. felt like it needed an entire series to explain anything that was going on. It ran at breakneck speed from point to point to point without any time to digest things. Imagine the Itano Circus, but in the form of a JJ Abrams-style plot blitzkrieg that throws so many things at you so rapidly you don't have any time to think about how none of it makes any sense. Music.. yeah, completely forgettable. I was absolutely intrigued by the concept they teased with the "evil Walkure" and would have loved to see something actually done with it.. but nope, no time for that. The villain was so out of left field, I actually thought they were pulling the name from the villains of Macross 30.. but nope, they just start with the same letter. Also, fold waves have morphed into pure 100% unfiltered plot gobbledegook. They do whatever you need, whenever you need, for whatever reason you can dream up. For the spoilers though.. But.. yeah. I think it was a fitting finale to Delta. More dropped threads than an epileptic cross-stitch circle, mass-produced pop music on repeat, and the best parts were all stolen from a better series.
  12. Would definitely be nice, but it looks like there is absolutely no room in the leg for anything else. Also, that's the inside leg panel, not the missile bay. They may have made those removable to make room for the arms in fighter mode. Far as the feet are concerned though, yeah, Bandai has proven multiple times that it has no idea how the YF-19's feet should be shaped. The closest they got was with the VF-19 Advance, but the toes were still way too massive. I get that they like making the toes look nice and big in battroid, with a taller blocky heel, but it completely ruins the shape of the entire foot in fighter mode. That heel in particular is really off-model, and looks more like something off one of the newer Frontier/Delta valks, rather than the flatter thrust vectoring paddles the YF-19 had.
  13. Judging by the product photos, they did upgrade the tampo on the Alto bundle, they've at least added the NO STEP markings on the wings, but will have to wait and see what else they might add. Would be nice if they added cockpit details.
  14. I kind of hope it's just a single kit with multiple canopies, because I think that is literally the only difference between them, and I'd rather build the green one anyhow. Though I have to say one thing about the 171.. I give them credit for designing something that looks exactly the same on the screen as it does in-hand, in all modes. The fact that the dedicated fighter kit looks identical to the transforming one is such a crazy leap from how the first transforming valk toys were.
  15. Can't say it doesn't look good for a model that size, but eh. Maybe eventually, if they keep putting out re-pops of the mold like they keep doing with the VF-25 kits. The giant hinges do kill it pretty hard on the wings and tails, a lot like happened with the 1/72 VF-1 they made. At least for this one it looks like they didn't try and completely redesign the transformation mechanisms.
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