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  1. if they do, i hope they dont make her purple instead of black
  2. looking at all these pictures now, i am seriously thinking of seeing if theres a way for me to cancel my order.............. i wanted RED not pink......
  3. totally agree here. i hope its the lighting in the pictures. definitely would have liked it to be the same or at least similar red to the legioss
  4. ahhh yes, i see it now zooming in. interesting.
  5. Am I being greedy wanting to see a pic of the Legioss and this new tread actually connected?
  6. It looks a little bit like what’s always been done for the fin on the Legioss’ arms? It folds into the forearm area on a small hinge to hide it away. Looks slightly similar on the 5000 in terms of fin location.
  7. Completely agree. It took me a while to accept that the wings out backpacks of the 25’s, 27’s, 29’s and 31’s. That flush cleanness of the VF-1’s that carried thru to the 11’s, 17’s, and 171’s I just liked more. Of all the options left of unmade Valks to choose from this 5000 is by far the best looking and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.
  8. Damn……. I never planned on getting all 3 of their Legioss releases but I did. And now I gotta deal with possibly getting three of these?!
  9. I am ridiculously excited about this!!!!!
  10. Bit the bullet and did the same. I really like the look of this guy though.
  11. http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=10794
  12. Nobody’s found a copy of it yet online?
  13. ok, my bad, a 31F version is what i mean
  14. i am going to wait for the Messer 31AX version to come out, thats the only one of the "regular" 31's that i dont have
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