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  1. So I guess we'll are screwed pay pal will not do anything bank says they cant help. Dam out money and superpack. I told paypal you let us make purchases through you but this guy must have had multiple complaints why is his account still active. I guess its first time for every thing. So is my only option Ebay to try and find super packs.?
  2. What happened to Nippon Yassin facebook is filled with complaints they have not shipped products and it all started this year.
  3. Anybody have any infon on shipments from Nippon Yassin on the TV fast packs Been waiting and nothing ? Did they go bust or waiting onna second shipment? Might have to try paypal at this point
  4. Anybody have an update from Nippon yassin on the shipment MACROSS - DX CHOGOKIN SUPER PARTS SET FOR TV? Said it would be ready bu Dec 23 , 2020 but I got nothing
  5. So the chances of finding one on release day depend on people on canceling there orders or will these retailers have extra stock
  6. They have really take n it to another level
  7. I see that bandi website sti has them up so I guess you are right
  8. Is that the only way to get this through a proxy. Hell I did de even know this was going for order today.
  9. Is this up any where else
  10. Are they going to release both the yf 21 and release the yf 19 .
  11. Correct me if I am wrong but nippon yassin never put an order ar a mark up price like they have done in the past. That's frankly the onkybwaybi have ever managed to get a valk .
  12. Yeah I did notice that a new saint figure asgard figure was in preorder indent even know it was offered for preorder probably all on the same day. So 3 times macross , new eva and a saint seyia figure. It's insane only bandi does this happen with.
  13. I hope so at this point it is sold out everywhere. So all we can do is wait and see even for a bit of a mark up that would be fine. I am do sick of this crap its only Bandi that macross that does this and if it was no ot for the fact I wanted to complete my tv valks I would not give a dam .since they are all basicly repaints .
  14. Yeah I remember that happened last time hopefully it's not to bad of a mark up come release day
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