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  1. Very easy transaction with @Kanedas Bike; prompt response and great packaging.
  2. Some belated thanks to the following; all very smooth, fast and easy transactions, and would definitely do business with any of them again. @Alphahorizon Thanks for the Hi-Metal R's! @BroTaku79 and @Special Sauce Hope you enjoy the stands!
  3. Agreed, have low expectations for this one... but at least they understand that it's not Cowboy Bebop without Yoko Kanno.
  4. Cool idea. I can see the 1J possibly working as well.
  5. Wow, never thought I'd actually see this subtitled. Looking forward to it!
  6. I also found the shift in Char's character from Zeta to CCA to be weird. I remember a really old gundam site arguing that Char actually went insane between Zeta/CCA. I know Char was supposed to be in ZZ originally before the CCA movie got approved and wonder if this shift had something to do with that.
  7. I also prefer the red/black color scheme -- I have the Hikaru DX -- but there's no denying that Focker's yellow/black is the definitive VF-1S, both in-universe and among fans.
  8. Was the concert footage originally planned for the end of DYRL though? The story I thought I remembered was DYRL was supposed to end with a Minmei performance but they ran out of production time. The SDF-2 taking off and heading into space I do recall being planned as an epilogue for the TV series, like you say.
  9. Wow, the shading on that Hikaru VF-1A is amazing!
  10. Like many others, have been using them for 20+ years. Never a problem. Over those 20+ years, I've lived in multiple countries, and delivery has never been a problem.
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