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  1. There are some other aspects of the American series that can't be helped: - The dialogues lost their subtielty and deliver a completely different message sometimes: - The narrator explaining what's happening on the screen like we are too stupid to get it ourselves. One of the worst offenders is that dead Zentraedi with Minmay doll scene (episode 29 iirc) - The music. Taking the iconic soundtrack and replacing it with some generic tunes is unexcusable, considering that this wasn't even required for the adaptation, unlike other stuff they changed. Macross is not Macross without Dogfighter: - The songs. Same as above, although they had to be at least translated. I appreciate Japanese bubble era city pop and listening to Reba West crap is just unbearable. We Will Win, while being a bad song by itself, also undermines Macross message (love above war). If we are unable to get rid of HG completely, I wish that at least with the new agreement they stop insisting that the original SDFM should not exist outside of Japan. HG should bury their own adaptation instead.
  2. They could put Kakizaki on there... but Misa is a more popular character, probably that's why. I find situation with Roy interesting because the 2002 re-release actually designated him as a pilot for the non-super grey VF-1S release (all releases of Hikaru's super Valkyrie are white if I got this correctly). I think that "dead guy on the toy box" sentiment is definitely correct. It's only some years later it became obvious that, dead or not, people still like Roy and he can sell figures.
  3. Exactly! Though I definitely prefer this silly design.
  4. I think this is a tough question. Roy VF-1S is the original one, inspired by the real life VF-84 squadron. The only one to appear in the TV series. Immortalized by Takani artwork. The original 1/55 VF-1S made by Takatoku as opposed to Bandai. Is better known by Western fans, for obvious reasons. Hikaru DYRL VF-1S, a hero of DYRL, a superior quality production. Not tarnished by a certain anime compilation TV show. This, along with the fact that it's 1/55 toy wasn't rereleased in 2000's gives it a more "elite" status among the fans. In my opinion looks better with strike parts than Roy ever did. What's your choice?
  5. Is there any confirmation of VF-1J from the combo set being the same non-fixed-nosecone version as the first release?
  6. Some so called "fans" are just toxic and horrible. The ability to contact the artists directly via the social media these days is both a blessing and a curse.
  7. With the current reseller price of VF-1J being around 45-48k yen, I'll gladly take GBP combo set for 37k.
  8. One more question: does anyone make old style "derp skull" replacement stickers that could be used to cover the more detailed logos on 2000s releases? Edit: apparently the sticker sheet above is from the 1990 release, older ones had a different, crack-less skull: I wonder how many skull logo variations are out there.
  9. Hi everyone! I hope you don't mind me bumping up the thread with a small question. I'd like to know if there is any difference between Bandai 2001 and 2008 Origin of Valkyrie reissues, box art aside. Which one is better? Thank you!
  10. A good thing about these KOs - they are ideal for custom works, like TF Jetfire customs. Not many are willing to sacrifice originals.
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