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  1. Just incredible... the Tech for this game is looking better and better...
  2. I hope this movie gets international exposure same as Hathaway... so much people got interested in Gundam after seeing that movie.
  3. Some scans from the Movie Booklet Source: 4Chan Not sure if they need to be posted as spoiler... they are circulating freely on social media. I will edit the post if it's OK to post them.
  4. Macross Fandom across the world right now:
  5. https://twitter.com/macrossD/status/1446309374327201794?s=20
  6. Maybe the sensei really wants to frakk with us 🤨
  7. Maybe this film took Frontier TV canon and not the movies... 😑 (The Galaxy in Frontier TV series was damaged by Frontier's punch attack, but not destroyed I think) So if Frontier guys comes to the rescue... Michael is not gonna be in this movie.
  8. It was the Battle Frontier the one merged with the Vajra Queen, not the Galaxy.
  9. But...which Battle 21? The one with the Vajra Queen parts attached? Or the one that was Falcon Punche'd by the Battle Frontier?
  10. A un paso nomás de los 40! Ojalá hagan algo a nivel mundial, es el mejor momento para hacerlo.
  11. I think the only way to deal with a main fleet is exploiting the cultural shock but from inside... likely infiltrating the fleet and start pumping culture (songs and erotic media) among the soldiers to undermine moral and unity. Then a culture shock attack may be worth the risk
  12. Thanks Seto for sharing these "Hidden gems" with us. Drinks on me if someday we meet somewhere in this planet 👍
  13. To me It's painfully clear; HG WANTS his crappy brand "Robotech" to be ALWAYS mentioned/associated with Macross and will do ANYTHING to force that into the rest of the world. They are nefarious. Peace was never an option.
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