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  1. Oh yeah, right now im working on a Focker SV-51 scheme and its interesting to figure out. Im following the Zero color scheme and the white, black and bits of Yellow look odd.
  2. I know I'm about 14 years late but, looking here it has given me some good ideas for VF-0 and SV-51 schemes. When I get them applied I'll send them here if anyone is still active here and is interested. My current plane is a VF-111 paint scheme for a VF-0, Along with a SV-51 in Roy Focker's VF-0 scheme, and a VF-0 in a heavily tomcat inspired scheme. When I get them colored and ready I'll send the images here. As It will take a bit as I plan to draw these out and show em.
  3. I discovered this thread and love it. Although I'm not sure how my Unification Wars pilot would fit in with everyone else, considering he flies a VF-0A. Name: Angel L. Flores Nicknames: Chico Age: 23 (circa 2008) Height: 5'6 Weight: 143 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Blue (Right) Green (Left) Ethnicity: Mexican-American Rank: Lieutenant (2008) Squadron: SVF-84 'Jolly Rogers' Aircraft: VF-0A Phoenix
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