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Found 2 results

  1. Since there has been little to no representation of fanfics on this board to date, it seemed like a good idea to go ahead and start a thread to let some of us authors showcase a little bit of our work. Writing serves as a suitable alternative for those of us who don't have drawing or computer rendering skills. So, we choose to show our appreciation for the Macross franchise by creating our own stories, much like the fan art that is such a staple in these forums. I'll go ahead and post some preliminary rules as have been suggested in the "other" thread. These rules are subject to change as we find what works and what doesn't. Just be warned.... 1) For now, let's try to focus on Macross-only fanfics. I cannot stress how important it is to make sure that whatever it is that you're linking is of good quality. 99% of fanfics are simply crap. Please, only link fanfics that are well-written. If you need help with or want an opinion on a fanfic, PM the regulars on this thread. We'll be more than happy to help you out. 2) Do not copy-and-paste your fanfic text into this thread. Please supply a clean link to a clean site. Do not link to overtly-inappropriate fanfics, or your post will be subject to deletion. Mild language is acceptable, but any kind of graphic sexual situations will be deemed unacceptable. Moments of intimacy are very dicey; please use good taste when posting. The threshold for this judgment will be completely subjective. When posting a new link, be sure to include a reasonable content rating, such as "PG", "Teen", or "Mature"... or any phrase you'd like to use of a simlar nature. 3) Feel free to post your comments, compliments, and criticisms regarding the fics linked in this thread. However, please keep them absolutely civil and make sure that you spoiler-tag where appropriate. Also, try to stay on-topic. 4) Do not feel compelled to bump and re-bump on a frequent basis. This thread is in the Fan Works forum and it doesn't get a lot of traffic. Be patient. If your fic is as good as you hope it is, time and word-of-mouth will bring you more responses. 5) Keep all fanfic links exclusive to this thread. I would like to just keep it simple for the time being. If this thread begins to get overcrowded (oh, how nice that would be!), we can start to branch out new threads, but not one moment before. For the time being, these rules should cover the important stuff. If other restrictions need to be enforced, I will amend this post accordingly. Suggestions are more than welcome! Alright, now that the legalese has been taken care of, post away! We all look forward to some entertaining reading material!
  2. At the recommendation of Bolt, I have decided to set up a new thread here, so... take 3! My apologies. Is there anyone who's a fan of the Macross series, especially Frontier that can help me with a fanfic idea concerning Klan Klang please? Here's the pitch... "A year prior to the events of the series, a patrol unit stumbles across a derelict ship with only one survivor: a fifteen year old boy in a cryogenic chamber. The Frontier thaws him out, but they discover this boy was frozen during the time of the war between the humans and the Zentraedi. Now, this boy must deal with a whole new world while under the care of the enemy he grew to fear: the Meltran Klan Klang." Can anyone help me co-write this story please?
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