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  1. Good news, everyone. I found a co-writer! I'll try to keep you all in the loop as to how our progress goes. Also, we need a Klan Klang tag.
  2. Fair enough, and you've been very helpful. Any chance you could recommend somebody?
  3. True. @Seto Kaiba would you be willing to be my co-writer for this story? I really need the help.
  4. If anyone is wondering what I would like from a co-writer, here's what I believe I need... 1. A good, solid foundation of the Macross universe and its characters because I lack it big time. 2. To be invested enough to actually write this story with me and offer up ideas if they so desire. That's... pretty much it.
  5. Guys, maybe not in the role of a roleplayer, but since the start, I asked for someone to co-write ob this story. Are any of you willing to do that?
  6. Okay. And what logical reason could I give for Travis having to consistently interact with Klan?
  7. Wait... idea coming up. What if he was under Ozma's care, so he had to live on the military base. Given the kid's fears of Zentraedi, what if Ozma wanted him to get over it using Klan?
  8. Hmm... what if the kid, Travis, wasn't under her care, but the two would end up in positions where they had to be part of each other's lives?
  9. Thank you. So, again I ask... how do I ensure that Klan and Travis end up having to be together during his assimilation into the Frontier?
  10. @Seto Kaiba Let me take it one step further. It's hard for me to let go of a previous idea, but... let's say I did decide to set the story after the events of Macross Frontier. How would I get Klan and this kid, who I will call Travis, saddled together where he has to deal with her in her natural, Meltran form and she has to deal with his distrust and understandable prejudice towards her species? I don't want to rip off frostymug's United We Stand story on Fanfiction where Klan is so bitter and resentful about Michael's death, she takes it out on the OC. That's one of the reasons why I wanted to have it done before the series.
  11. Okay, let me rephrase the question: in what scenario could you see Klan having to be saddled with this kid?
  12. Alright, here's the thing: I don't want the Klan fic to take place AFTER the series. I would like to do it a year BEFORE the series. This story is going to become canon compliant. I know that I can fudge the technology enough for the cryogenic kid thing to work. If one of you guys can help me figure out a reasonable way for Klan to have to be the caretaker of the kid, that would help. The whole point of the story is for this teenager to become part of the new culture and let go of everything he had lost, and for he and Klan to go from distrusting each other especially since he has to deal with her naturally 12 meter size on a regular basis to becoming practically family. I know I can pull this off, but I need a roleplayer to give me a hand. Will you guys be able to help me in this way?
  13. Okay, so Bolt and Gerli are not gonna do the roleplay co-writing. Is there anyone else who can roleplay as Klan for this story?
  14. It helps me write a good story when I roleplay. Some of the best work I've done over on Fanfiction.net was because I roleplayed with someone. That's how I co-write. If any of you are willing to give it a shot, please tell me.
  15. Are any of you confident enough with Klan's character that you could possibly roleplay as her so we can construct a good scene for the story?
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