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  1. I remember back when hasegawa first did macross vf 1 fighter kits and said to myself, they probably won’t do the battroid mode. Years later they’ve done all three modes super strike and an upcoming armor pack and for some reason I doubted any enemy mecha, now I’m really hopeful for more and maybe some destroids as well. I don’t even know where I would put a 1/72 monster, but I still want one
  2. I got mine at hobby search. That sale price for a couple will make up for the shipping. I honestly didn’t think a 1/72 modern kit for the regult would be that inexpensive. I guess they save on cost by not having arms
  3. $21 bucks not bad just hoping the knees have some articulation.
  4. Saw it and instantly preordered. Just couldn’t resist and hoping for more enemies. Wave took care of a couple of destroids, maybe hasegawa is getting more brave. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for macross model kits
  5. Transition to amplify, maybe. I don’t really know and never thought to question it. It’s like why is the gelgoog named that or most of the evil mobile suits . I think I heard Zaku was a marching in unison sound gouf was a running sound and dom was a heavy stomp, but I don’t really know. Gundam is weird
  6. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    I have this weird feeling that if it’s not a double pack then one of them will be put off for a while and possibly forgotten altogether. So double pack for me
  7. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    Finish the destroids, then give m the baddies next.
  8. I didn’t realize the orange parts on the shield were metallic until those later pictures. They reflect the light at odd angles. Personally I’d be worried about knocking that thing over. Maybe ding a large case to keep those pointy bits from snagging anything.
  9. I hope it’s an easy fix
  10. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    Abs glue may work on the snapped gun
  11. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    Might be a really good idea to get two, just in case the possible armor just ends up being an add on pack. More than likely it will be included with one in a future release
  12. There are a few stores offering extras on top of discounts for anyone that held out this long. USA gundam store was offering a package with hobby supplies and decals along with an entrance for a drawing for model kits for anyone spending over $150
  13. Wave does like to do reissues with extra parts. The Votoms kits all have had second releases and the starship troopers have had a couple. One command type and another that had chemical warfare equipment
  14. The last three look like they’re all on the same team. Didn’t know jack joined them
  15. I really think they would have attracted more customers with an added figure. Maybe it will be like the annoying way they do the votoms kits and release it in half a year with the figure included
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