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  1. I don’t really think good as that subjective. There are people that are easy to please and will enjoy the Acolyte despite its manny flaws. But those people don’t understand that there’s a difference between good and being able to enjoy something bad. There are bad things I totally love. I love Troma movies, but I will never say they’re good movies. They’re terrible and there’s nothing subjective about it, but I love watching them. There are surprisingly people that actually love Yoko Ono, but those people also need to understand that they’re enjoying something bad. Joy is what’s truly subjective and it’s absolutely ok to enjoy something that’s bad.
  2. Completely agree here, although decent effects help here as well. They’re gonna complain even when it’s great. I remember watching Top Gun with a friend that was all into everything aviation and even though he loved the film, he couldn’t stop complaining about the inaccuracies while watching. The one I remember most had to do with the direction of the throttle when using the afterburners. He would bring that scene up whenever someone talked about the movie. I kinda feel like even if we get the greatest starwars event, it will still have something that fans will complain about. At least they won’t complain about it being the worst thing they ever saw.
  3. Not a religious person at all, but I do hope that you make it through whatever dark times you’ve been going through. Hopefully picking up on a project helps at picking up the pieces and if prayer works for you, then keep on doing whatever helps get you through. Good lick on the rest of the project and hopefully some good comes down your way.
  4. We watched three of the new episodes yesterday. I think it’ll get better, but for only being about half an hour each they really drag. There’s very little tension going on, but hints that things will happen soon. We’ll probably finish the rest of this batch today
  5. Those things seemed to snap without much pressure on mine. I kept thinking oh, I can fix this, then another crumble and I just kept the one that didn’t break for measuring their replacements.
  6. Nice looking destroid. Mine needs a replacement for the antenna. One of mine snapped in half just clipping it off the runner and kinda crumbled at a lower spot just before where it gets thicker. I’ll probably use some thin spring and wire for a replacement. Just be really careful with those parts, so you don’t end up having to do minor surgery
  7. Are you asking about advice on how to build or what to buy?
  8. That’s usually the opposite of some of these games, although not the only time something like that has happened. There seems to be a rather interesting story behind this game that I never knew about.
  9. Same here, but no one in Star Wars ever does it just for fun. I ain’t rewatching this to see if she ever did, but it’s definitely at least implied. Her sister was force choking animals as a child and both were supposed to graduate witches academy or whatever
  10. Yeah, painting pilots usually just put pictures of ding dongs in the sky. It’s like they went back to high school after flight academy
  11. Ahsoka never really stopped using her skills. Obi on the other hand was shown to go force stupid after a while when his show started. That’s basically Star Wats since the beginning. There was the trilogy, a holiday special, Droids ,Ewoks and a couple of odd lost on Endor movies. I just don’t think we’d be complaining if the stuff was good. If they gave a good product, people would watch. We used to just know her as Chainway due to that smokers rasp
  12. Just caught up on the last episode. This season definitely suffers from a slow unfocused start, but definitely gets things rolling. It was an interesting end, but not quite as epic as the previous ones. Either way we’re left in an interesting spot here and hopefully it won’t be such a slow build in the next season. His facial hair was the mass and muscle
  13. If he got a few more seasons, he’d have been promoted to Rear Admiral Butt Master Chief
  14. Sounds like they’re firing the wrong teams. The writing and directing teams are the major problem here and in all of Disney’s current projects. I remember a certain male team mate that constantly advocated for putting the guy back in cryostasis and just going home. That one decision could’ve saved the entire crew. Ripley also was just a frail character to begin with. She may not have been super built, but she also never did anything that seemed out of character. She acted like a lady that had been stuck with a bunch of sailors, but always seemed to respect her fellow crew. Current Disney likes to take the female character that has an appearance that they’ve never done a days labor and all of a sudden they’re ultra badass. Not only that , but giving them the attitude to talk down to hero characters that have been doing far more for far longer with greater sacrifices. as far as the sequel trilogy, I kinda give it a bit of a pass since Rey had known how to fight with pole arms and had to scavenge and live on her own in a harsh environment. I also kinda give OSHA a similar pass since she had learned dark side skills as well as Jedi skills before she was abandoned. But here they had that definitely had some extreme pandering going on. But even with that cringe, the show could’ve been saved with good writing and direction. I don’t really think the actors were at fault and I also don’t think the sets were terrible and the effects were alright for a streaming series. There was an interesting concept here, but it wasn’t flushed out well and they didn’t know how to tell an 8 episode story. keeping dead Jedi dead was a good concept that the other recent shows didn’t know how to do and still remains as a highlight of this show. Thank you Jecki for doing what needed to be done and allowing a meme to murder you
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