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  1. Take out the funny weird haha moments and Replace them with just weird and ew moments instead
  2. I wouldn’t mind a Blue Beetle movie. I think it’s about time someone gave that character some attention. Hopefully he doesn’t end up looking like a ridiculous cosplay though
  3. I hope the movie is half as good as the hype
  4. Does old spice get to sue since they already did the centaur thing
  5. Like I said, it’s gonna bring different reactions from different people and it’s not just love or hate, but it also seems like anywhere in between as well. I think people should see it to judge for themselves, but probably shouldn’t pay to see it
  6. Hasn’t there ever been someone you really wanted to be with, but it seems like that person is a galaxy away from you. Palpatine said “I’ll be there this weekend I got keys to the star cruiser and I’m gettin some!”
  7. Did you really think a movie based on a toy would be more than pg-13
  8. I saw the film last night. It actually angered my girlfriend and now I don’t think she trusts my movie judgment. It’s definitely not a film for everyone. I saw the last star wars movie and nobody seemed to walk out for more than a restroom break, but this one actually had half of the theater walk out before the half way point and by the end only six of us were left from a half crowded room. Some left so late that I don’t think they’ll get their money back, but if they have the same attitude as my girlfriend they’re probably just happy to go home. It’s a very visual movie with some very interesting scenery and some very strange things to watch for. There’s a lot going on but not a lot happening and I think overall it works as a fable, but not so much as a movie that anyone needs to spend money on. I think there’s going to be some very different opinions from anyone who does go and watch it though. I don’t think it’s one that I ever need to watch again
  9. I’m very curious about how this is going to go. It doesn’t seem to be a simple decision and this could affect some upcoming films. There’s Shang Chi for the mouse and as far as HBO Max they’re doing free non premium releases of Suicide Squad and Dune. Dune is going to be very reliant on the money it brings in to even be able to green light a sequel to the franchise. We may just get the one film and that’s it.
  10. I think this kind of lawsuit may become more common since a lot of people watched movies on HBO Max for the subscription cost and didn’t pay an extra $30 something. I don’t know much about those contracts, but the people who made a lot of those movies may have been screwed over in similar or even worse ways.
  11. Another company doing G.I. Joe. This is almost too much. Although I have a feeling that I will like these far more than the other companies, but I’ll wait to see them first
  12. This situation is a bit different than what’s going on with the nightingale. This one is a web exclusive going through markups at proxy sites and retailers. The other one was just a standard release that will definitely get re released. There’s definitely gonna be some people paying way too much, but if you’re gonna overpay at least do it for a rare item
  13. It’s more like Husband “I’m in the mood.” Wife “I have a headache.” Husband ”That’s alright, I have something to do in the barn.”
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