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  1. I just look at this as another toy galaxy video to bring everyone up to speed with what has been announced. For the die hard Macross fans here, it’s not going to be enough, but for the basic fans or even somewhat newer fans it’s somewhat interesting and a good way to kill a few minutes while getting ready to go to work or something.
  2. Use the same grits as you would doing plastic. I don’t do resin stuff often, but it’s similar enough to standard model plastic. There may be thicker areas at the gates that may require a bit more work, but that shouldn’t change the basic sanding
  3. The little comics had really cool artwork and for a kid they were a bit confusing because the story was so different than the show. Honestly the little comics may have had a better story, but I can’t really remember for sure. I just remember that it was different and I think it explained the sword of power better and why skeletor had half of it
  4. Saw these images this morning and can’t wait to check it out. Even Orco looks like he’s been through some things
  5. I liked without remorse, but it’s not perfect. It’s a bit over the top and even a bit goofy, but it’s at least likable. The plot seemed kinda slim also, but it’s free and far from the worst choice out there.
  6. Given the amount of change that takes place over 5 years, Tony wouldn’t have been the only person in the universe that would risk losing a child. It’s a ridiculously tough decision and I think it was the best solution to come up with even though it’s a messy one
  7. Totally excited for venture bros, and Metalocalypse. Those were my favorite shows by far for adult swim
  8. The art does show the other arm, so maybe a separate release or option part.
  9. I saw it up for preorder, but I’m not really a gt fan, so I passed it up. I do think they did a good job though. I’m just trying not to impulse buy as much these days
  10. Looks interesting. These A24 movies are usually good to watch even when they fail.
  11. Unfortunately for hg there seems to be more videos of stuff regarding a stupid flat earth than there are of their live action film
  12. The actors weren’t my problem with the movie. It was the fact that the creators didn’t bother with a story and only cared about a scenario. They didn’t care to have a beginning or even an ending, they only cared about the conflict and everything else was too difficult to care enough to even script. It’s a movie with a middle and that’s all. The actors could have handled an entire film or even an interesting miniseries, but the creators only gave them an incomplete movie to work around
  13. Made the mistake of watching Stowaway on Netflix. I haven’t been so frustrated with a movie in a good while. The beginning makes no sense and the ending literally goes nowhere. The movie also has that used over too many times plot about not having enough air and needing to do some ridiculous climb on the outside to get more. The worst part is that you can’t spoil how the stowaway even gets stuck on the ship. They never bother to attempt to explain it. Somehow he was stuck behind a panel that had to be screwed in from the opposite side, as if someone else put him in there. He didn’t seem like h
  14. Yeah, Mark does seem very weak in the beginning comparatively to how much he can do and how much damage he can take.
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