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  1. This one was up for preorder a couple weeks ago and I believe is still available at the p Bandai U.S. store. I’m hoping they get around to the custom version with the sniper rifle. I personally ordered two since I like the Aoz reboot version better than the original, but I kinda want to do a different color with it and see if on the second one if I can fit a normal hg hi zack head to give it the more derpy look from the movie rather than the mean look that this one has
  2. I like the little dudes he comes with
  3. I’d probably be excited, but there have been so many really good looking models lately that look better and are way less expensive. I think if Votoms had disappeared for a while, I’d probably be interested, but even the bare bones hg looks like as good and has more articulation for a fraction of the cost.
  4. Is Crystal popular again? I remember the toys and tie in comic from back when I was little and every other skater wearing a Danzig or Samhain T shirt with that skull from the cover, but I haven’t really been into comics in a while and hadn’t realized he made a comeback or something
  5. I don’t think it was necessarily bad, it’s just that I don’t like that kind of storyline, it really bums me out after seeing the way things ended from the previous parts.
  6. I think part 3 has amazing animation and cool designs, story wise I sorta feel like I’d have been happier not seeing it. It really brings me down. And without giving too much away, there is another major character that ties things together, but that’s part of why I didn’t like the story
  7. Maybe the squadron thing was more of a Robotech thing. Most of the translations available in the U.S. had harmony gold influences and maybe that’s why it stuck. Just odd that even Japanese products sometimes have squadron instead of platoon
  8. It probably went that way around to say that this was the fighter mode. Like Battroid Valkyrie or Gerwalk Valkyrie sound a bit better than Valkyrie Battroid or Valkyrie Gerwalk
  9. Yeah, but I get the feeling that they’re trying to compete with hasegawa.
  10. Either that or he’s thinking that he’ll just do the tv version in 1/72 since they seem to have creeped in on that scale as well
  11. I’m pretty sure it is. His scaling usually ends up a bit bigger for the zentraedi while Hasegawa and others seem a bit too short to be realistic. Millia in the movie appears gigantic next to Max, while the millia in this kit will maybe be only three to four times his height. The mechanical illustrations have the zentraedi somewhere between those heights and the mecha itself looks a bit larger in those pictures than they do on screen. Zentraedi size is one of those things that are super hard to really figure out since on screen the mecha almost look the same height as a VF-1 battroid while the pilot on screen is exactly the same height as a VF-1 battroid making no logical sense. I’m personally just happy to see the Zentraedi mecha even a little taller than the battroid and I can at least try to believe in anime magic and super cramped pilots barely squeezing in
  12. You’ll be given the option to ship either if you don’t choose private warehouse or if you did choose private warehouse, it usually comes up when you decide to ship, since there may or may not be multiple items by that time.
  13. I’ve seen it as squadron for a long time, I’m not sure if they didn’t understand that or that many of those cannon fodder guys were attached as well, but Max and Kakizaki were like stand outs in the squadron.
  14. Pretty much. The real difference is just that in the movie they were all skull squadron members and in the show they mostly were Vermillion other than Roy.
  15. The 0-S sold out quick on the Japanese sites as well, but luckily still seems pretty easy to find over her in the states. I’m pretty sure there will be a 0-A and it’ll probably be a similar thing where it’s tougher to get from Japanese sites, but nice and easy when it comes across the ocean
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