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  1. Nice box. I got two on the way. Wanted to have one on display as a bike and the other as a bot
  2. Yeah, I had to look it up. I guess a lot of the cars were real and some were just concept vehicles. Most were extreme rarities, but that definitely was the Kaiser Darrin. I’ve never heard of it before and it’s definitely interesting to see and even more wild to watch how the doors open
  3. Yeah, that was a nice touch. I had a double take when the actor pulled into a parking space with his car and the door had an odd sliding mechanism rather than a swing joint.
  4. The majority of the tough bits would be the bodies. Some would probably share body parts with others and the armor bits would be a simpler thing. I’m sure they would need several body sizes though, but they’d probably limit it to three basic types. A female, a smaller and larger male .
  5. Nice. Gotta wait for a couple other preorders to come in before I can have mine shipped. Hope that they do some of the other characters.
  6. Let us know about the armor version. I got one in my pile of private warehouse loot or whatever at bbts for now. Add some pics as well please
  7. Maximus seemed extremely different from Finn to me. They really didn’t have the same look or purpose. Finn was a dude that got ptsd after his first real battle and just wanted to run away and hide, but then got dragged into things. Maximus didn’t want out, he wanted more authority and his first experience of action was with someone that had no respect for him or his own safety and he knew that he was being pushed into a situation he more than likely wasn’t coming back from. I think most people would’ve acted the same in that particular situation. As far as his buffoonery, I’d say that’s mostly due to extreme lack of training. He had absolutely no experience with that suit and it showed. I don’t feel like there were any multiple personalities at all. He just had a slight change of view when he realized that he might have a chance at an easy life, but went back on track soon after. I didn’t really notice any plot holes with 33 or 32 going on, it seemed like things were explained as the show went, but I also haven’t seen any YouTube videos explaining them. There were a lot of spoilery videos and I avoided anything like that til after the show was over. I’ll see if I can find any later
  8. Don’t get me wrong, the ghoul is very important. But there’s a lot I liked other than him. I loved the Armor guy and awkward armor shenanigans and the stuff going on in the vaults is pretty entertaining as well. There’s a lot of little mysteries going on in the show. The ghoul and his story are definitely the glue that helps tie things together and a lot of things revolve around his character
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