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  1. September news, no new Macross announced, only a single re-release with the #26 Super/Strike Gerwalk
  2. The only financially viable path to go is VTubers :P
  3. Based on this screenshot from the article it looks like they got access to the raw film scan, before it was denoised and color corrected for the Japanese BD release. It's way grainer and way brighter. Though if any of that grain survives is yet to be seen, since despite what Funi says about preserving it their history of filtering it flat is a big source of hate for DBZ fans. What should be the same frame from the Japanese BD Box (there's 3 frames total with those cels, this one matched the best as far as random film artifacts went but I could be off):
  4. Tamiya started introducing lacquer bottles in late 2017, initially coming out with 15 color batches ever few months then slowing down to adding 5 colors at a time
  5. My issue with scalemates is the lack of quality control for entries. There's way, waaaay too many resin kits on there attributed to filthy scumbag recaster websites instead of to their actual manufactures/sculptors. Lack of proper credit to artist is already one of the highest crimes. Redirecting people to thieves websites is a whole order of magnitude worse.
  6. Reanimating it would be a waste of time for both the creators and the audience. It already exists. Put that production towards something actually new. Sure the quality of the series goes up and down and while the down parts may not be to your liking, the up parts are quite literally groundbreaking and historically significant to the progress of the animation industry. And really, given how Frontier and Delta went I'd expect any remake to be more outsourced than the original series was.
  7. Analog video, especially consumer grade analog video was always trash. Awful colors, awful contrast, often frame bleeding and other artifacts. There's really no reason to ever go back to something that could never properly preserve the image quality. The HD remaster for SDF is absolutely fantastic, it's the best the show has ever looked because it's the most care that was ever put into a home media release for it. If you think it reveals too much don't worry, the old analog masters were often not cropped properly instead relying on your CRT TV's own overscan to do that. So you get stuff like Roy's not fully painted head while loosing image detail everywhere else in the frame.
  8. Time for test shots at Shizuoka Hobby Show
  9. So BW own the shows, characters, designs, etc, but do they own the songs? Do they partner with Flying Dog to distribute the songs or does Flying Dog own the songs? Is this deal gonna unblock Fukuyama Fire on spotify outside Japan and lead to more Macross being added there?
  10. Honestly that just seems like an exercise in self flagellation
  11. Man, I really wish those resin figures were 1/20 and not 1/24. At least then we'd have an easier time completing the casts together with minimum factory From the same tweet, the re-releases in June we have Isamu's cameo in Frontier and in July VT-1 and VE-1
  12. Photoshop CS4 cuz that's what I had for the longest time and Adobe and kinda shits these days with their practices Hmm I don't know how that came across but I meant the opposite. I've found manual work to be pretty much the only way to fix distortions. Automations seem to just amplify them resulting in more work than starting manually from scratch. Maybe this has to do with resolution. It's very easy to use the printing pattern of the image to align things manually at 600dpi but maybe to machines that's just noise.
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