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  1. This is the old kits. S/A Super Valk Battroid and Fighter with Hikaru and Max decals and S Strike Valk Battroid and Fighter with Focker decals.
  2. Those knee gaps look awful from every single angle and the feet nozzles look like they don't even pretend to fit inside
  3. If they were gonna do partsforming they should have committed to it fully instead of still ruining it with half-assed transformations bits elsewhere. The joints of the wings to the side of the engine intakes, the gaps in the knees looks atrocious and the proportions are still off all over... Welp, here's hoping Hasegawa or Wave or PLAMAX or Aoshima or who ever aside from Bandai that actually cares about the design instead of the gimmicks gets around to making a proper purely Battroid VF-19 kit some years down the line.
  4. As usual with Bandai the gimmicks take priority and lineart accurate sculpt and proportions get left on the design room floor. This being 1/100 I wouldn't surprised if it isn't further ruined by RG style layered injection joints made of unpaintable and unglueable materials like PP/PE/POM. So glad I scored the Wave 1/100 Battroid resin kit on Y!J last year. At least that's easier to fiddle with if anything is off.
  5. The double month announcement for Nov/Dec and also All Japan Hobby Show and it's just another Armored recolor but with missiles http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65880/
  6. Ok so my plan to convert the original VFG girls to the Walkure is completely dead in the water. Now to figure out what to do with those 5 kits instead...
  7. Kawamori picking Chisato Mita as the character designer for Delta was a fantastic decision that continues to pay off. Meanwhile, the Frontier poster is going to get about a dozen Minimum Factory dioramas.
  8. Seems a sample is out in the wild. Bottom post with the runners.
  9. No new Macross kit announced for September but we do get a re-release of 1/72 missile sets and VF-0 Battroid
  10. Couriers care more about volume than weight. By the time you get to a box that's like 30x30x40cm you can pack like 15kg in there and the price will be the same as it if was 3kg. The solution is 10 extra kg of photoetch, files, drill bits, chisels and maybe a dozen magazine issues or so.
  11. Indeed. Unfortunately HLJ doesn't get to tell Japan Post what to do. Until Canada's status changes on this page we're stuck with scalping couriers: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.html
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