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  1. Street date is January 28th https://bandai-hobby.net/item/5215/
  2. No new Macross kits in March, but they are repopping some 1/48s 1/48 YF-19 http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/mc01/ 1/48 Super VF-1 Max/Milia colors http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65827-3/ 1/48 VF-1 photoetch http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65793/ But in non-Macross news, they're doing a 1/72, full action Xabungle which might be a good indication of how any future all new tooling battroids kits from them might work
  3. I didn't see it until now but Luca's boxart is absolutely fantastic
  4. Hold up now, that's asking for 3 new tools and they've been kind enough to give us one new tool per year for the past little while. 😛
  5. Would be neat of them to just drop a finely details VF-27 out of nowhere. Otherwise it's looking like gluing my Bandai kit into a static, solid brick is inevitable due to ABS joints aging. Redoing all the surface detail to cover up the gimmick gaps and oversized panel lines is not something I'm looking forward to...
  6. Time for February announcements MORE PODS http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65881/ Coming back to production are: VF-11B Super VF-0D SDF-1 with Prometheus and Deadalus
  7. Oh that's a much more retro and rubber robot look than Wave or Hasegawa's offering. The lower legs are bordering on the old Imai look. Now what I really want to see is the how utterly awful the result would be if you tried to transform those proportions back into a Valkyrie
  8. This is why you always link the source instead of just the images https://hjweb.jp/article/758204/ The feet are beefed up with styrene While they don't specify which exact hands they stole from another kit other than it's "movable type", from the extra pics it's pretty safe to conclude these are layered injection hands probably from a recent Bandai MG. It has the pip for clicking into the weapon handle slot that's needed because the movable fingers can't hold anything. Unpainted pics show the extra styrene sheet on the back of the hand to give it the VF-1 detail
  9. Missed the January announcements because there was nothing new Macross in them, but the 1/72 Max/Milia Super Gerwalk is coming back http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65829/
  10. Making this 1/100 just seems like spite. Sure Bandai's 1/72 line of Frontier and Delta stuff wasn't perfect, but it wasn't that bad either. This makes it look like they're just being super cheap about investing in large molds.
  11. This is the old kits. S/A Super Valk Battroid and Fighter with Hikaru and Max decals and S Strike Valk Battroid and Fighter with Focker decals.
  12. Those knee gaps look awful from every single angle and the feet nozzles look like they don't even pretend to fit inside
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