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  1. LOL! That was one of the cartoons in the Perfect Memory Book, IIRC. One of them shows the Max and Millia VF-1Js kissing and Max's is taller than Millia's.
  2. They also used the Prometheus deck to take off from in space in the series... lol.
  3. The VF-1 is more maneuverable than a standard jet fighter. That was the point of the Angel Birds demonstrations on launch date. I mean, this is a craft that can maneuver in battroid and Gerwalk in atmosphere. It most likely doesn't even need to use the hook.
  4. Awesome! I've been wanting to get an iPad Pro with the pencil also. Will keep a lookout for your latest works.
  5. EXO

    Hi-Metal R

    15USD Fedex from hlj.com with another HMR and a book. Pretty good!
  6. EXO

    Hi-Metal R

    Me too finally. Got my HMR Hikaru and other stuff coming from the private warehouse! IT's gonna be an early Xmas!!! So excited.
  7. Actually, all Robotech branded toys go here in the "Other Anime" section because we've always treated Robotech as an other anime title. If you see HG toys in the Toy Section it's because it's branded as "Macross" or people just keep posting there and the mods might have missed it. If the thread keeps popping up, it'll be moved... if it dies off into the nether pages, then who cares. All sections in these forums are MACROSS related only. The only place you'll see non-Macross subjects are either in this section or the Sale and Trade section. You may see some non-Macross stuff in threads that are collection or guide/help threads, but those should all be predominantly Macross with the occasional random postings that are related. Hope that explains it. Just a reminder, no name calling or outright nastiness to each other.
  8. https://twitter.com/expertenannex/status/785614539828043776 For Treasure Fest in December.
  9. Still working on it... Got caught up with Delta but since it's finishing next week, I should have more time to work on it. I have the VT Ostrich minmay pilot model complete. I just need to make sure it fits. I sold my Hase VT-1 so I'm going to need to borrow someone's to measure it up.
  10. EXO

    Hi-Metal R

    HI-METAL R VF-1J Super Valkyrie (Millia Farina Jenuis) Price: 9288¥ (including tax) delivery date: 2017 March
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