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  1. @sh9000Thanks for finally posting, I was worried whether you saw my messages. Most likely your kits were in storage, so I appreciate you getting them out and taking a picture, amazing collection I'm envious! Do you have other Macross plastic/resin kits besides these? @BoltNice find, I'm pretty sure it's listed as 1/72 in my Macross Complete Model List, because it's slightly larger than 1/100. @PhotogirlGreat addition to your collection! @Grayson72I'm glad to see you posting here and sincerely hope you're doing well. My Macross kit collection/pending stash, (16) shelves full front to back, plus the large top shelf which has room for future releases. Each shelf is 2' by 20" and was custom made so the original 1/55 valkyries can fit perfectly. Lots of rare resin kits I hope to post videos of each shelf showing what's contained within. I really love looking at the box art, some amazing artists! When I'm feeling depressed or anxious I'll just grab a box or two and admire the details.
  2. Amazing find, would love to have one, wish it was released!
  3. These will be used to make the custom decal versions of the Bandai 1/72 VF-25S & VF-25F with a sample of each: Samples:
  4. Congrats @Convectuoso really nice kits, and I know you need them to replace what we've been discussing. I hope you can find someone reliable and trustworthy to build them for you, and I hope to be able to mail your SHE VF-11 with Fast Packs soon. These are all the left over boxes from my Bandai 1/72 valkyries that were built:
  5. Really impressive kit and build, great job to both of you!
  6. Hello, For more than (15) years I've been looking for the IHP 1/72 Hasegawa VF-1 resin conversion kit. After thoroughly searching the forums I contacted a MW member/friend that has (2) unbuilt kits that have been sitting in storage perhaps (20) years. I offered to purchase and or trade for them many times since they haven't been built or shared with other members to appreciate. Despite following up on a regular basis, there hasn't been any success. I respect and understand it's their property and their decision. But of course it makes me sad to see these amazing kits not being appreciated, and the owner doesn't even know where they are. Personally, I'm doing my best to build as many Macross resin kits as possible and then post the pictures here and on FB for fellow fans to enjoy. I've also traded or sold all of my duplicate kits to other fans whenever possible. As such I wanted to try here and see if anyone knows or has one for sale/trade please let me know. The same goes for the DStance YF-21 and SwitchBlade YF-19, 1/72 VF-1 armor resin sets, IHP and other elusive kits you can think of. I also would like to buy the SHE 1/100 VF-22 and VF-19F/S Blazer Valkyrie with FAST Packs. The same goes for any Jung, Rosario, etc 1/55 customs especially the VT-1 Super Ostrich, Blue Roses and Enigma I previously owned. Please let me know if you have any knowledge as to their current whereabouts. Thanks in advance, Christopher
  7. I love the paint scheme, grats on owning such a rare WF resin kit! Would love to see more of your Macross model kit collection.
  8. Really nice collection! @007-vf1 Is that the Studio Half Eye VF-5000B? Experten made one in 1/100, and there's the 1/60 3D printed one as well. I love your super rare Yellow Submarine 1/700 scale Valhalla III VC-551. Awesome figure, the green is perfect. @Convectuoso
  9. Nicely done, I love the weathering! 😍 Makes me want to revisit my 3D printed kit and add more details: I also have the Wonder Festival Kit, here's a sample picture:
  10. Cool and thanks for your interest, I'm happy to sell just the Hasegawa kits. That's a trip worth making, but one by one would be too much. haha
  11. Hello, Twenty years of MW membership, 100% positive feedback and more than $60,000 in successful sales. Collection sold as a set. Purchased new and I never displayed or built them. All packages are pretty nice. Kept away from the light in a non-smoking pet free home. Shipping will be via DHL with tracking. Payment via PayPal Friends & Family or add 4% to the total to cover the fees I'll incur. 3.) Bandai Micro Macross Complete Set 1 - 4 (Very Rare $17.50 each) = $70 + Shipping Sincerely, Christopher
  12. Thank you very much to @Gabe Q and @vladykins, I sincerely appreciate your trust and business!
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