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  1. Greetings, I hope all are doing well. I really like these kits, and hope we'll see different valkyries in the future. Here's my collection so far, plan to have them built soon:
  2. @MechTechThank you very much, and I appreciate the link. Yes, please post all built and unbuilt Macross kits here, and some in-progress pictures are also welcome. But definitely feel free to create a dedicated workbench thread if you want to be thorough. Does anyone else really admire/love Macross box art? If so, what do you prefer (Hasegawa/Bandai/Arii/Imai/Etc)? Please include a picture one of your favorite Macross kits in your collection. When I was young and didn't have much money, I would spend hours in the local hobby shop just checking out the model kits and using my imagina
  3. @BoltThank you very much, I'm glad you like the VE-1! Great looking VF-17T, Wave and Hasegawa kits. Imai & Bandai 1/72 Variable Valkyrie Comparison Pictures: Both use the same valkyrie artwork, but the Bandai boxes are more compact. Imai shows (4) modes of transformation, the nose cone and wings have a separate presentation along with the metal parts, etc. Took a long time to track these down in like new condition, especially the Imai which are approaching 40 years old. Imai numbering system is quite strange, 39 - 59 - 61 - 75 - 77 - 95. I'll gladly give a free M
  4. @Convectuoso: The Wave kits look great, and I love your VF-17T. I've seen the completed pictures (perfect green), awesome addition to your collection! @Hexi: I really like your Hasegawa builds, you did a good job as well on the other kits. Thank you for sharing! Impressive what you accomplished with spray paint. The blue you used for the VF-0D is perfect. @jvmacross: Amazing that the SDF-1 kit sold for that much especially considering it's condition, I don't have one yet and didn't know they're that rare. Thanks for the information. Some of my recently completed pr
  5. Really exciting project, I'll be ordering one. Thanks Captain and the person who commissioned it.
  6. Hello my friend, this sounds like a great idea, count me in! I'll ask my friend Tom in Chicago to complete this build if that's okay with you. He's a MW member with lots of experience with Macross resin kits. I'll ask him to photograph the build as he goes along, and make similar upgrades/improvements like the sample you posted. Please let me know if this is satisfactory. Thanks in advance.
  7. Wow, the weathering really enhanced the appearance, which was already excellent to begin with!
  8. Welcome to the forums, great job on the build, I also like the Hasegawa 1/48 valkyries, and hope to see more of you projects! Please share your Macross kit collection (built/unbuilt) to the following thread when you get time:
  9. Elegant, Sophisticated, Rare: The Arii 1/100 VF-1 Silver Box Collection! How many of you didn't know about the Arii Silver Box series? I first learned of them (15) years ago, and they really intrigued me. Just finding out how many there are, and which VF-1 versions included was very difficult. Until now there hasn't been a definitive source for this information, so I decided to change that with my Macross Complete Model List (MCML) Project. It has more than 1,400 entries with (9) categories each as well as the addition of links and images (unbuilt & built) being added. It too
  10. Some new arrivals from Japan, Canada and Chicago. An assortment of resin, plastic and 3D printed kits (Plastic Cretins) as well as Macross kite display stands. A few decal sets and a completed Bandai 1/72 VF-25F Tornado Messiah. Inside the Club M 1/72 VT-1 box is a super rare IHP 1/100 VF-22S. In 20+ years I've never seen this kit built until now, and only (2) unbuilt worldwide. So, I now have have one built and one new in box. The SHE 1/100 and Yellow Submarine 1/100 VF-1S Blue Roses Strike were posted previously. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Great job, I really like the decals and paint scheme!
  12. @Convectuoso: Very nice B-Club 1/100 VF-2JA. Your Metal Siren is sweet, and B-Club made the kit look good in battroid mode. Definitely reminds me of a Gundam. (The pictures mentioned in your 10/20 post aren't showing up for me.) @Anasazi37: Hobby Japan Vintage Volumn 4, something I procrastinated ordering and now it's out of stock...congrats Devin! If anyone comes across one for sale, please let me know. @peter: Impressive model kit collection, you have good taste in cars. I would love to have the Mustang Cobra R, General Lee, Porsche and quite a few others. The WWII Yamato
  13. 1.) @TheLoneWolf no problem, I'm happy to post the pictures, thank you for the compliment and please let me know if you want to see any other kits. 2.) @Shawn very nice 1/144 kits, the white decal on each one is from JafCon if I remember correctly. Eating chocolate plus getting a custom model boxset with those awesome inserts is a good deal! Your VF-X-4 is amazing, something I didn't know existed. Thank you for taking pictures of your Regult upgrade kits. 3.) @Anasazi37 wow your 1/72 Monster Mk II is impressive, and I know you spent a lot of money for your Plamax VF-1/weapon colle
  14. Great pictures thank you posting them. I'm very tempted to buy one, although I've been doing my best to focus on Macross model kits. I've known Noel for more than 20 years, and was happy to meet him in person at a MW Convention. He helped me obtain many rare items, I consider him a friend and support him in his endeavors to bring us more Macross valkyries.
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