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  1. Too late Bandai , CCS and a bunch of others already beat you to the punch on this. Size comparison between both MS builds. I was charged $504 or something around there and FedEx made sure to beat down the box
  2. Did any of you guys get the Sazabi parts? It seems kind of hard to justify $280 for an extra rifle, some cables and an extra set of fin funnel holders
  3. I feel the exact same way you do. The S*** quality of the new 31 series valks and the lack luster designs on the new metal builds , well that was pushing me to th edge. Then they pulled ath BS with limited sales on the Sazabi and it was enough to possibly push me over the edge and away from bandai collecting. Im fine with KO gundams consdering they are less than what bandai asks. After the Armored Parts for Mirage and the Deathscythe releases , thats when im going to call it until bandai fixes themselves. Then insult to injury is when you cant get the Sazabi main body anywhere without gettinh raped and here they are dropping the expansion parts on the 10th. *anger intensifies* i might start selling my doubles/triples here in the future if Bandai keeps going this way
  4. This is a slap in the face to Bandai customers. First you didnt allow enough pre orders of this thing , then the price was jacked after gauging initial interest and now you are teasing accessory parts for an item not too many people got their hands on? #ouch ^^what he said. You seem to have me confused with @davidwhangchoi or @carlsylar . Ive always orded doubles (occasionally singles) of most things except as of lately since bandai is just taking our wallets on a rollercoaster ride of repeat releases.
  5. Yo I bought two bazooka kit things with the intent of doing a dual bazooka display(if possible). If you want a shield and we can work out a price I’ll sell it to you.
  6. I came in here a while ago stating they had poor shipping practices and how they swindled me on the last Metal Structure PO. Im glad you all are finally seeing who they really are. As long as the girls over there at LP get to go wine tasting/bar hopping it doesnt matter what they do to their client base.
  7. I dont have facebook so thats not me. I had to sandpaper them down a bit. It still irks me that bandais QC is crap. I think Im done with round of 31AX planes & accessories. What a marvelous idea! i wish i would have thought of that before modifying the guns
  8. Is anyone else having fitment issues with their Armored Parts set? I have a Hayate 31AX from first batch pre orders , the Gatling guns do not fit the underside of the wing/folding arm cover at all. They fit the folding wing tip slot but not the arm cover slot. I really don’t want to open my second plane to display these. The tabs that mount to the wing look a little thicker than normal and the instructions are sub par and only show the mounting instructions for Gerwalk mode
  9. I didnt understand that either. No one asked for Bogue. I was expecting Chucks 31E or Arads before bogue. Not too sure why Bandai did that... then again , bandai doesnt listen to their customer base anyway.
  10. any time something is labeled as a "Garage Kit or Garage Build" its generally a resin DIY type kit. On a side note , has Nin Nin been doing the "Insufficient Shipping Charges" thing with anyone else?? They hit me with it on my Hayate 31AX Supers and Exia devise recently. $20 on supers and $13 on exia
  11. I forget who but someone makes a METEOR UNIT , its the same company that makes the Ptolemaois Pod and the other launch deck , the name eludes me right now. Playhouse or Bug house? *edit , it was megahouse https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/japanese-import-hobbies-toys-game-character-gundam/74817-realistic-model-series-mobile-suit-gundam-00-ptolemaios-container-1144-limited-edition-megahouse-.html Bandai Spirits also has one , so I doubt MB line will get one soon as much as I would love to see one. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/206101
  12. ThreeZero actually launched two colors. One was white and red (anime) color and the other was silver and red (metallic). They also have a black shin getter in the works for 2023. Similar to the CCS black version , it will have a battle worn scarf as well. It’s on Nin Nin and Show Z currently.
  13. oooffff So Bogue and Mirage armored parts this year? Then super parts? My wallet is gonna take a beating here
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