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  1. Whats the surprise ? I looked at P bandai and other photos and it all seems to check out. The smaller "slow burner" pistols are just hidden better in other photos
  2. I meant living that lavish metal build life. Instead of women in mansions he’s got metal builds in mansions. I was only able to affford one Raiser this go around and dude got 4 #FlossingSeason
  3. SO a couple of videos just dropped for the Strike Rouge. First video is half unboxing segment and half posing segment. Second video is a quick unboxing with more of a focus on the flight units and how they combine. Low key glad I ordered 2 after watching these
  4. Thanks broski , i wasnt going to grab an eva due to short funds but the $28 deposit at BBTS was a life saver. Thats the thing with BBTS , patience. Ive gotten a few things from them previously and while they deliver a good product , they are usually a couple months behind the release date similar to P Bandai. They are a usually a good option as long as they dont gouge like they are doing with GFFMC Wing
  5. If you are looking for one , Nin Nin Game still has them for sale and they ship world wide. I will tell you from my experience with mine, the quality control was sub standard on the Full Particle Raiser. Arrived with imperfections in paint all over the Raiser and plane. Paint is beautiful but quality control is bad. The Raiser Blue was had a perfect paint job , the full particle not so much, it was probably rushed into production.
  6. Ok here are the measurements of the effect parts included with the Full Particle Raiser. in my household we don’t use Communist Meters , we measure with a system befitting back to back World War Champs. Here are measurements in Inches instead of CM
  7. So you’re asking me for a “length measurement” of my “effect parts”??? I didn’t know this was that kind of forum lol. the video posted here a couple pages back has the small saber effects at 7 inches and large saber between 12-13in . I haven’t opened it yet because I’m running errands but will confirm it later tonight.
  8. I was just throwing it out there for those that missed it. also prayers to you that you receive your product in decent condition if you receive it at all.
  9. https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/metal-build/51624-metal-build-gn-0000-gnr-010-00-trans-am-riser-full-particle-ver-tamashii-nation-2021-limited-edition-bandai-.html Nin Nin has it for $590 , grab one before it’s gone.
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