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  1. nIn isn’t a bad place . I use them often . Just be Warner’s there is a small chance they are going to shake you down for $10-15 just ass your item is ready to ship. It just happened to me with the Red Dragon Cavelwetch and V fin head set. 4th time it’s happened in many years with them
  2. That explains the brown box for the hi Nu & dynames but which Evas came in brown boxes ? I know some of them did because I have some boxes for The purple Eva and Red one. in terms of BBTS shipping . They sent a big box with a small box inside. No bubble wrap between those two. Inside the smaller box was the hi Nu floating around loosely in a bubble wrap sleeve. If I every buy anything from them again I’ll make sure to post pics , I already tore down the bigger box
  3. Just my opinion but I would skip. Its cool looking but the quality of the figure is more on par with Metal Robot Spirits line. This new Chogokin gundam line of theirs doesnt have the quality , points of articulation or detail that would justify that price. Wait til the novelty wheres off and people start reselling them for around $220 like they did with the RX model after the NIght Model dropped
  4. It really is. Poor shipping has always been a staple of who they are. Their solution? Offer a monthly charge for proper shipping. Sorry to dude who got his Hi Nu wrecked by LP but there have been quite a few posts about this. Can I vent about BBTS for a sec? unfortunately I ordered a Hi Nu from them (alcohol was involved otherwise I dont like ordering from them) and why is that they can never manage to send over the brown transport box like other vendors? I emailed their customer service who basically said " its how we get them " and offered no additional help. The issue I have is that they sent it over in this plastic wrapped film in a bubble sleeve thrown in a box. During the shipping it must have bounced around a lot and the front/back of the back are kind of warped. Just looking at the front of the box you you can see the bulge on the front/back from the plastic trays. Ive had similar issues with my Dyanames and Eva 00 I ordered from them. Has anyone else had issues like this with them?
  5. These have been out for a while now. The are junky garbage and this is a reboot of the turd. The reviews speak for themselves and I bought two of the last glossy red model just to be able to make one good functioning model. Then I had to Joint Fix the weak joints it had. Its good for bonus accessories but I wouldnt touch this one. If you look at the links you sent , youll realize reviews in one link are so bad they had to start a second listing to avoid the broken joints issue On a side note. I know Show Z and GUndamnit are the same company techincally but whoever runs GUndamit has some horrible customer service.
  6. I have bought from the regularly since 2017. Pre Scamdemic they used to ship the same week items released. Now they take 2 weeks-ish. Shipping with them is a bit more expensive in some case but I write it off as a convenience fee compared to P Bandai or BBTS. Out of about the 40-50 items I’ve ordered from them I’ve only had 2 issues. 1) Astraea Type F metal build came with a water warped transport box. Metal build box was fine and non damaged. 2) Macross Arad Supers , they wanted and extra $14 for underestimating the shipping costs at the time of pre order. I know people here have mixed reviews but they have done right by me so far.
  7. Those sons of b****es .... They are probably going to drop this in 2022 and in 2023 the grand slam will be sold as an accessory item in the "Alternative Strike" line up 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Ok im gonna give this to you short and generic. Not going into the weeds here . There are winged ( Freedom/Strike Freedom) and non winged ( X105 Strike / MBF-02 Strike Rouge) Winged - Still part of Gundam Seed but later on Non Winged - X105 was debuted up front and Strike Rouge later on. In the Metal build Line up the X105 is the same across the board with the exception is the Heliopolis ver which as less decal work applied to it and is generally blue/white in coloring. The Strike Rouge has only one release as of now with its red/pinkish frame and Ootori Striker out of the box. The X105 first drop had an Aile Strike with it and everything since has been without a backpack. "Infinite" version of strike has just a fancy box version release during a Comic Con All these swords , blasters , sniper packs , IWSP etc are all part of the Alternative Strike project and generally interchangeable with either Strike or Strike Rouge. Some of these accessory items include a back mount that allow them to mount to Blue/Red Astray frames. Buy whatever is appealing or whatever makes you happy. non-winged Strike quality is generally good
  8. As a Gundam enthusiast I agree with most of the above. No way in hell is GFFMC better than Metal Build. GFFMC has been releasing hot turds for a while now, Wing models were the only thing they have gotten to release without issue. All the early stuff was prone to uneven coloring , snapped wrists , weak joints everywhere and uneven/warped accessories. The MB line had some issues with the earlier Raiser/7 sword models but those were fixed. Only plague on MB is the Exia frames with the weak hips/torso
  9. Ive tried multiple things based off what others have tried to do to save the Hayate VF-31. Im pretty close to extending the arm out and taking a heat gun to the gun component itself. The team in charge of QC over at Bandai need to be fired. The gun on the other side is tolerable , its not perfect but its not as visibly obvious. Im confused as to what mold they are using because I bought 3 Hayates ( 1 was fixable to a normal look, 2 looks good on the stand despite bent cannons and 3 I had to give away because of how bad it was). Mirages came in perfect and Bogues came in looking like one of Hayates. My belief is that they have different facilities for production. One of the molds may be out of spec and they dont want to pay to remake it due to sales. QC should be catching these things but they are sleeping on the job.
  10. @MKT you got lucky for sure. Here is a pic of mine after fighting to try to get things into a decent looking manner.
  11. I’ve used it in both metal and plastic. In my opinion it works faster on plastic , metal joints take more coats. It’s a liquid that just coats the joint and dries leaving a residue. Depending on the joint it could require multiple applications. It’s also fairly messy so be prepared to wipe down excess as you go along
  12. They’ll do the PO with the Strike Rouge backpack first then the following month they will PO the Grand Slam as an alternative strike item. Per Bandais usual MO
  13. I bought it from them this go around and my turn around time wasnt too bad. I ordered on launch day and it arrived today. The version I got was on par with the quality of the Hayate VF31 Kairos . The cockpit gap , shoulder area was off and one of the guns is pointed down pretty bad. Paint was pretty good tho but I will say Bandai QC is slipping..... hard
  14. Bandai has figured it out. They know most macross/gundam folk are in the same category as the Star Wars/Transformers nerds. You can sell them trash and they will keep coming back and buying it because "Nostalgia". I hate to say it but the VF-25 & Frontier line up was a perfect example of that between the weak joints, poor paint and instant yellowing.
  15. my shipping costs on average have only gone up about $2-5 so its not as bad as you may believe it to be When I order the VF-31s I was paying anywhere from $30-35 and now im paying anywhere from $35-40
  16. LOL BBTS is always 2-3 months behind the curve with their deliveries
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