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  1. As many times as I see this picture in great detail, the head just looks like casted resin. The finish is not smooth at all. Almost like release spray pattern on the surface. The gates are like those of casting. Details are a bit blurry and double layered at the rear under the vents. Sure wish I had one to compare it in person. These are just my observations. I am once again ever so grateful. Thank you deeply.
  2. Thank you. I really appreciate you doing this. Do you happen to have a Bandai VF-1A for a side by side comparison? Now the hunt begins, again.
  3. Would you mind opening the head to see the inside? I wonder if these were recasted resin. It has a very different finish from the body. And the green head version does as well. Finally, I can now rest assured I did see a VF-1A Blue and Red Joon’s. Years ago I had seen the listing on eBay and figured the heads were custom colored resin so I passed them up. The pictures I saved are on an old hard drive that crashed years ago. I was able to recover thousands of pictures but have never been able to locate the ebay listing. Many times I have made mention of those VF-1A and no one recalls them until now. This is so vindicating for me.
  4. So, here is an interesting tidbit. Joon’s was an importer of goods located in Koreatown in the 80s and 90s. Joon was actually the name of the owner. He and his wife had a stall in swap meet inside a former Jon’s Market on Western Avenue in Los Angeles. The items were produced by another company with name JOON’S on the box (Could be Popye Corp Toys). The original VF-1J set in grey, red, blue, and green all were released at the same time mid 80s. 1996 is when the AngelBird-esque VF-1J came to market. During their release there was a proposal made to Joon to create the VF-1S and VF-1A head with the original four color schemes. Head of a VF-1A sculpt was handed to Joon, but it cannot be confirmed if they were ever made or commercialized. Long story short. Joon was just an importer who had no idea what Macross was with an over seas friend who had access to these molds in S. Korea. All he new was he could make money selling these for 20 bucks each at that time. This just blew my mind when I heard the in depth story, first hand.
  5. But of course. I got rid of my Paro Valkyries and needed a quick reference. Without a ruler reference I had no idea just how oversized these were. 😜
  6. Just a side note. Some company in Taiwan decided to oversize these. Just not sure of exactly when. But all signs currently point to late 80s early 90s. And yes the heads and weapons on these are from Transformers jumpstarters.
  7. I have no idea when these were released, but they are Made In Taiwan. They were released in the 80’s, and have pullback motors like the originals.
  8. Great group shot! Don’t forget there is the Toynami 1/100 version as well.
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