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  1. Looks a bit boring. Since it is a 50th anniversary’s edition wouldn’t gold be an appropriate finish?
  2. Wow. What an amazing pick up. Seeing all the kits together and built is pretty darn cool. The colors on each look fantastic. Will you be gracing us with pictures of the other modes. Please.
  3. Hopefully when these are released, the number on the nose will be eliminated and the forward triangle is less sharp. This just looks ugly.
  4. Not sure. No dates posted in the picture. Let’s hope it’s a summer PO with release in late 2024.
  5. I wonder if they will release the VF-11MaxL this year. And hopefully a VF-17T. Fingers crossed.
  6. We are getting so close. I just hope this won’t be a limited release with an exorbitant price. Overall, the figure looks fantastic.
  7. Nice looking Roy custom.
  8. Honestly, the only thing I can think of is production running out of whatever prominent color they were using at the time. Ran out and just filled in missing molds with other colors that were readily available. That or, they just used left over hands. I’m just not sure.
  9. 1/55 Joons VF-1J with painted hands. Note the base color of the plastic is red.
  10. 1/55 GS-11 European release. This version is slightly different from the American release. here is the American version.
  11. I have another to post, but I’ll put it up later today.
  12. Yes sir, molded grey like the head lasers, feet, intakes, leg joints, and gun. The Joons Max, Milia, Green, and Ángelbirds all have painted dark green hands.
  13. 1/55 PCToys VF-1J - Grey hands version. Looks like a standard box, but it isn’t. The window is actually fused to the box from the outside. The more you look the more you find.
  14. As a continuance to the history of the 1/55 and its 1/100 brethren. We have a very interesting release in 1/100. Made by Peifu from Taipei. From what I have seen there are three releases of this. The VF-1J in the box, a VF-1S in almost the same color scheme (rebuilt), and a white VF-1S Hikaru with proper colors. This is the hobby that keeps on giving.
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