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  1. Alto used to be a breakdancer! he’s got his Adidas gloves and LA Gear booties.
  2. Congratulations!! These are really great figures. Personally NA Coneheads is the way to go, but using MS would give you a different look that would make two unique trios.
  3. Hard to believe this is still out there intact and as beautiful as ever. I wonder I this same collector has the original wooden VF-1J from promo pics.
  4. Miss Lynn Minmay likes her some knees. Had to replace those old all white versions. They stick out like a sore thumb when posing.
  5. I’ll have to add this to the list. Have found a slew of other 1/55’s as well and need to make some time to add them as well. Thanks.
  6. Seeing your display only solidifies my thought that Yamato’s efforts will not be surpassed by Bandai. Still makes I heart flutter.
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