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  1. Welcome to the boards. Great details on another rare find. for questions to your answers regarding what’s beneath the stickers go here. It only about three or four pages back from this post.
  2. These are pretty neat and finally I don’t have to worry much about building and customizing the original releases. Are these now released?
  3. I would have figured Bandai would have made a greater effort and promote the franchise more using attractive marketing ploys to garner more attention for the DX releases. It seems like they did this just to satisfy a request and was not wholeheartedly meant to attract a large crowd. Here’s to hoping Macross makes it big in the US (well at least officially).
  4. Your pics remind me of Ron’s stop-motion animated video. Looks like a classic shot. Nice work.
  5. Nice touches. Makes it look much better.
  6. Filled out the survey. I hope it won’t be limited to Delta, Frontier, and Plus. As a bite to those who have not yet completed the survey. When asked where you get your information for Macross, be sure to type in MacrossWorld.con. Might be nice to have an official representative make themselves appear on our site for input and suggestions.
  7. Great video! I was wondering if anyone ever noticed there are two completely different molds of these bootlegs. Not sure if there are any similarities with <T.T> versions, or if either of these are like the original.
  8. That is really nice. I have one of his first releases. Mighty fine work.
  9. For me it would be Gross Ponte Blank. The movie was good and the soundtrack was awesome. If I ever get bored of watching the movie I can always just listen.
  10. I am sure you can make these customs with relative ease. Not much to but use Scale Coat and rub off the paint where needed on VF-1A Reissues then paint as desired. These were done in a matter of days. Only because it took time for the parts to dry. Give it a shot.
  11. You’ll see more after the Super Dimension Convention.
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