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  1. There still might be a market for a select group of customizers and collectors. Just not sure how big that market would be. Maybe cross post interest in other media platforms could garner more potential customers. Do you have a sample to show of your current progress? I think Anazasi used to make these sets. I believe I still have some in my customs piles. Wish you luck on your project.
  2. My daughter and I watched the whole season and she liked it. Se remembered seeing the original series when she was five. She also felt this would have been better suited as a movie vs a series of episodes. The new show was interesting. I was more mesmerized by the use of characters which were never animated, or that I’ve never seen before. We’ll be waiting for season two.
  3. Very cool and creative!! Nice work!
  4. You should be seeing your “request to pay” or “pay for shipping” update today. I just happened to recieve mine and promptly completed my transaction with them. Figure in the way!
  5. I love this. Xoxokin, you do what most of us chickens don’t or won’t. You sir truly know how to enjoy your VFs. Spectacular pics!!!
  6. Which ones? I never knew there were plans for SD QRau. Got pics?
  7. I wonder if the reintroduction of these and their possible sales success could rekindle the love for SD figures and Bandai could possibly rerelease Joke Machines. Would be nice.
  8. Those are pretty cool and very cheap.3000Y for a set?!? Hopefully these sell well and they make other sets with more variations. Always liked these kits and their Chibi characteristics. IIRC, the heads on the VF-1A was modded by member here to fit on the 1/55 and it looks better than the TT/Bandai head.
  9. It wasn’t Erikos (at 1/60)...it was another customer who made actual custom 1/48 Zentradi suits.
  10. There used to be a member here who made 1/48 scaled suits, but for some reason or another he just up and disappeared from the forum.
  11. The 1/60 Zent suit will not fit a DX. No matter how hard you try. Best bet is to try and find gear from 1/6 Dragon outfits and make your own.
  12. Did the tail get damaged. It looks like a clean break. IIRC, you can twist the nub right out. Repair the part an place it back in. Use PlasticWeld to meld the parts together. if you leave the parts to cure for 7 days the bond will leave the repair good as new.
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