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  1. Received Mirage today… She feels loose in many joints and tabbing connections. The overall feel makes it feel likes it’s made with quality materials but extremely lacking QA. The right cannon in fighter modes tucks in as it’ supposed too while the left points in a descending angle. Issue for this cross-eyed appearance is due to the joint where the cannon connects at the grey pivot. It seems to be short and does not allow for a flush connection in fighter mode. Overall, she’s a beautiful bird.
  2. Wow! Great share! That backpack and tail fins are all kinds of wonky.
  3. You could be right about that. But it just might be recolored Hayate body with an updated prototype head. I also noticed the wings are not tabbed in at all.
  4. How do you figure during a lockdown in China once again? At this point I don’t think there is any QA team to inspect these and possibly no workers to build more beyond the picture of the line up of YF-19(s) in the previous picture. At this point I am highly considering pulling all my pre-orders and just wait for supply to be verified upon receipt by vendors. Sure, I’ll pay more but the product will be tangible. Honestly the way things have shifted, I wouldn’t be surprised if the tub of cream cheese you are looking at today couldn’t have been your VF-19 parts. Sorry for the rant.
  5. It does tie in well with the release of the Hergoss Walkyrie produced by Savie in Macau. If MB was producing Jetfire in Macau it would be easy send off or sell old molds for Savie to touch up and reuse.
  6. https://20thcenturytoycollector.com/posts/category/transformers/page/2/ There is a ton a of great information found here.
  7. Very comprehensive research. So much fun to read. Are you still working on or planning on writing an article of all your findings? When referring to the European version are you talking about the Milton Bradley Jetfire produced in Macau?
  8. An interesting read from CollectionDX regarding compatibility between Macross VF-0 and Ghost from Arcadia and Yamato respectively. https://www.collectiondx.com/toy_review/2015/vf0a_phoenix_shin_kudo_version
  9. This is also mentioned in one of the episodes of “A Toy Store Near You” on Prime.
  10. Let’s not forget this little gem here.
  11. Let me check. I believe I may have a few. Prices for these are selling close to 500 nowadays. Last one sold above the VF-19P and that’s a highly sought after figure.
  12. Looking good! Nice job on the bridge windshield.
  13. That’s a bummer. Was that someone on these boards that we should be aware of? Would have been nice to have that set.
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