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  1. Just took out my Arcadia VF-0A copy and transformed it for the first time to Batroid and found this. Damn!
  2. Package receibed really fast and in a good shape. Thank you very much @mog_kupo a pleasure doing business with you.
  3. Priss!

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Hey! That's my hand! hahahhaa
  4. 'm interested if is available yet. Let me know.
  5. Wow, this is really amazing! I have been watching for your models since a long time, and there's nothing but improvements with every release. You're really amazing. hope someday you can make your own 3P company about Macross/Robots/Whatever you want. You could try to make some resin kits as well for the people less talented with the primer and sanding process :P. As a sugestion, with the optional parts/add ons, You could design Intake Covers. I will buy a copy ASAP. (Shapeways is a bit expensive to Chile) PS: Do you have a detail of the size and quantity of pins
  6. OK, boss. You know Veef, You have given a second life to at least 5 of my Valks (3 VF-0, 2 VF-1) hahahaha Now, let us know when to put the order again please!!! Thanks again!
  7. I have just received this message from Shapeways: "Hi Priss, We're really sorry to let you know that there was a problem with your recent order. These design(s) could not be 3D printed in the material selected: 19 Bicep in White Strong & Flexible Given the nature of 3D printing (converting digital files into physical products), every now and then we catch designs that will be too fragile to create in certain materials. Though we do our best to defy the laws of physics and try to find these issues as early as possible, some are only found during the manufacturing process. You can reach
  8. Yesterday I took out the box my 1/60 YF-19 (v1) Looks what happened when y tried to transform it... The entire arm fall down... It's broken.. I dont know how, or Why... I wonder if any one of the good members of this forum could make avalaible at shapeways some recast for this part.. I know there's a lot of people with this problem.. and now that Yamato is... dead.. a V3 option is unreal. so we'll need to fix ours valks.. I put a lot of superglue on the piece but I really think that solution will not last long.
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