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  1. you know i thought that wa ayamato 1/60 next to the zeta flash but thats a DX chogokin!? dang. super deformed proprotions aside (i can't put it aside enough to buy it), i wish it were smaller actually. also frost light appears to be awesome. we'll see when its released.
  2. so that bb movie mpm prime... that is one frankenass truck. its not teh freightliner nor the marmon but a combination of both plus cat ears. lol. wonder if it was done to avoid having to pay either truck maker. lol. also i guess the studio series toy is as much a source as the movie at this point being that people have lived with the toy but maybe seen the movie once or twice. aside from teh cat ears and bent pipes...its frankensteiny but not TOO horrible. bot mode aside from arm kibble and helmet shape is pretty damn nice actually. importantly its not in teh giant ass 12" bot mode 3ze
  3. i can't now unsee the canons being super low now. ugh.
  4. so they didn't at all address the worst part of the siege mirage figure. the arms as an engine is still there. they gave it an open cockpit, different spoilers and a slightly different treatment of teh shoulder side panels and called it a day. i think i like the siege one better at the moment and i don't want that beast wars style grimlock at all so skipping at the moment. glad i don't feel the need to get it again i guess but i wish they'd done a ground up redesign like the datsun bros got. the siege is a good mold but could have definitely been improved upon.
  5. the netflix shows were bad but at least the character models look decent, which means the toys look decent enough (well some of them!) also jetfire finally gets to be not a big useless doofus who is just there to give people rides. that being said a character is a character. IDW prowl is nothing like G1 prowl i hear but i bought that g creation rebel because it looks cool and its like g1 prowl in a new body. :-P
  6. any chance its an MP blaster (or MP enough stand in that will fit that lion tape they released)? KFC's is just not good enough for me anymore.
  7. those look really nice together but i'm glad i'm not an idw comics guy because then i would "NEED" all these and most of other mmc stuff too. as is i can pick and choose. haha. i don't know how many times i've almost bought the mmc drift (or derivatives), but i keep hoping someone will pick up the old g creation design they shared forever ago.
  8. color me impressed with the invid shocktrooper (tbh i've never regarded MEP's products as highly). the OVERSIZED one looks way better to me...i know they aren' t supposed to be that big but the 1/48 is not a good sparring partner with the legioss sets out there and are even WAY WAY WAY too small to do battle with the mospeada (cyclones) they actually fight on the show. as tekering pointed out the OS might be look ok (too small to be in scale but looks wise) with the new smaller mospeada coming out (at some point hopefully) from B2five too.
  9. thanks for the tip on the desseus drone. finally got a couple of those. (only ever had the earthrise version of that mold which is an unconvincing earth van). if they had gone with the ER barricade mold i might have got a rusty sparkless bot too but not a huge fan of the siege datsunbros mold
  10. yup i used them once before. apparently , i'm going to be using them again since the armored parts set without the VF-1J valk itself is a TWE. honestly, if it goes without drama like last time i'll be happy.
  11. well not only that but its early. they said 4/23 16:00 japan time. thats still hours away! maybe some other retailers will follow the actual timeline given.
  12. the nora looks even more matte than the yamato one. as far as lighter...maybe. could be the lighting in those photos. i stopped following the sv-51 thread after a while. aside from the feet/ankles were there any issues with that ivanov release? are the wings likely to get floppy like the old yamatos? (they really need a hard lock but doubt they did that).
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