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  1. To be brutally honest here. the robot arm looks no better, actually a touch worse BUT the truck is MUCH better with no cat ears. HOWEVER a 3D printed part on this toy won't match very well. also given the photos and the visuals here , somebody will easily figure out how to incorporate this into an MPM KO/improved version and release as a full toy matched plastics./paints etc....and it will likely be cheaper than the mpm. knowing the KO market though, they might unnecessariy upscale the crap out of it. *sigh*.
  2. guess we know why arcee had a long ass neck/collar now. it was a pretool for mightbird, who btw should not even transform to begin with. also they should rerelease arcee with this umm...perkier chest molding. if it goes on clearance i'll think about it ...maybe. glad to see crosscut coming. i was so close to getting xtb's herald a month back (already had skids and police deco) but guess i'll get takara's if price is inline with other mp-53 releases. hoping quality is good though. origins buzworthy bee is istant buy if i see it online or instore. now where is cytronian wheeljack that can fit him inside? haha. love the energon conductors are included. you know i wish it were designs like this that were given the MP treatment vs. nightbird who never needed to transform. and yeah sideswipe, is a favorite or mine too. my childhood one still mostly works and is at the rent's house and still works. my siege one is kitted with th nonnef stuff too and also got the roof sticker on there from toyhax. not gonna pay for the more countachy kingdom version even though the hood is far more lambo than the seige figure. its overall doesn't loook as cohesive in alt mode and the chest is more oversized in bot mode.
  3. my wallet would like to pretend it never saw this and is reminding me that the bandai one is pretty nice already. lol. looks like THE definitive lion force voltron. the SOC didn't last long on top of the mountain.
  4. keep them pics coming. i have such love for this valk. the first couple episodes of macross are like the biggest nostalgia bomb for me and the VF-1D is a personal favorite. if everything is in order this will be my favorite DX Chogokin release ever I think. Wish i got a double but was lucky enough to get 1 at least.
  5. most days i'd take the sleep. happened to be up early.
  6. I was able to get AE to ship out before they went on break (thursday/friday break this week) as i was watching email like a hawk and reacted and acted within one hour each time (also was up at 6AM and initial email about it was in stock wasat at 5:08 AM). was pleased they were able to calculate shipping, and let me ship it before EOD yesterday. It had one shipping option only, well 2 but they were same price. DHL says its arriving Monday (at my office and i will have it wednesday when i go in). i think this may be my last DX chogokin (its the last i really NEED NEED unless they do a DYRL max at some point)
  7. wow, i forgot the MT was so slim in jet mode and hadnt' seen the newage from that angle before. the mp3/11/52 got progressively worse in alt mode. The MT still has the robo bewbs facing down but is sleek otherwise (but has maddening things about it like opaque cockpit, cartoonized shaping and proportions in the alt mode). the DS is a bit fat with the robo bewbs facing down (which newage was able to avoid?) but its much more steamlined than anything from takara with the exception of perhaps the mp-03. holding out hope it'll be the best overall still.
  8. personally i think FT is well aware of all the "scarcity" and is doing it all on purpose, artificially. i also think some retailers hold back stock to sell later at inflated prices helping to further foster the "premium" pricing. also yes i realizt here are mateiral issues, shippign issues etc making things more spendy but in the end the price increases are not about offsetting new costs but going upmarket to cash in on bigger margins. also totally agree with Mike here "And the fans don't get it, either. I warned them when the price tag for MP-44 was first revealed that people should not buy it, that doing so was giving Takara tacit approval to charge those sorts of crazy prices in the future. While none have been that bad (Arcee was fairly reasonable, even), Hound, Bee, and Starscream were all a lot more expensive than similarly-sized figures from the pre-MP-44 days. And the fact that people were willing to buy at those prices has emboldened both Fans Toys and XTB." for my part i did skip mp-44 even though its fricken optimus (heck at least we had TE, MS, and good old MP-10, the mp-44 ko that came out later was a real mixed bag of crap btw). FT although not always reliable will try to fix their issues - takara will never help you out with hound or mp-44s knees there so thats one plus for FT.
  9. i think the coolest part of these is that you can see the face through the face shield. kinda cool. being based on megahouse i doubt there will be a hoquet/rook figure as i dont' think megahouse ever got there. i have most of a megahouse yellow somewhere and it was ok but fidgety. hopefully they simplified these enough so they are functionial little figures. i think these little guys at 1/28 would look ok with the 1/36ish evolution toys legioss (hey gotta find some use for those) being posed in front (foreground supposed to look bigger right!? haha). at 2.5 inches these are overpriced but if i find out they handle well enough i might want in despite the lack of a fuke/hoquet/rook.
  10. Not to mention the R word but apparently toynami is releasing theses statesides R branded. BBTS just sent me an e-mail about new cyclones from toynami and i think they are these guys rebranded. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/169667 did these guys ever get a mospeada branded release?
  11. is it me or are the wings WAY too small for the width of the fueselage? just noticed it from this angle.
  12. wow LEK;s 1J is better than even most of his other work! so damn good.
  13. why did they change the windows BACK to blue from the transparent smokey brownish? and as dave mentions...that white paint app is a big WTF. its silver on one face then white on the adjacent one. i'm not OCD but that will bug me and i will need to fix that. bothers me more than the "cat ears" almost. like i could leave it in bot mode i guess but just knowing its white wwill bother me. also i hope somebody makes a slightly better head/helmet for the bot mode. its just off enough to bug me. the rest of the bot looks pretty good though (i don't even mind the kibble on the forearms...it reminds u its a truck!).
  14. probably, but i feel like they have never been on time with anything. lol. i don't mind so much because there is just too much keeping me busy these days but if i were waiting on roy i'd be annoyed.
  15. galvatron right? if it doesn't disassemble into 10,000 indistinct cubes and reassemble to form the alt mode than its not movie accurate. lol
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