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  1. I want a blue diaclone version with some more toy detsils and flava. Mmc has finished trsilbreaker himself for me years ago...this guys silhouette reminds me of a slightly slimmer terragis anyway...but im sure utll be more toonified...hipefully not to p infernos extent.
  2. gotta say i NEVER like the G1 cyclonus toy but this deco and its old g1 toy deco is SO SO SO SO much more interesting than the toon deco we're so used to seeing. i've got kingdom figure but i'm totally getting this. i haven't decided if i'm swapping kingdom out or just making the toon deco his "armada" aka drones in my personal head cannon. this deco rocks. also super excited about the diaclone twintwist deco thats been circulating recently.
  3. I didn't follow the reissue Alto 29. Is there a summary of the issues somewhere?
  4. have to say i love the simple box photos. i wonder if all the worldwide releases will have that emblazened on the box or just this first one. Can't wait to get this....yes its like what about a decade old valk (the renewal version is about that old right?) from an anime from 14 years ago thats been given a new deco but i'm excited because A. it looks awesome and B. world wide release is kinda awesome for a macross toy
  5. Cdjapan order says its in shipping process...excited!
  6. Nice!! So ready for it
  7. Keep in mind, the Yf-19 is a generation newer design than the old yamato YF-21 mold (2008ish or earlier release?). For all its age (is it 6 or 7 years?), the arcadia (yes it was arcadia's first new mold i think in 2014?) yf-19 is still relevant despite the dx chogokin full set release. ITs just as good, just different slightly aesthetically and that difference has everything to do with the way arcadia likes to mold things compared to bandai. the old yf-21 wouldn't be up to whatever bandai decides to put out. it'd need to be redone or updated drastically.
  8. my 2 cents if anyone cares... motormaster: well done hastak designers. the trailer as teh skeleton approach is a good idea and the way they've done it appears superior (conceptually) to the 3P MP versions. its not "G1 MP" so it has the lattitude to do that i guess. wildrider.: a bit lazy IMO, hope it folds up a little better than the promo pics. killer ferrari mode. elita 1: finally an elita 1 thats her own mold and has an alt mode somewhat (though more earthlike) inspired by tthe G1 toon cybertronian car. soundwave: ummm, how about reissue the nextflix one instead? i got one but had to get it from a japanese online store because walmart distro was crap. paint him a little different if thats an issue for walmart. knockout: great use of the jazz mold (way better than that black and yellow abomination of a redeco) with new panels....very nice alt mode. totally getting this and hoping for more prime universe characters. SG MAgnus: don't care for the skull face. the magnus face should have yellow yes though IMO and should also have yellow shin highlights. i think i've bought this mold too many times to fall for it again (siege, OSKO siege with fixes, earthrise)....plus a recent legends 3P release scratches my itch for this style deco. i may cave later but might not. robosen: like how they charging more for the trailer than the base bot. its so much less impressive IMO. i guess they figure if you spent for op, you have enough money to waste on that trailer too. i am....not committing to the trailer.
  9. gotta say i REALLY like that threezero voltron. i think it overall will be better than the SOC. The articulation looks great and knowing threezero level quality in terms of finish - it'll be good there too. i wonder how the feel in hand will be. whiile 5pro carbotix may be the "best" or "definitive" one, the price and not knowing if you'll get a good one or one that falls apart in your hands keeps me from justifiying it. Anyone have 1 (or more) on order? btw TCP has put up the 3zero one for those wanting to pay your taxes when you file 😛 vs. up front. i think i migh tptu a PO in there while the price is what it is...
  10. its a shame. i think they went the old route of releasing limbs and assumed they could get everything together at the end with the main bot (remember tfc hercules and mmc feral rex days?). personally i think they realized it wasn't gonna work so well, hence the delay to try to fix things. at some point they probably realized REALLY fixing it would cost too much or just wasn't possible with the other design decisions they made and management said.....go recoup some of this cost. release it as best you can already. i think GT is upon some harder times. their pretty damn good sideswipe bull didn't sell well (i think you can still get it from some places almost 2 years later). they've been reissuing and redeco'ing everything (Well except their j4zz which i still want!) under the sun from the white magnus ape, to the 2 giftbox sets of their devy (differnet decos), to their blingy TFM menasor release, to the mainly dark traslucent bomber megs...all wtithout releasing anything new except finishing this set out with their hotspot. anyway i guess i'm glad i stopped at streetwise as i was always fine with another finely updated carbot (and he is really good in my opinion) in mp scale. money saved for me i guess but sad this didn't turn out to be the knockout set the early days of these releases made it seem like it might be. at lesat combined mode does look good.
  11. Its odd. the lineart earlier in this thread shows the booster WAY off centerline of the valk, perhaps to avoid the laser poking into it. At least that is how i interpret it. arcadia's model has the booster on the centerline of the valk (which makes more sense honestly).
  12. 5pro looks awesome if you don't get one that breaks. threezero got me more excited though....because try as I might I haven't quite justified $700 bucks. I mean its almost got to transform itself for that price (is robosen listening? lol). threezero is getting pricier these days but they've always delivered decent bang for the buck. there doesn't seem to be any details about it yet though but i bet it will be closer to SOC pricing than 5pro carbotix. also it looks REALLY good.
  13. so is this gonna be PO crazy crap or another world wide release?
  14. when i saw this news (on my fb feed?) i was elated! a new mold from arcadia, compeltely new not a V2 like the SV-51. I HOPE the price is somewhat reasonable. this isn't a huge valk and doesn't look hugely complicated. ITs probabaly the smallest one and probably middling in terms of complexity. hoping for a price better than that of the recent sentinel legioss (i mean its bigger than that but not much and complexity is the same....but the legioss was what i consider overpriced....i still bought em but begrudging the price). Also the single "fast pack" i hope is included. That said, i wish they'd show what the first FEW decos would be. The acqua blue yellow is ok but some others seem better. either way, unless is unreasonable in price (looking at you SV-51!!) I will support this project and hope for repaints.
  15. those reds actually almost match....while i would LOVE a totally new TLEAD/TREAD/Beta, if its totally bonkers in price, maybe i'll just dig out my old red beta and do that. haha. was only planning on getting 1 of the sentintel's anyway. from teh picture it looks just as big or maybe bigger than toynamis? thats just my impressino though...no calculations made.
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