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  1. the chosen prime doesn't charge tax except in state btw guys. just put my order in before heading here to report on it. i feel guilty the bbts email notified me that it was available here stateside not for PO but went to toydojo (sold out) and then TCP to order. haha. if this is the way its gonna be from now on.....thank the macross gods and birdhumans and whatever!
  2. i think i'm gonna skip defensor altogether in MP scale unless XTB's REALLY steps up from their streetwise. really nice alt mode...kinda not a great bot mode, just ok. SHITTY transformation. their first aid looks really good (so far better than mmc's but time will tell). mmc's aesthetics on the defensor set really turn me off though. first aid is clunkier than even their combaticons (like i like most of their combaticons and have all of them but their onslaught bot mode was very badly proportioned and swindle was just too clunky and chunky and IMO pushes the set from MP to somewhere unique and not really fitting anything else) and the alt mode is terribad with painted on windows....which also make defensor's arm look terribad.
  3. if you mean in 2011 when the renewals came out you are about right. with discount i got mine for 10150 yen, that was with amiami's PO discount - not sure on percentage. Assumign that was 10 percent it'd be 11280 yen msrp roughly....so you're right on! then agan, that was in 2011. and sorry i'm gonna be very america centric here but for me what mattered was in 2011 one dollar was about 80 yen so msrp was about $141 for us. today its one dollar being 114 yen so the 22000 price is $192...so yeah its more expensive for me or 1.36X the cost...which is why the "double" comment had me checking. you were basically right but when i converted in my head i was like "yeah under $200 not so bad" and i roughly remembered paying 150ish (really it was less) back in the day. the 1.36X number doesn't even take into account how much more stuff costs in general now then 10 years ago.
  4. i think its blue because max. we've only recently learned he lived at least until during the frontier and delta timeframe. the deco is reminds me of vf-1EX from delta or like you said macross the first. also seeing the old school skull (vs. the sms bullhead skull) on a frontier era valk is cool as hell. WWM? coulnd't care less about it. haha agree macross kite woulda been nice on the wings or something.
  5. Mechapilot77

    Hi-Metal R

    hi metal R LIVES!!! TOMAHAWK!! woohoo!! totally getting that VF-0S phoenix too. not sure i need the vf-1s hikaru. i mean we've gotten the DYRL roy and supers before so at this scale imma call that close enough. if the price isn't horrible though still might get it. the tomahawk i will get 2 though. the phoenix is instabought as well.
  6. Oh my!!!! Worldwide??? No po madness? Sooooo want!!!
  7. i've got frosh light on preorder too but he is more or less gonna be a standalone because like you...i don't have much that goes with him. hmm i do think mmc's roadbuster fits the bill (to a lesser extent maybe kultru, exitus and whatever their roller is called). heck hasbro's roadbuster will wwork too...i think Fansproject roadbuster is a little too far off. you knwo i've been looknig for an excust to get mmc's roadbuster. hahaha
  8. went with cdj this time around (been a while since i used anyone from japan other than amazon japan or a proxy service!), roughly 195 total shipped to the states via EMS FWIW. This will be my first houquet after what like 35+ years? ahha i do hope they improve the headsculpt though or that the aftermarket will take of it if they don't.
  9. Looks like tbey used 4th pic ad main reference? Face is ok but hopefully will be improved. Rest is great!
  10. i'm seriously thinking of getting the newage one or the magic square one in case nobody else ever makes it like this in a bigger scale (i mean WFC is OK for mainline but its kinda an abomination in truck mode and too bulky in bot mode). any thoughts between the two? i think i like the newage one better but the legs are a bit short as is the trailer....hmm. the magix sqaure one is bulkier lookign overall, has a stranger looking trailer though its not super short which is nice. haven't checked the tranforamtino between the two, but i sense newage looks to have some more parts forming? i guess i don't mind that at this scale either.
  11. wow you even save mainline stuff boxes?! i see lots of 'vintage" 3P TFs. haha. are the toys on display somehwre or are there actuallly toys int here still. igear coneheads and con air raprtors FTW. haha
  12. that bbm wheeljack looks decent. the alt mode is a bit busy/full of hinges right before the front wheels but otherwise not bad. i dig the headsculpt and the leg design.
  13. personal opinion? cost. an mp level prime figure will price at around $100 or so (well 2 years ago), likely $130ish (see gravestone). for them to make an armor for that that compresses out of a convincing carrier (the new age and MS look ok but those proportions are wrong for an Mp alt mode) AND have the combined robot not be super oversized the way mp-22 was i think you are looking at a trailer that would need to cost another $130 or so bucks priced out for consumption. $260 ish for an MP magnus from XTB with the "questionable track record"....i don't think they think they can sell that. The all in one likely made sense for cost, size, and the "toon accurate" crew. granted i'd love to see someone tackle a prime in armor. maybe DS/TE or somebody else. heck i'd love for unique and DX9 to rise from their grave and do it.
  14. man if this was ever oversized into WFC/chug scale i'd be all over it. it has a way too short trailer and other issues but at legends scale or even mainline scale i'd overlook it for sure. at mp scale it'd be no sale unless lots of improvements are made but i love the white prime with armor thing...something XTB's awesome looking all in one MP scale guy will never give us.
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