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  1. This looks like it's not line art accurate but for a dx chogokin I'd trade that accuracy for better function and stability. Hope it comes out soon ish finally. I sold my Yamato anticipating this....YEARS ago when they finally did the 19.
  2. This is so beautiful. Keep up the great work. If they ever relaunched a line of modern chunkies they should look like this!!
  3. This better come out and I better be able to get one. Haha. Clearing the purchase calendar for this as I'm sure it won't be cheap (but way cheaper than if arcadia made it that's for sure) ...after 40 years (well I'm American so 37 or so) I AM SO READY!!!!!
  4. Dang...the new matte ish finish is tempting me...i have 2 of the renewals...one with fast pack and one without (well i have the heavy armor for him but never used it). Hoping the yen stays weak. This Dx with supers is gonna cost me less than the R word releases god of flame lol. What kinda world is this!? Lol. Think i am in.
  5. hoping they have fixed the updated mold issues by the time this releases. I can't stop myself from wanting this. like many, g1 jetfire was the path towards macross love for me. i wonder if KC, a licensed robotech toy maker can do this....could threezero (who are doing a 1/72 veritech soon right?)? i bet they won't if they don'tn want to lose all their TF licenses though. lol. damnit, why couldn't takara x bandai by a DX chogokin in jetfire deco? yes there is custom painted dx chogokin option but with that usually comes a delicate paint application and a slightly undesirable feel in hand. its a very bad price since the improvements last time were a step back and since V1 its been a mix of good and bad tolerances etc. ugh....i want to love this and buy it but i feel like its a need to buy it because a better factory made option won't come along anytime soon. i'll be OK double and triple dipping if 3zero and bandai follow suit. lol.
  6. Well its better than the exclusive 2 pack wfc one but thise gigantic hinges still look awful. That being said, this is the retool that shoulda come during wfc with prowl and its alt mode is better. Im not forking over evem more money on this subpar mold though.
  7. re crasher:SO MUCH THIS. I mean i want a 956 based mold. You could repaint it as the machine robo white porsche robo version even if you need a repaint. If its just dragstrip or mirage again....i'm gonna be disappointed. The only others that interest me are.: Leader-class Prime Skyquake. Having the original tfp toy i was always a fan of h is character design. Let's hope this is still cool. Leader-class Armada Megatron. I skipped out on the recent 3pMP vesrion of this guy but a leader class toy would be an easier sell to me...if its not a pile o crap haha.
  8. its correct that g1 toy grimlock was proportionally not as huge as the 3pMP releases. We can thank takara and mp-08 for that direction. also the FT and GP dibots/gigasuars were released in the "hybrid style" MP days and everyone was kinda following takara's lead. i think newage does reflect the toon model proportions and the ex reflects the toy deco mostly. that being said, its the sculpting is i guess the part of the toy that has always carried over but did't to the newage. For instance, look at the robot outside lower legs or the forearms on the newage you posted. they are flat whereas the g1 toy has features molded in...and i think i like that. see this photo of the dibot grimlock (the less toy centric of the mp releases even) from sixo's blogspot . note the sculpting present there. dx9's wat in pocket dinobots have less but still some more sculpted detailing.
  9. totally agree. ymir is gonna have cool deco choices but the sculpt itself is too thin, smooth, and yeah rounded. we are seeing the same thing. to be fair he DOES look a lot like the character model which is thin in the arms, and smooth etc. his color scheme looks like studio ox though...note where the red is for evidence. dinobot toys have always modeled themselves somewhat after the original toys because the original toys were so very popular. the MP ones available all have toy details (from hastak to FT to Gigapower) in some form or another. that was before MP leaned in on "2D to 3D" full toon nonsense though. the DX9 set has a toon color deco but its sculpted much in a way that recalls the MP efforts adn therefore the g1 toys. much like the predacons....most dinobot sets take inspiration more from toy than toon. i'm sure a lot of the full toon guys will like ymir though.
  10. yup if you care about the train mode proportions, length and model train scale takara is the only game in town. if you care more about the bot modes then zeta....errr....i mean moon studios has you covered. i don't care much about raiden so i'm just watching from the sidelines.
  11. totally agree, it doesn't come across as a Max valk to me either (closer to Michael for macross F), kinda hence my hesitancy to PO at first. still including the extra parts and a WWM release for $250 is hard to beat if they don't F up the release. the cockpit color doesn't bother me actually. looks like kappa is cheapest but upfront payment...TCP gonna get a lot of my macross business i guess.
  12. I want a blue diaclone version with some more toy detsils and flava. Mmc has finished trsilbreaker himself for me years ago...this guys silhouette reminds me of a slightly slimmer terragis anyway...but im sure utll be more toonified...hipefully not to p infernos extent.
  13. gotta say i NEVER like the G1 cyclonus toy but this deco and its old g1 toy deco is SO SO SO SO much more interesting than the toon deco we're so used to seeing. i've got kingdom figure but i'm totally getting this. i haven't decided if i'm swapping kingdom out or just making the toon deco his "armada" aka drones in my personal head cannon. this deco rocks. also super excited about the diaclone twintwist deco thats been circulating recently.
  14. I didn't follow the reissue Alto 29. Is there a summary of the issues somewhere?
  15. have to say i love the simple box photos. i wonder if all the worldwide releases will have that emblazened on the box or just this first one. Can't wait to get this....yes its like what about a decade old valk (the renewal version is about that old right?) from an anime from 14 years ago thats been given a new deco but i'm excited because A. it looks awesome and B. world wide release is kinda awesome for a macross toy
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