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  1. Supers for my Roy (from @Skull005) just hit my door this afternoon. Late to the party, but glad I had the chance to get one set. Now just counting down the days to get my hands on that sweet, sweet GBP.
  2. Huge thanks to @Skull005 Smooth and fast transaction. Super fast and cheap shipping also.
  3. Wow. Nice VF-0 vibe. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRiDwlEjY2C/
  4. Lol missed that part I guess. Thanks! The movement seems kinda limited tho. I have super for Yammies and really like how you can push them to the sides.
  5. Quick question: Are the nozzles on the backpack super parts fixed or are they kinda posable?
  6. This dude just landed! Always wanted an Beast Wars Megatron. Almost bite the bullet with the MP but seeing a lot of complaints about quality issues in relation with the price changed my mind I'm quite happy with this one
  7. Check this one out! https://www.instagram.com/p/COuoImvreMy/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. Just woke up to this news from HLJ. Dang!
  9. Can't tell. I know only a little of japanese to read the full article. More pics here https://macrossworld.com/macross/magazines/_magazines_dengekihobby2002-2003.htm
  10. Not juat the hands are a bit oversized. I wonder since when the size of the shoulders started to grow in size. Even the Anrcadia VF 0 reactivate armour has huge shoulders compared to lineart. I have always liked this rendition the most
  11. Could they? Given the specific color on on the boosters and the leg. Also they would need to make those regular releases and not jusy WE. I would like to have some TV parts for my Roy. But I don't see a future where I pay for after market prices just for an accessory.
  12. The only issue I have heard about Amiami is that they will flag you if you cancel a preorder and that some times they charge extra for shipping.
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