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  1. Nope. Just regular releases. And only the original release came with fast packs. If you wanted fast packs for the 21 you had to hunt down the fold booster bundle with pack for both 19 and 21.
  2. You either have a slim and aerodynamic fighter with a skinny batroid mode or a well proportionated batroid mode with an absolute chunk of fighter mode. I wouldn't be too picky. The 21 by far, might, gotta be the most anime magic affected valk.
  3. Froy

    Hi-Metal R

    Weird. I have never seen a product like this with shipping to Mexico.
  4. Froy

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh! So, is this going to be an actual release? Wasn't very sure if I wanted to get some hi metal (since I wasn't able to grab either Max and Miria supers or or Hikaru GBP). Guess this will be a good chance.
  5. Froy

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    I knew there was something odd. Why is Arcadia giving it hard points?
  6. Froy

    Hi-Metal R

    Because of the perspective proportions may look a bit off but it looks to me that the landing gear is longer than the landing gear bay.
  7. Not a huge fan of Transformers but a Lego fan since kid. To be assembled this weekend
  8. Just scored a terrific deal on amazon this weekend. Guess these sets are not that popular here in Mexico. Luna Lander came with 34% off and The Discovery with a whopping 25%
  9. A VF-1S in Kakizaki colors? Now, that is a view.
  10. I'd believe that if this is a official second run, the price should be near MSRP (around 20000 yen) The price for that publication seems to be aftermarket pricing.
  11. VF-1S neck is bigger/widder. VF-1J head won't fit on the S neck. Also I found out that S head is very lose when you put it on the J neck.
  12. Froy

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Not a great fan of M7 valks but I hope this is a small window opening for VA-6.
  13. Since Arcadia was Yamato, lots of VF-1. Does that count?
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