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  1. Check this one out! https://www.instagram.com/p/COuoImvreMy/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. Just woke up to this news from HLJ. Dang!
  3. Can't tell. I know only a little of japanese to read the full article. More pics here https://macrossworld.com/macross/magazines/_magazines_dengekihobby2002-2003.htm
  4. Not juat the hands are a bit oversized. I wonder since when the size of the shoulders started to grow in size. Even the Anrcadia VF 0 reactivate armour has huge shoulders compared to lineart. I have always liked this rendition the most
  5. Could they? Given the specific color on on the boosters and the leg. Also they would need to make those regular releases and not jusy WE. I would like to have some TV parts for my Roy. But I don't see a future where I pay for after market prices just for an accessory.
  6. The only issue I have heard about Amiami is that they will flag you if you cancel a preorder and that some times they charge extra for shipping.
  7. Never mind, kept refreshing my cart on my phone and Got it! (Use your phone!) Just waiting to get the order confirmation mail. Give it a try with your phone.
  8. Oh. I see. I'll stick to HLJ for now (it will narrow my chance a lot but it is the only site I use after NY when side ways). If don't get one there now perhaps I will luckily get one later. Like the VF-1S that miraculously showed up a couple of months ago. Thanks. Got it. Thanks.
  9. One quick question: What is the common procedure? I just make a search in the X web shop? Or they will show up in the front page or what? I remember the day VF 1J was released but fell sleep and when I woke up it wasn't showing in the front page and did a search to find it was already in order stop.
  10. Will the biggest clown hands be like a glove on top of the integrated hands or you have to swap them?
  11. Damn! It is huge. But since O have a 1/48 Yamato I can only imagine the improvement in quality. Pros on Yamato for the detachable missiles.
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