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  1. I like the look of the black heatshield and black option parts.
  2. Certainly didn't want to talk about nor see pics of creepy dolls!!!
  3. I agree... What the hell else would people here on the toy forum be talking about between toy releases!??!
  4. Personally, i don't like using that GERWALK joint for battroid static/standing poses... and i hate how it makes the thigh look like it's broken or something. (Sorry for posting old pics... Sadly, i won't have anything new until this comes out )
  5. Now that's a proper low vis... Yamato really should've gone with something like this for the VF-1S low vis.
  6. It has been mentioned several times here and on other VF-1 threads that Arcadia will be releasing the Super Strike parts... so better start saving up... No definite info on price yet. I'm pretty sure it'll include option parts but i'm curious to see whether or not they'll include the stand.
  7. I'd be interested in a VF-1A Hikaru by Arcadia too since this was never reissued by Yamato with any of the fixes or updates to the v.2... that and i have an extra set of SSPs lying around here somewhere that i could put on it.
  8. Lol... I was thinking the same thing coz i misread "closest" as "coolest"... that one is definitely a cooler pose for the old 19.
  9. Guess i'm not one of those members... I was only looking to get back what I paid for it and not lose any money. I had it displayed since i bought it and enjoyed it while it was part of my collection... I was just paranoid it would start yellowing soon coz of how white it was and save myself the same disappointment i felt when my 1/48 VF-1J (my first ever valk) started yellowing last year. I guess that's another issue with the 1/48s... older product - older plastic - more prone to yellowing.
  10. Personally, i would sit tight and see what happens after Arcadia releases their initial VF-1 offerings... unless it's a very, very good deal and you don't mind not getting the option parts. Btw, i just sold that same valk (displayed, never transformed) for $120... so, $150 may be a tad much, imo... Just when the Yamato panic started i was still able to get a Hikaru 1S 30th Anniv. Ed. for $125. The new Arcadia DYRL VF-1S is going for 14,400JPY at amiami, roughly $150 (w/out shipping) and it comes with the option parts and a stand. As for the Super/Strike parts, those are technically for DYRL VF-1s... You will need the TV ver. Super Parts for the TV Focker. It will obviously fit on the valk, but if you're anal about these things, it might bother you some.
  11. I remember seeing a couple of pics with some broken diecast parts and a couple of members with missing fins... But yeah, nothing to panic about.@kyrie - protip: you can generally be patient getting Yamato/Arcadia regular releases but if it's a web exclusive and you decide you really want it, better preorder it coz its price is only going to go up. Can't decide if i want this YF-19 to be a web exclusive or regular release... I think Isamu's ride is popular enough for Arcadia to decide for it to be a regular release.
  12. Can't decide if i'll get this or wait for a TV Roy... Only Roy i have left is my worn down DYRL 1S after I recently sold my TV ver. coz of paranoia over it yellowing... It's just too damn white!
  13. Off the top of my head... no oversized gullet, new transformation similar to Yamato VF-19s (so shorter Battroid), everything is flush in fighter mode - no gaps, chest locks, GERWALK locks, and that awesome looking high speed configuration... i may have missed something... Oh, better articulated hands.
  14. Seller is from here... What I hope is that the one who got it won't just flip it.
  15. I just love that yellow nose cone on the Elint. (just finished dusting off my virgin Elint. )
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