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  1. It was $115, if I recall correctly. I think it is a similar to paying for it at retail price with shipping (at current shipping costs) to the US, but I could be wrong.
  2. Just saw the Klan VFG at my local Hobbytown USA. Here's to more Macross stuff in the states!
  3. Hey everyone, I just panel lined my YF-29 and want to top coat it. I have a Mr. Premium rattle can, and I am trying to figure out what position the model should be when topcoating. My current thoughts are propping it on the given stand in Gerwalk mode and masking the stand so the stand doesnt get sprayed. Any input?
  4. Is anyone here getting the movie VF-31 kit? Would like to know if they improved anything from the previous release. On another note, a Bandai Kairos kit would be an instant buy for me.
  5. Wonder if this VF-31 release will still have that awful gold plastic syndrome in the ABS gold H runner ...
  6. Are the VF-1J DYRL Hikaru KOs out of stock? Can't find one in the above posting or on eBay.
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