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  1. Droll. I meant their two divisions.
  2. Can someone explain their reasons for the two arms again?
  3. I wouldn't worry. They've had a fairly decent track record for awhile now (Other than pricing).
  4. Wish there was an official finished price in that announcement.
  5. $10, and a stick of chewing gum!
  6. That's why I said "in beige".
  7. I thought a European "No Entry" road sign in beige, myself.
  8. In the end, what do you expect to spend if they still have them? ...and yes, I wonder if you could pick up two. 😉 EDIT: Maybe a pair of gloves too. 😄
  9. As of today, what the lowest price going (shipped to the USA) that's still available, or at least fluctuating?
  10. LunaPark standard just said FedEx just picked them up, but that tracking numbers won't be available until Monday.
  11. I have in the Arcadia thread, but I'd be overjoyed if we got a HMR or DX version...or even that self-transforming one (which I know now I'll never afford).
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