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  1. I'd believe that if this is a official second run, the price should be near MSRP (around 20000 yen) The price for that publication seems to be aftermarket pricing.
  2. VF-1S neck is bigger/widder. VF-1J head won't fit on the S neck. Also I found out that S head is very lose when you put it on the J neck.
  3. Froy

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Not a great fan of M7 valks but I hope this is a small window opening for VA-6.
  4. Since Arcadia was Yamato, lots of VF-1. Does that count?
  5. Got curious about this. Just tried removing them from my Fockker. No issues. I remember having trouble back then with the 1/48 Yammies. DX is way easier, or is just my copy. VID_20220206_192522.mp4
  6. Just ask your friend if is a first release. If it is open ask him to check the the biceps. On the first run of the biceps just exploded for no reason and to make the things worse you only noticed it when handled the toy just to find the arms to be loose as hell. (A part that slide over the biceps during transformation hide this issue) http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=1673 There is the listing for the releases. After the original release there are 2 more. You can identify the release by the box art.
  7. Sure is a delight to see them together. And side by side you couldn't tell there is a 15 years gap between both designs. It is just me or Bandai pilot figures are a bit small?
  8. Taking some time to clean the old Yammie. I also trying to get a nice back ground to shoot some comparison pics Also, didn't remember how loose and fiddly the Yamato is.
  9. Got some time to play with my combo. So far zero issues. Only found out that the left shoulder and the socket for the left hand are a bit loose (not to the point of compromising posability) A minor inconvenient (almost had a haert attack), missile cover just fell off while installing the leg parts. It just needed a little bit more glue at the factory. Easy fix.
  10. Something cool going thru the instructions. On the first page on how to install the armor parts the first step is on switching the heads. But on the part about transforming from battroid to fighter. The first step is switching the heads again. Is some part of the visor actually ejected with the rest of the armor? Or it is just anime magic?
  11. I'm in Mexico. For all the years I have being buying from over seas it is the 3rd time I pay taxes. As far as I know only 10% of all packages that go thru customs are acutally checked and charged some taxes.
  12. Just picked mine up from post office. Customs charged me an extra $66 USD Anyways, I was expecting to be a bigger box. Also is a little heavier than I thought
  13. Holy! I should be picking up mine from the post office. I can't tell with all certain for now but the pieces seem not to be mirrored except for the place of the peg. It may be an easy fix if you can't get a replacement. Check the side conectors.
  14. Sounds like the infamous B tab on the Yamato 1/72 FY-19
  15. I think he mean this one. In some videos you can see they push to hard on it
  16. Man. HLJ now taking its time to get my combo shipped. Any one still waiting from them?
  17. Just got charged by HLJ. Only EMS available for now to Mexico. They charged me 8680 yen for the GBP combo and 2 other small items.
  18. Shoulder armor seems to be wider on the DX. Are they?
  19. HLJ in stock date is 09-30. Hope it is sooner. The waiting is killing.
  20. I remember that one. Isn't the chest armor barely balancing on top of the chest plate? You can see on the bottom near the waist armor that is not fully pushed back.
  21. I remember Yamato toys to be super cheap (compared to today's standards). Arcadia toys price tags just skyrocketed for some of the same molds. I don't know how much that set would cost if released today.
  22. For the price tag I would love all the micro missiles bo be removable
  23. A bit can be seen here. Seems to be vents.
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