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  1. BlueMax

    1/55's revisited

    I am not sure what you meant by "typical toy store" in Singapore, but I know for sure that they were carried by major department stores with toy departments, as well as smaller stores (at least in the Bukit Timah areas of Beauty World and Bukit Timah shopping Center (Where Yaohan was)) circa mid 80s. Not just the 1/55s, also the 1/100s and the all plastic versions (we could get them at 7-11. Some of them were sold with a modified backpack as a pencil sharpener) almost like the later Banprestos. During my Primary 1 days at least ('87), classmates would routinely bring the all plastic versions to school to show off. I bought a strike VF-1S between somewhere 86 - 88. It was placed together with Jetfire in the toy section in a department store in Woodlands Central (near the Causeway). I cannot remember whether it was NTUC (more likely) or Emporium though. I can remember they were sold side by side because my same aged cousin was trying to convince me to get the Jetfire, because he was more a TF fan, and I primarily a Macross fan, and in the end, he got Jetfire, and I got the Strike 1S. I have absolutely no doubt Yaohan carried them, at least between 85-87. Their toy department in the 80s were an absolute heaven. I would literally tell my parents to just leave me there to watch the dept's VCR showing cartoon episodes of the toys they were selling while they went about grocery shopping.
  2. Thats right. I'm one of those burnt by them
  3. I couldn't have said this better myself. I could have sworn that movie planning committee realised what a pile of dung they were putting out, and they brought back OG charracters to salvage the movie..... and even then, they did this in a very lazy manner. They writers simply gave Max a blue 29 because didn't know what plane to give Max, what kind of lazy writing is this?!? I could say the same for many things that happened in this movie.... they all happened because of either fan service, or simply out of the blue, without proper reasons. Minus the OG characters (I thought the Archivist was very poorly animated.... straight out of a B game) and The Jenius doing what he does best, Kawamori would have turned me off future Macross anime projects for a while. At this point I agree that Kawamori needs to take a break from DIRECTING Macross, and simply focus on mecha design. I can understand why the pages for Delta simply aren't updated. Delta was simply too lacklustre to get long time fans fired up over.
  4. Same reasoning for why there are 2 sets of eye cameras/ visors
  5. Actually plastic of ANY color can yellow. The question is only whether it is obvious or not.
  6. Even if you can find any link, I seriously wouldnt recommend it. These particular ones as as of now, vaporware. The KO 1Ss and M&M are still readily available a couple of years after release, so no reason to think why these guys would hard to get, if they are ever released. TLDR: No point POing these
  7. BlueMax

    Hi-Metal R

    Finally some proper TV arm armors!
  8. BlueMax

    Hi-Metal R

    In his sarcasm-fueled imagination. 😂
  9. The latter (though once their allocation limit is reached, it will close). The only catch is that you need to pay for it upfront.
  10. Angels Birds PO at B I J https://www.biginjap.com/en/completed-models/27522-macross-dx-chogokin-vf-1a-valkyrie-angel-birds.html
  11. Probably the most affordable DX VF-1 so far, given the current yen rate. Would prefer if it was the CF though, most of us would be down for multiples.
  12. The plastics used for this and the shoulder joints look similar. And given the the shoulder joints are heavy-load bearing joints, it could be another potential point of failure a few years later.
  13. The prudent thing to do, in my humble opinion, is to get the still easily available armors at reasonable prices, like right now. Hedge yourself against the real possibility that you might get screwed over by them. If they do come through, then good for you, and you can still let go of your extra armor at little or even no loss.
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