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  1. For sale is the Bandai DX Chogokin VF25A from Macross Frontier. It is factory sealed, unopened. Stored in a cool, dry place. There is some shelf wear and creases but overall the packaging is in good shape (please refer to photos). Shipping only to the USA right now. Any questions please ask. $250 Plus Shipping and Paypal fees
  2. Sorry wrong place please delete
  3. Just bumping because it's been a while.
  4. I'm in the states so no import taxes and with BBTS offering $4 flat rate shipping $225 total isn't bad at all. I'll take that. I may start to look at other US stores in the future but I'm fine with that deal for now.
  5. Are people pissed that stayed up during pre-order madness whether they scored or not? Now those guys must be cancelling orders left and right. I mean they'd be paying higher shipping fees if they didn't.
  6. Yeah, same here. Got back into this from being out for a while. Back when I originally collected Yamato was just starting out and things were pretty easy to get. Stopped right before Bandai started doing Frontier. I'm just going to wait until release time and see if I can score then. I was able to the the VF-1J armor and Valk set pretty easily for only a slight markup using that strategy.
  7. Damn, I need this in my life. Thank God there won't be any pre-order madness nonsense with this.
  8. Yeah I'd consider paying about $650-$700 altogether figure included because I can respect the amount of time the artist spent painting it but that's where my limit would be and that's only if I was totally in love with it.
  9. That's a beautiful custom. Wish I could spare that kind of cash but it's too rich for me.
  10. Not sure if this will happen to you but when I tried to pre-order from them I had the item in my cart, completed the checkout process and paid for the item only to have them tell me the next day they couldn't fulfill the purchase. I had to tell them to refund me which they dragged their feet on. I won't order from them again because of that.
  11. Damn wow. Some might call this a problem. I call it dedication.
  12. Yup, I gotta work in the morning and I'd rather have a good nights sleep even if I was guaranteed that I would get one if I stayed up.
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