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  1. Is the YF-30 really that bad? I've been trying to decide whether or not to get one. I love the way it looks but am concerned with the issues it has that I've read about.
  2. I've been liking the look of the Maruyama version of these but all these stories scare me away from buying one. Hoping one day they'll do a reissue with improvements but it's probably wishful thinking.
  3. Just purchased mine! Glad I was able to get it at a more reasonable price. I ended up going with DHL. It wasn't much more than Fedex anyway. Hopefully the wait isn't too long. I never got the original VF-1J so I'm good with this. Thanks for the info. Sqidd
  4. Yeah, they were pretty nice and durable. They wanted you to play fight with them. The hilt does look awesome. I'll probably end up getting it.
  5. So which is the better option in terms of getting your stuff delivered undamaged? DHL or FedEx? Wasn't sure you had a better chance than the other of it arriving safely.
  6. LOL great meme. Good to know. I'll have to weigh that into my decision when I decide whether or not I get one. I was hoping it was of the same quality as the old Master Replicas FX sabers.
  7. Oh damn, I've been eyeing that sucker. I too would like to be the ruler of Mandalore. 😲
  8. Tried to negotiate a deal for a better price but no luck 🙁
  9. I actually didn't even look at the DHL/Fedex prices because the EMS wasn't really that much. The item was small, just an armor set for my VF-25 Alto. I imagine it wasn't that much of a difference.
  10. Isn't EMS back to being an available option for international shipping or did they cancel it temporarily again because of Covid? I just bought something from Mandrake within the last month and it arrived in just under a week. I thought SAL was the one that's still suspended for the time being.
  11. I'll keep an eye out and let you know if one pops up. Thanks, it's been a busy couple of weeks. Slowly getting all the old Valks I've been wanting. Eventually, I'll be able to just focus on new releases.
  12. Thanks @ValkAddict got it from Jungle. Been looking for one of those for a while now. Finally found one new and unopened.
  13. Ordered from Jungle and used SAL mail. Ordered on the May 22nd and it arrived yesterday. So approximately 11.5 weeks. I thought for sure it would take longer since I read they were cancelling SAL for anything past the end of April but not horrible considering the state of things right now.
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