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  1. Nice. Hopefully I am able to get one some day so that if I have to adjust the joints it'll be easy.
  2. Was it a pain in the a$$ getting to the screws to loosen them?
  3. I love reading that other collectors do some of the same things that I do. Makes me feel like I'm not alone in my freaky toy collecting.
  4. Little stuff like that doesn't bother me that much. But I guess with what they cost there should be better QC for stuff like that. I worry more about breakage and the moveable pieces working properly. Also fit and finish.
  5. These storage pics are incredible. Are you guys able to display any of these? Seems like too many to really be able to display effectively unless you have them all over the house/apartment 😄. Which I'd be all for doing but doesn't seem like a good idea
  6. Gotcha, thanks for the clarifiaction 👍
  7. So this new reissue is worse than the original release? I'm asking because I considered trying to get a PF version.
  8. There's definitely hope then, fingers crossed.
  9. It seems like they save their Premium Finish versions for the more popular hero Valks, like Roy's, Hikaru, Isamu etc. Though the did do the Elintskeer so I suppose there's a possibility they'd do a PF for this one.
  10. Can't wait to get this. It's been a while since I bought a Yamato/Arcadia Valk.
  11. That don't look bad to me either. Honestly most people wouldn't even notice or care about that. But for the price I understand why you would want it to fit nice and tight.
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