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  1. I ended up cancelling my pre-order after seeing all these issues. I can always get one if I change my mind since it seems to be available in quite a few places. I already have the renewal Alto and Ozma anyways.
  2. Beautiful display. I wish I had the room for a large case like that.
  3. Damn, wish I had a spare room like that. Looks great!
  4. If they rule time can I blame them for things taking so long? 😄
  5. Looks fantastic with those super strike parts!
  6. Damn I want this bastard! Soooo pretty.
  7. Looking at these are making me want to get the Hot Toys 1/6 version. I love the look of the character.
  8. I remember when those first came out. I had wished that I didn't have to pass on them. I ended up getting the Low Vis instead. But didn't have the cash for both. Nice score though. They'll look awesome when you have them set up.
  9. As long as they stay away from the Macross toys
  10. Is it just the arm cannons not fitting snug that is the problem or are there other issues with this and the Hayate? Are there pics anywhere of the other problems?
  11. Good. Scalpers can go screw themselves. Some of those guys are smoking crack with those asking prices.
  12. Are the issues you guys are talking about that bad? So far this is the only VF-31AX I've wanted to get. I just don't want to get irritated spending that much money and it's floppy or popping out of position all the time.
  13. That's a pretty sweet lineup @chriswoo
  14. The box is very classy looking. I love it. Much more sophisticated than the usual.
  15. It's because they're going to announce Max's VF-1S for the next WWM release. At least that's what I like to tell myself.
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