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  1. Ahh Gotcha. I didn't know that the whole pre-order madness thing was a more recent phenomena.
  2. So I'm just curious. It's well known how difficult it is to obtain these when they're first up for pre-order. How were you able to get multiples? It seems like just getting one is hard.
  3. Yeah I'd definitely be down for that one. I love my VF-0S PF. It's a beauty.
  4. At some point it would seem like the shipping will cost as much as the toy itself. Well hopefully we'll start seeing more US retailers carrying Bandai and Arcadia stuff so we don't have to get bent over for overseas shipping.
  5. Cool. Hopefully the GBP set drops like that when it comes out.
  6. I haven't heard the term "SHMUP" in years! My favorite types of games
  7. @xoxokinThis is visually appealing for both it's number of Valk's and for giving my Obsessive/Compulsive tendencies their fix for the day.
  8. I'm of the same mind as you @M'Kyuun I prefer the super packs as well. I have an Ozma renewal with super packs and I much prefer that sleeker look. I plan to get a Alto renewal, hopefully soon, and I'll get the super packs for him as well. I'm not a big fan of the armor. Too busy for me.
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