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  1. That price will be the low end once some of the regular retailers list them for a second time. I went with them as well. Slept good to.
  2. AE it is...I think. I put in cart purchased it, internet went weird. When I went back in it was in my orders but I hadn't paid for it. I did after receiving the email. But, after doing that the armor went to "Sold out." Here's for hoping. I haven't had any issues with AE in the past.
  3. Anyone got the skinny if the reissue AFC-01H has fixed some of the previous issues? BBTS for me on this one just now. Know its a little bit more then the YJ, but want to support a local head to help keep the food on the table.
  4. Hmmm. I am reading in the thread that Amazon is cancelling orders. Although I have had success with them in the past shipping to the states. I have an inquiry someone here may be able to provide insight to me on. I am looking at getting an Exia version. I know theres a ton. I want to also get the METAL BUILD Option Parts set, but wan to make sure it is the Avalanche version that this set goes to. Theres so many Exia versions, and I only want one version. Preferably the beefier over all Avelanche. Just want to make sure I am not purchasing anything more then whats needed.
  5. MAN! Those look awesome! Thats how you deck out a shelf.
  6. Thanks @BroTaku79 and @wmkjr Both great MW dudes. +1 for tight Comms along the way.
  7. Bump. Any custom made would work as well.
  8. +1 for @wmkjr. Great communication and speedy payment. TY again.
  9. +1 for @Reni. Quick payment and awesome comms. Glad the package arrived and hope you enjoy them!
  10. If anyone has some extra or they do not want theirs, or someone has made some water slide version please let me know.
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