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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. Mine from HG doesn't even show as being shipped at all as of yet. But I did order the Destroid Tomahawk from them, and that arrived.
  2. This is what I do as well. And I found that Yahoo ( i know its dated) has been the fastest response from when someone posts here to when I receive the email.
  3. Yeah I was and still am really looking forward to the VF-1A Mass Pro.
  4. Good catch!!! Didn't even think about that. I was not expecting this release. Been away and just trolling chats lately. But I'm happy about it as I was worried about the DX 1/48 line.
  5. If its made by Moshow, that may not be the case. Their releases are solid. Some of their most recent figures are bangers. Now if we have the option to remove them I may be in for one as I missed the previous Sentinel releases.
  6. Yeah, the Arkim Knight head gear needs to go.
  7. Am I seeing Moshow Toys? As in the Moshow that started with knock off of Gundams. Their toys admittedly (IMO) have been pretty damn solid.
  8. I went as far as purchase and stated is 218.00. I assume that's before the shipping costs. But that's what the total was for the item. Edit: I ordered it from AE, paid (PayPal receipt and deduction from account shows it as such) , but now (for the first time in my experience) it doesn't show any item ordered, or in the ready to pay shipping or shipped tab. Ticket sent. I have had great experiences with AE on all my other purchases so I assume it will get sorted.
  9. @sqidd Whats the Over/Under for success chance because at the rate of success I may also becoming a collector of a bad liver.
  10. Up on Gundamit. 198.00USD. Little high for my tastes. But shows as being available and in stock.
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