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  1. https://gundamit.com/ccs-toys-mortal-mind-neon-genesis-evangelion-anima-final-model_p2161.html Gundamit has it. Best price I've seen so far. Have used ShowZ countless times.
  2. Thanks for the clarification @Anasazi37 Side note but related to Yoyaku. The card I used has a different address then my shipping address. I didn't make that change and ordered. I realize this, sent an email to have them change it and got a billing confirmation followed by an email that stated " We have updated your billing address being different then the shipping address and have your purchase secured. We will notify you with the shipping costs once the item is received." To me anyways, that's a good sign. Or it could be that now that they have the billing address they will be able to chargee and take the money and run. I jest.
  3. It "should" be up sometime tonight. My time int he Midwest would be 0100 if u are in the US https://hobby-genki.com/en/dx-chogokin/29076-dx-chogokin-vt-1-super-ostrich-the-super-dimension-fortress-macross.html https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/dx-chogokin/115094-dx-chogokin-macross-do-you-remember-love-vt-1-super-ostrich-limited-edition-bandai-spirits-.html This one isn't posted yet but I have had tons of success from Anime Export https://www.anime-export.com/
  4. Oh on peoples orders...look up what status you are. Mine says Status 2...so maybe their second wave of purchase they secured? Just a thought. Or it could mean something different and I am just an idiot
  5. Welp I will go down or succeed with the rest. I got order confirmation and says "Out of stock" as soon as I went back? Is that like AE when you are limited to only 1?
  6. There numbers on how many they have left keep fluctuating...down to 3 up to 7 up to 9 down to 3. How?
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