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  1. Back in last September, they canceled one of my pre-order and gave me store credit. I tried to contact them to get full refund, but no answers. Also they removed online customer service chat and killed most of their old image server for product. Probably that's when they decided to bail out. ....And that's when I stopped ordering and spent my store credit to buy in stock item. I was one of few who was lucky enough to receive the Kairos...So I consider myself lucky with NY
  2. It seems like the well known figure/toy company acquired the Robotech (Macross) license via Harmony Gold/Funimation. While I don't want to give any money to HG, Threezero is established toy company making a bunch of Transformer figures and other Anime figures. Something to keep an eye out for.... Probably it's gonna be non-transform action figure type Their website
  3. 2-3 month Ferry Ground/Surface Shipping is about $15-$20 from Japan to US - and that's the cheapest. All EMS option is on hold until Pandemic eases out - hopefully later this year? DHL and Fedex are mostly the only option ATM and they usually cost around $50 +
  4. NY pre-order came up @14,100 yen. https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/34414-macross-dx-chogokin-armored-parts-set-for-vf-1j-limited-edition.html Are we still boycott mode?
  5. X-mas came 2 days late!
  6. Technically yes. But they are selling you what they don't have yet. - which WILL result in shortage and cancelling orders when the TWE site sells out. It happened before few times - and it wasn't pretty
  7. These shops not keeping their embargo rules... I don't know...They used to have some decency. Maybe I'm getting old
  8. I've used BigInJapan like 10 years ago. They delayed my pre-order shipment 3 months and I canceled my order. They black-listed me now So I guess all these small Japanese online shops are pretty bad in different ways overall......
  9. Thanks for the reply on NinNin info -(LOL! not much info about NinNin while only I got negative info about NpponYasan ) Anyways, The Tamashi info says " 予約受付開始:2020年12月25日 16時" -------------So it's 12/24 11PM in California
  10. Never ordered from NinNin before. How is it compare to Nippon Yasan? Random order cancellation due to product shortage? Outrageous shipping? Combine items to save on shipping? ..etc
  11. Got one @AE. I was checking NY. They are adding 1 new item every 10 min starting with character items. Probably another 20 min or so, it will appear.
  12. Got one from AmiAmi after 5 min per page loading of 4-5 pages. G-night - going to bed now
  13. Breaking Embargo rule get you in deep trouble - even in Japan. They should know that..
  14. Low viz now listed on BBTS. Also SSDC exclusive Stealth version price went up $40...
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