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  1. I went as far as purchase and stated is 218.00. I assume that's before the shipping costs. But that's what the total was for the item. Edit: I ordered it from AE, paid (PayPal receipt and deduction from account shows it as such) , but now (for the first time in my experience) it doesn't show any item ordered, or in the ready to pay shipping or shipped tab. Ticket sent. I have had great experiences with AE on all my other purchases so I assume it will get sorted.
  2. @sqidd Whats the Over/Under for success chance because at the rate of success I may also becoming a collector of a bad liver.
  3. Up on Gundamit. 198.00USD. Little high for my tastes. But shows as being available and in stock.
  4. Man I am so sorry @sumyumgoy. I have been just not buying much lately as I have been dedicated on getting as much debt except my monthly mortgage taken care of. @vladykins Thank you for the heads up.
  5. I have heard very similar @sqidd. Just gets exhausting doing the right thing and getting more and more of the income I earn taxed to oblivion. And new ways to punish those who have most likely already paid tax on purchases, also being taxed now on the back end if they decide to sell it, not under F&F.
  6. The fact that the Fed is initiating a "Task Force" to establish taxation regulations is enough info for me to know that they see it as a direct threat to the monetary system that exists. They seem to think its real enough for certain. Now, in regards to its longevity, it is uncertain for sure. If the Fed is successful on taxing it to oblivion, then its long term viability is definitely in question.
  7. They're setting up a task force as a sub division of the FBI to start going after crypto currency now as well. Move along folks...nothing to see here.
  8. Yep. Gonna get a third party to hold cash, check or money order and release both the toy and payment once received. Pay shipping 2 times or get grilled for taxes in items we already payed taxes on. Unbelievable. And frankly disgusting.
  9. So paying taxes on the front end doesn't prevent you from paying them on the back end..what a fricking joke this nation is turning into.
  10. Am I impatient, or has this lines development been slow lately? I'm jonesing for a new reveal.
  11. https://okini.land/en/26528-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-use-bandai-spirits.html
  12. I just re read Dragon Lance Chronicles as well as the Twin series. Very good books. Finished Starlight Enclave and awaiting the next in that Drizzt series. I also decided to read the first 6 Dune books. Great series
  13. Drizzt Series. All 32 if them. Some are better then others but overall a good series that'll keep you busy for a while.
  14. I don't mind mine. Just lose it and leave it alone is all I did. Change pose every now and again. Is Bandai ever going to release this? I doubt it myself.
  15. Yeah. I scored the first glossy version. It's a metal skelly and snap on parts. Not all but much of it. I think the second release it had an actual molded box with plastic trays. Parts fall off a lot.
  16. Here it is. Got it out of hiding. No, I wish I had a good Ghost set up. But sadly no. And I do clearly remember my X girls sister telling me she got it from theater. I didn't see it at the theaters that she went to, to see it
  17. The last poster. I have the holographic version. Got it way back when from an ex girlfriends sister who managed to get a few when she went to see it in theaters. I'll have to dig through my poster roles I have. But I know I have it. Along with some of the other prints on the first page.
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