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  1. I'll probably double dip on this. Really like the matte finish. #BandaiGotMe
  2. Great shot @Angesdad! Looks sweet! I wonder how long it will be able to hold that pose before the hip joints give out. Guess I am being negative about the YF-29 ....
  3. ^ Fair enough. I own 2x YF-29s and while I love the design, I'm holding off on getting anymore. Same for the VF-31AX, I only have the one (Bogue) and it has QC issues. Won't be getting anymore of them either ... except if they release the grey low-viz version (as shown in the anime renders. And I am sorry to hear about your issues. ^ Sorry to hear. I also got the 30th Fokker YF-29 - transformed and left in battroid for about 6 months. When I finally went to "play with it", hips and arms were loose AF. Baaaaannnnnddddaaaaaiiiiii !!!!! (screamed like Kirk did to Khan in ST2) - LOL
  4. The shoulder cover on my Ozma YF-29 broke on my 2nd transformation. The clip that holds the cover broke. Really disappointing.
  5. Thanks! and you as well @505thAirborne - appreciate the help!
  6. Wow, nice collection @Darotower EDIT: Is that a custom grey low-viz in the middle, 2nd last row? I thought Yamato only released that in 1/48 scale?
  7. I also skipped this. Love the overall look of the 29 - but the fragile shoulders and loose hips = easy pass. The two that I own stay in fighter mode because of this.
  8. Belated thank you. I am able to connect the wind pegs into the legs, but they don't stay connected, thus making the legs (and overall fighter) just too damned loose. Frustrating.
  9. ^ Wow, that underbelly is looking really chunky. Not sure about fighter mode ....
  10. I've only successfully pre-ordered a few times, all through HobbyLink Japan. Expensive, but reliable. Good luck!
  11. Can anyone provide any tips on how to connect the wing clips to the legs (area in red)? I am unable to connect these at all - making fighter mode with the 31AX super parts floppy and unstable. I've tried my best ti fiddle with the legs and bending them slightly at the knees (like the VF-1) but no luck. TIA.
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