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  1. ^ This. I feel seen. LOL. Thank for making me feel better, knowing that I am not the only one with the nerd frustration. I was lucky enough to get Ozma's armor set for $300 brand new last year, but am still on the hunt for Alto's armor set.
  2. Very nice display (and collection) @Grey728!!
  3. Thank you @no3Ljm for collecting and posting the pics!! Great work and very appreciated!!
  4. Yes. I am leaning towards the "green" 06 version.
  5. Has Big West released the VF-31AX paint schemes for the entire Delta wing yet? If yes, could someone please post pics? I'm in for maybe 1 or 2, but not the entire squad. My toy budget can't handle it. I was leaning towards the "green" 06 paint scheme.
  6. Slightly jealous of those of you who've gotten the VF-1D. Please keep posting pics. I finally got one from evilBay - but won't get it until mid-Aug.
  7. ^ This 100% - Please Bandai
  8. ValkAddict

    Macross figures

    This is pretty cool! I may actually buy my first KC figure!
  9. And there's also the whole COVID-19 outbreak increasing in Tokyo ... https://www.japantimes.co.jp/liveblogs/news/coronavirus-outbreak-updates/
  10. LOL Also, this eBay seller is on crack, $913 Buy-it-now? Nope. https://www.ebay.com/itm/304075235630?hash=item46cc4be12e:g:BREAAOSwvX9g-D~a
  11. The gun and special pack cannon are HUGE. Almost disproportionately so ... not feeling it.
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