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  1. Welcome back to the fold @f-valk ; I can relate as I got "back" into Macross last summer during the pandemic lockdowns. It all started while I decided to re-watch Frontier ... so I know the feeling. "I keep trying to get out ... but they keep pulling me back in" - LOL
  2. ^ Famous last words. LOL. Once you get one, you'll get sucked into the valkyrie collecting vortex ....
  3. ValkAddict

    Macross figures

    Thanks for the great detailed explanation @eggy99 - really informative. And I appreciate it. I like the Megahouse Macross 7 statues - but they cost almost the same price as MSRP for a valk ... and they don' t transform. @no3Ljm - I own a few Banpresto statues and they seem decent to me.
  4. ValkAddict

    Macross figures

    At least these two statues seem reasonably priced, unlike the forthcoming Macross 7 statues ... *sigh*
  5. Potentially exciting times ahead for Macross collectors outside of Japan!! And hopefully this screws the Macross scalpers. #ANewHope
  6. ^ Ditto for me on both points
  7. One available at Mandarake for 28,000 - go, go, go!! https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1177641958&ref=list&keyword=macross&lang=en
  8. ^ Still hoping Arcadia ....
  9. ^ Preach!!! I'm dealing with similar BS from an eBay seller right now. Bought the item and paid immediately. They generate a tracking number the next day. However, the tracking number does not work .... until 10 days later (yesterday). Frakken BS. Hopefully the item will arrive in 2 weeks.
  10. Like others have said, the Delta VF-31 Bandai DX Chogokin is a much more solid, stable toy compared to the VF-25s. Joints seems to be much tight and do not loosen. I would highly recommend adding at least one VF-31 to your collection.
  11. FYI @pengbuzz - Premium Finish for the VF-0D had a completely different weathered paint scheme. It is gorgeous.
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