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  1. Caution @Metaphor322 when using Buyee. They have many, many surcharges. I've used Buyee twice to buy small items. And the handling and shipping costs were pretty expensive. So overall I don't think it was very cost efficient to use Buyee IMHO.
  2. Wow @Lolicon ... some significant package damage. 😮 😮 😮
  3. ^This 100%.
  4. Very nice score @Sanity is Optional - congrats!!
  5. I'd be ok with another delay in the YF-19 reissue release. Allows me to save more $$.
  6. I feel like the Macross 40th anniversary has been a bit underwhelming ... where are all the cool merchandise and toys??
  7. I believe you're right, as reported on Twitter, Translation: Fighter As usual, the pin of the main wing and the lock of the leg do not fit, so I have to scrape it ... The emblem on the back is beautifully printed, but if you move the container, it will be bald. There was no correction mark of the painting mistake on the nose part of the Hayate aircraft this time.
  8. The Max YF-29 looks sexy AF, but how long will the hips keep that pose? Maybe 3 months? Then they become loose AF. 😐
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