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  1. Can't believe I managed to score one off Amiami. Not the first time but with so few reliable sources and server issues. I'm glad it went through
  2. i'm not sure how Moducase sells it overseas (understand he sells it through Sideshow). In Singapore where he's based he sells the inner shelves which can be attached to the rack. The're thick though
  3. The only way I can see it working is if you buy the in-display shelves as each case is very tall. If you are displaying most of them in fighter mode, I'd imagine you can do multiple tiers in 1 case itself since it's height adjustable.
  4. You could probably check out their Facebook page. They post many photos of their display jobs. https://www.facebook.com/ModularCase Do share your pics once you've got yours set up, as I'm looking to get one myself
  5. I saw the X-Base in Akihabara, but they were too expensive to justify buying. I did get a Chinese knock off version like the Gomo, and they work nicely, but you pretty much have to have the item on the base (that's how it works). But I also noticed the chinese knock off one heats up if you leave it on for too long, so I think it's near for occassionally plugging in, snapping a few shots and that's it. Not as a permanent display. I was thinking of using them on my Valks thrusters
  6. Thanks, my man! I still needed at least 1 more for my other DYRL Valks.
  7. yeah i'm not sure why and when it happened, but it started happening late last year I think. It was a massive PITA whenever I had issues from the card, and it appears they refuse to fix anything.
  8. I've had this problem quite often recently. Basically, Amazon Japan's system is a bit messed up in that if your payment doesn't go through, they won't allow you to revise payment (heck they mostly have issues with revising payments even for preorders). The worst part is, during this window, they DO NOT hold your items. Any stocks in their inventory goes out to whoever snaps it up. So you may think your item is being held while you try to resolve this, but there's a chance the item is sold out. Eventually, because the issue can't be resolved, your order will get cancelled altogether. The way to circumvent this is to check if all the items in your entire order are still available by Amazon JP direct. If any of them are sold out, you could cancel the item, and try reprocessing your order (and at the same time see if you can revise your payment, that usually works for me). TL;DR, don't ever let your payment lapse at Amazon Japan. Side note: I've also had cases where Amazon Japan sold out their inventory because not all of my items arrived at the same time. So be wary of that.
  9. Thank you so much for this! After getting screwed over by NY, I really needed this.
  10. I've already tried this sometime back. My bank said it was too long ago for them to do anything.
  11. I guess I'm pretty screwed now. Payment is now over a year ago, and despite being offered to upgrade to EMS, and topping up to do so, they have not even bothered to ship my stuff out at all. How responsive are they if I file a refund ticket? Because they have been relatively slow to non responsive to tickets so far, and the chat support is just useless at this point.
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