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  1. Thanks, my man! I still needed at least 1 more for my other DYRL Valks.
  2. yeah i'm not sure why and when it happened, but it started happening late last year I think. It was a massive PITA whenever I had issues from the card, and it appears they refuse to fix anything.
  3. I've had this problem quite often recently. Basically, Amazon Japan's system is a bit messed up in that if your payment doesn't go through, they won't allow you to revise payment (heck they mostly have issues with revising payments even for preorders). The worst part is, during this window, they DO NOT hold your items. Any stocks in their inventory goes out to whoever snaps it up. So you may think your item is being held while you try to resolve this, but there's a chance the item is sold out. Eventually, because the issue can't be resolved, your order will get cancelled altogether.
  4. Thank you so much for this! After getting screwed over by NY, I really needed this.
  5. I've already tried this sometime back. My bank said it was too long ago for them to do anything.
  6. I guess I'm pretty screwed now. Payment is now over a year ago, and despite being offered to upgrade to EMS, and topping up to do so, they have not even bothered to ship my stuff out at all. How responsive are they if I file a refund ticket? Because they have been relatively slow to non responsive to tickets so far, and the chat support is just useless at this point.
  7. Thanks for answering! I just received the Kawamori designer's note last night (and boy is it a monster of a book. So T H I C C ! ) Good to know that VF linearts are in the VF Design notes. I've had it on order for months, and was wondering if I should cancel it, but I guess I'll keep the order
  8. Does anybody who has this know how it compares to the Macross Variable Fighter Design Notes? (Other than it being much thicker) I guess I'm just wondering if there is any / a lot of content overlap.
  9. Call your bank I guess and as per previous advise, tell your bank it was expected within 30-90 days I suppose
  10. My paypal payment is way over the 180 days. I should have been more diligent in pressing NY instead of believing they'd pull through. If you paid via Paypal, you'd best file a dispute right away if your payment is within the last 6 months
  11. So I got the dreaded email from NY, telling me they do not have stock for the SSP. I am absolutely livid now, as this is already pass the 180 days (I'll still try to file a dispute with Paypal though), Update: my dispute got rejected automatically... NY really got one on me this time
  12. I got a similar email as well and I am absolutely livid. I'm thinking if i could get them to issue a refund, since this is really more of their issue.
  13. welcome to Macross preorder hell. This literally happens almost every Bandai DX Chogokin drop. There were a few exceptions but for the vast majority they were like this.
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