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  1. Been looking daily and am still unable to find a Japanese retailer pre-order for HMR Macross Zero VF-0D Shin .... fawk. May have to end up paying the BBTS markup.
  2. Tweet from Mr K - YF-19 Premium Finish might ship later this month!!! Translation: "Good morning We have a YF-19pf import this week. If there is no problem with the progress, we can ship it this month, Please wait a moment now. Let's live happily!"
  3. +1 for a Premium Finish VF-0A ... please Arcadia
  4. Pass for me. Please release the VF-0A grey/Shin variant Bandai ... c'mon!!
  5. ValkAddict

    Hi-Metal R

    ^ This 100%. C'mon Bandai ...
  6. Sorry to hear this. Bandai'd with poor QC!!! The very poor QC on the VF-31AX makes me a sad panda.
  7. ^ Truth, Complete the Hi-Metal destroids, release the DX YF-21 ....
  8. ^ It has ALWAYS been expensive for me. 😮 And I like he darker teal shade for the VF-5000. Looks sweet!!
  9. ValkAddict

    Macross figures

    ^ I'll believe it when I have it in hand. They haven't announced a release date yet. LOL.
  10. Wow - that is a great price 😮 😮 😮
  11. ^ Yes, I did mean to "grey" 4th from left one. It is sweet! And so is the custom VF-1D - fawk!! Awesome collection @Kicker773
  12. Thanks @borgified for the info. Damn that weathering version is so gorgeous!!
  13. ^ This. Love your reviews @jenius !!! And your transformation videos have helped me many times. Thank you.
  14. Holy $hit!!! Angel birds squad!!!
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