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    Macross figures

    Thanks for the great detailed explanation @eggy99 - really informative. And I appreciate it. I like the Megahouse Macross 7 statues - but they cost almost the same price as MSRP for a valk ... and they don' t transform. @no3Ljm - I own a few Banpresto statues and they seem decent to me.
  2. ValkAddict

    Macross figures

    At least these two statues seem reasonably priced, unlike the forthcoming Macross 7 statues ... *sigh*
  3. Potentially exciting times ahead for Macross collectors outside of Japan!! And hopefully this screws the Macross scalpers. #ANewHope
  4. ^ Ditto for me on both points
  5. One available at Mandarake for 28,000 - go, go, go!! https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1177641958&ref=list&keyword=macross&lang=en
  6. ^ Still hoping Arcadia ....
  7. ^ Preach!!! I'm dealing with similar BS from an eBay seller right now. Bought the item and paid immediately. They generate a tracking number the next day. However, the tracking number does not work .... until 10 days later (yesterday). Frakken BS. Hopefully the item will arrive in 2 weeks.
  8. Like others have said, the Delta VF-31 Bandai DX Chogokin is a much more solid, stable toy compared to the VF-25s. Joints seems to be much tight and do not loosen. I would highly recommend adding at least one VF-31 to your collection.
  9. FYI @pengbuzz - Premium Finish for the VF-0D had a completely different weathered paint scheme. It is gorgeous.
  10. Thanks for the review @kelinda. How stable were the fighters on the stand? Especially when on an angle?
  11. Another new podcast already?? Awesome!! Looking forward to hearing your guys' thoughts on the recent Macross news
  12. ^ This. Sadly. C'mon Bandai, release the remaining Hi-Metal destroids already .... please!!
  13. My intention wasn't to be overly critical of Evolution Toys. Listening to the podcasts, I know that he's a big Macross II fan. And thanks @no3Ljm for all the links! I will have to check them out.
  14. @Tochiro, @Save, @Renato - Just finished listening to your recent podcast, great stuff! It's cool to listen to your news segment and actually follow what you're discussing in real-time. I'm looking forward to the next Delta movie as well. (As I've been listening to many of your older podcasts the last year and their news segments obviously are no longer news.) Regarding @Renato's comments about the Bandai Chogokin DX VF-1D - preach!! I want a Minmay figure that can sit in the valk too!! Did @Save ever record his thoughts on the Evolution Toys VF-2SS toy? If so, which episode? I'm curious if he was disappointed or not, and if he thinks the Bandai Hi-Metal toy was better. Keep it up - this fan appreciates the podcast!!
  15. Package looks great, but I'm happy with my old Yamato 1/48 set. Thankful that I can save some $$$. Phew. Hope the rest of you enjoy this set - looking forward to seeing many pics!
  16. @blackconvoy_D01 - Interesting. Can you please share your thoughts on if they work well with the Macross valks? TIA.
  17. Seriously. Hopefully the Nora SV-51 release won't have any issues (fingers crossed)
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