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Found 12 results

  1. From Wonder Festival today. Variable Action High Spec. Details TBA.
  2. CF18

    Macross figures

    Continue from old thread. http://www.macrosswo...showtopic=29101 I don't collect non-mecha figs, but the new stuff coming from Banpresto are just wacky. 2012 September Macross ~歌姬Collection~ Macross F DX Figure Shenyl ~Fire Bomber Ver.~ Macross F DX Figure ~Nurse Ver.~
  3. Up for sale this week I have some non Macross goodness. KOTOBUKIYA- Zoids Aggressive Geno Breaker C9.5 in C9.5 box $45 plus shipping Zoids Aggressive Blade Liger C9.5 in C9.5 box $35 plus shipping MEGAHOUSE Variable Action Cyber Formula Ishuzark C9.5 in C6 box (mushed corner) $35 plus shipping Variable Action Cyber Formula Fire Superion C9.5 in C6 box (tear in box) SOLD BANDAI 1/100 High Metal L-Gaim C9.5 in C9.5 box (RARE to find one this clean!!) $45 plus shipping 1/24 Dennou Ghokin Tachikoma C9.5 in C9.5 box. SOLD Hi Metal R Regult MISSING one set of chin guns (still has a set!) and stand mount. C9.5 in C7 box (see pic of tear) $45 plus shipping SENTINEL Riobot 5 Tsugumori C9.9 in C9 box $75 plus shipping.
  4. CM’s Griffon Labor Flight unit. Complete. C9.5 in C9.5 box $65
  5. For Sale! Megahouse Orguss - First release, complete C9 $325 plus shipping Orguss II Olsen - Complete C9.5 $325 plus shipping Bandai RENEWAL VF-25F Alto - 2nd release, C9 $225 plus shipping VF-27 (1st release) with break in the shoulder hinge but still transforms - EXCELLENT FOR SINGLE MODE DISPLAY SOLD Yamato VF-1A Ver 2.0 DYRL version C9.5 $225 plus shipping VF-19S Emerald Force BROKEN SHOULDER PAULDRON and MISSING GUN SOLD DYRL Queadluun Rau with Milia pilot C-9 $95 plus shipping
  6. Getting rid of a new duplicate items – all starting at 99¢ (shipping from and to the U.S.) Please check them out here when you get a chance!
  7. FOR SALE: Megahouse Orguss Hi-SPEC Orgroid SOLD Unboxed and transformed for a few photos - or transformed once. Includes box and all accessories. Megahouse Orguss - $299 + $12 SHIPPING
  8. The momentum seems to have died down here on these sale items, and I am going to move the remaining pieces to Ebay after this weekend of the 19th-21st. Last call for MW peeps! It is time to liquidate my 15+ year collection and reclaim the three large closets that it currently occupies. I am on the SSL and have conducted sales and trades with many of you here over the years. Local SoCal buyers are particularly encouraged to pickup or meet up (I'm in the SGV), however all sales are welcome and I will ship anywhere within the US. All items are priced to move quickly, and if you purchase multiple items I will make additional pricing concessions. Most items listed have been opened and displayed, and may have small amounts of wear and tear as is normal for items like these: some shelf wear should be expected. I've gone over every item twice to verify condition prior to listing and have noted specific issues, as relevant. If there are no outstanding issues noted in the listing, you should not expect any. Items will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and I will honor inquiries in the order they are received. Please look over my items and send me a PM listing the item(s) you're interested in. I will make every effort to keep item status updated here in the thread, and will maintain a wait list for any items that multiple parties are interested in. I expect to receive a fair amount of traffic on this so please be patient with me - I thank you in advance! Shipping cost is at buyer's expense, and I will only ship insured with tracking within the US. I can use USPS or UPS at your discretion. Shipper's web-based rate calculators will be used to factor shipping and I'll eat any overages beyond the agreed quote. Paypal accepted. I am Verified and a 13-year account holder. Please add 4% for Paypal or send payment as gift. I have uploaded 200+ photos of the items below to my user gallery: ** Edit - apologies for the formatting in the posts below. The forum software is automatically merging posts which I did not intend to be merged. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. I have a second kid on the way so friends and family have been dropping off baby stuff which means I need to clear up some space! I am a busy guy and have learned from the past that I do better breaking up my sales into smaller chunks so this is part 1 and I hope to do a part 2 in a couple weeks to a month depending on how much time this baby's arrival gives me. Here's what I can let go of right now: 1) Yamato 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk Olive Drab Weathering Edition $old 2) Yamato 1/60 Destroid Defender Olive Drab Weathering Edition $old 3) Yamato 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk Weathering Edition AUCTION 4) Yamato 1/60 Destroid Defender Weathering Edition $old 5) Yamato 1/60 VF-X (Macross Chonicles Limited VF-1) $old 6) Arcadia 1/60 VF-1J 30th Anniversary 70s Tuxedo Version $old 7) Arcadia 1/60 VF-1S Focker $old Yamato 1/60 VF-19 Kai Fire Valkyrie with Sound Booster (selling as a set. VF-19Kai comes with optional replacement wings that Yamato sent out to customers that complained they put the blue/red paint on the wrong wings. VF-19Kai has a broken limiter in the GERWALK joint. See my review on anymoon.com. The broken limiter allows you to swing the leg further than its supposed to go but it's generally only something you need to be conscious of when transforming the toy, everything functions perfectly well). $old 9) Mega House BLACK VR-52F Event Exclusive Stick (Not the "dark" black and white regular release) $old 10) Mega House BLACK VR-41 Event Exclusive Yellow $old 11) Mega House VR-52T Rand $old 12) TakaraTomy TG-24 Metroplex (Titan). I had planned on keeping this one but I'm out of space. $old RANDOM STUFF - If you're local I also have a set of KEF surround sound speakers and subwoofer like these. Just the surrounds and sub, no center speaker. They have some minor paint wear but you'd only notice it when you installed them. My current house came with speakers so I don't need them any more. Set is yours for $400. The sub alone retailed for $800 when I bought them and obviously they sound really good. Condition: All toys have been opened and used for review purposes. All toys that transform have been transformed at least a couple times but usually not much more than that but may show minor paint wear due to transformation. No stickers have ever been applied and all toys are 100% complete with all manuals and extras. All boxes may have minor shelf wear. Please do check out the reviews on anymoon.com for pictures of the actual toys. I can provide current pictures of anything you want but you're going to need to give me some time since I'm crazy busy right now. Prices INCLUDE shipping to the continental US. Shipping to the US is super easy for me with the online tools but I'll consider international sales, particularly if you're buying several items. Prices were calculated by modifying downward most recent comparable ebay sales to exclude ebay and paypal fees. I knocked some more off if the only recent sales I could find on eBay were brand new items since obviously my stuff is handled. If you think I'm asking too much for an item you want, shoot me a PM and let me know the fair price you would offer and I will certainly consider it. If you're buying in bulk you can knock $5 off each additional item. I usually ship pretty quickly but sometimes I need to hunt down an appropriate sized box. RULES: Prices quoted are for PERSONAL payments via Paypal. Cash pick up is available and I'll give you a discount. If you want to make some other form of payment it will probably increase the prices shown here, PM me to discuss. That's it for round 1 folks, let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!
  10. "The Super Assault-Speed GALVION" revival-fever in Japan Hobbylog-news: Megahouse Corporation's "GALVION toys" development! Shin-kigen (Translation:NEO-Millennium) Co.Ltd., scheduled publishing "The Super Assault-Speed GALVION art-workS book"! Megahouse Corporation held "The variable-action series festival 5th anniversary"! MEGA-HOUSE variable-action series perfect-transformable "GALVION"(A.k.a.:"CIRCUS-01") development announced ! T-REX TOYS perfect-transformable "GALVION"(A.k.a.:"CIRCUS-01") improvement version-1.5 / price 30,000 yen. T-REX toys development-laboratory:perfect-transformable "GALVION" pictures with light-gray surfacer Shin-kigen (Translation:NEO-Millennium) Co.Ltd., scheduled publishing "The super assault-speed GALVION art-workS book". Release-date July 2013,A4 book-style,112-Pages /2,940yen. Such as excavation zealously the first time in alarge amount of design-sheet material.
  11. Ive lost interest in MOSPEADA and Macross so im ready to let it go. Will sell mostly but will barter too for wanted items. All complete with packaging and instructions. Paypal please. Selling:
  12. Hi all, just selling some stuff , very rare now so take a look as question any buy with confidence. Scott Alpha ( Mint ) brand new original every thing no stickers applied never trans. (SOLD) Lancer Alpha ( used great condition) stickers applied only missing small bike pack (Reduced) $90.00 shipped Rook Alpha ( Used Great condition) stickers applied everything original and complete(reduced) $100.00 shipped Mega House cyclones both in excellent condition! however "Rand" was transformed and i did not have the time to change him back so he is in pices but all complete original everything on both. $ 55 (reduced) each shipped please check out pics , first come first serve. thanks!
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