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  1. https://www.taghobby.com/archives/639515 Destroids and other display at ACG HK.
  2. The new booster can be mounted on missile hard point: Source:
  3. He noted that the big magnets on the side of the legs basically confirm that SSP will happen, but he wonder how to lower the legs for SSP.
  4. I was watching the Super Robot Wars stream last night, and was surprised to see a hands on: (skip to 1hr 16m)
  5. Video in Chinese. He needed 5 hours to apply the stickers.
  6. Cantonese. First 7:30 was introduction about the anime. The the designer (and owner?) of POSE+ transformed the unit. His points: He had some ideas that he couldn't implement on the ES Gokin Baikanfu due to SD scale, now he can. Baikanfu size is set for the price limit, then the rest scaled with it. Both smaller unit do 180 on the knee joints so they can swing forward as hip joints of the larger unit. Tips on combining - make sure the legs of the big unit facing forward, not angled. Make sure the coaxial joints of the smaller and bigger units line up. Posable hands are hard to perfect. Recommend using fixed pose hand for holding sword if long term display.
  7. Base on the video review: New one have a flat coating, old one is much more shinny. The red difference between painted and plastic red part is more obvious on the new one. New cockpit glass is more transparent, still have a light purple hue on it. New one have replaceable head fin and come with two fins. The new fin is a bit longer and pointier. New one have much stronger wing engine joint. New one have a better landing gears lock. (Already used in other YF-29 releases) Stronger hip ball joint (but not clicky like the 31), tightened by 3 screws instead of 1. Wrist forward joint is stronger. Cheat swing bars have clicky part for better B mode locking. Head cannons are hard plastic.
  8. Finally got mine. Any tips on how to loosen the super tight shoulder joint? And I got assembly error on the hip bar. The error don't affect anything other than keep the leg from perfectly pointing forward in soldier mode. I tried removing that screw but the part still stay tightly together. Have any one disassembled this thing?
  9. My Metal Build ARF Kai from CDjapan took 7 weeks via EMS.
  10. NY now listed at 29,800 yen. I have the first reissue and mainly want the super part. May be I will just get the super part from Mandarake.
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