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  1. Nice pics! For the backpack, the HMR has a "lock" for it - after you flip it up, push the entire pack downwards and that should help keep it in place.
  2. Yep, happens all the time even with toy collectors and Macross fans who see it for the first time. They always ask, "does that actually transform?"
  3. I was reading @F360’s post in the other thread and agreed with it. Just makes sense that each release should have its own thread that includes everything about it. But, @jenius makes a great point here that different products might need different treatment. Since PO Madness only applies to Bandai, this thread should just be dedicated to items that apply. No need to include all Macross POs here if there is no “madness” involved. That’s all I got. The search here is nearly useless so I don’t even try and I don’t care either way. Like I said in the other thread, I’m just here to enjoy
  4. No, that sounds completely normal to me. Except the part about “a” should have “couple” or “few” added to it.
  5. That's interesting. I recently got an Airmail package from CDJ. It worked out well since it was cheaper than any other option and it arrived fairly quickly. I think their limit is 7000Y for the item if you want that option though.
  6. Slave IV

    Macross figures

    Numbers probably just go with the numbered descriptions in the lower left corner.
  7. I love that it has the feature but haven’t used it. Basically, it’s a thing where I’d rather have and not use than not have even if I don’t use.
  8. Nice! I'd buy an Arcadia reissue instantly!
  9. Aha crap! Even more reason we need @ChaoticYeti back in business! Speaking of, we just got an update from him.
  10. Awesome! Thanks for the update! Great that the day job sounds to be working out well. Obviously we have selfish hopes that you can get this side hobby back up and running too.
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