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  1. Lol, I had to look it up but do admit it is something I’d probably know about normally. I just don’t pay attention to social media sensations and barely use social media platforms other than forums like this at all.
  2. Yeah, but if you really want to get granular with the calculations, you need to take into account that even if the exchange rates are worse later on, giving away the free loan has a cost involved too and probably end up worse off depending on what you could do with that cash in hand over time.
  3. 🤣Glad I wasn’t the only one who also loved and basically collected catalogs.
  4. 😭😂 Yep, that’s why I would just imagine it. Anyways, look forward to getting another Max Valk. I ended up getting from Japan again and at least it will still be cheaper that way.
  5. Haha yeah, I love catalogs! Did anyone else spend hours looking at those and playing games like imagining you could have one thing from every page?
  6. Lol! Yep! GI Joe and Transformers at Best and all the open sample electronics and appliances to play with.
  7. Best was my favorite shop back in the day.
  8. Let’s just go straight to 1/6 and get it over with.
  9. If I can't get in it, it's not big enough.
  10. I love how idealistic Macross fans are. The HMR Monster is an incredibly excellent toy but it didn't seem to sell very well based on how long it was available and even on sale at some places. Now, we are saying there should be one almost twice the size and probably end up costing more than twice as much and comparing it to the Batmobile and Millennium Falcon to justify it? How many more times do you think there are people that know what the Batmobile or MF are compared to a HWR-00-MKII let alone fans who would buy such things? I mean, I'd buy it but I know I'm insane and in the vast minority in the world of toy collectors.
  11. $30 saved per order means you get a free Valk every 8 orders or so. That adds up quick when you have dozens to hundreds of orders a year.
  12. That's actually pretty relieving to see that many valks can take up such little space. Should help me out a lot when I store my boxes like that instead of inside other boxes. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Getting it because Maximilian Jenius is a badass. Also because I like Valkyries.
  14. Considering your eyesight, does it even matter? Sounds like you’d need to look in the cockpit from 3 inches away to even tell. 😆
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