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  1. While it is cool that something like those exist, I can’t help but feel it’s a waste of a good box. Lol.
  2. Yeah, I buy pretty much every Batmobile HW I see since decades ago. Just because.
  3. Ooo, Snow Serpents are nice. Those and EELs are my favorite special environment troops from Cobra.
  4. Just seeing this so a bit late but Merry Christmas and happy holidays to the whole MW crew! This is about the greatest Christmas special I ever seen! I’m considering it canon. 😄
  5. I see one MAJOR issue with this. Get your butt up and get yourself a 1/55 Chunky NOW!
  6. Slave IV

    Hello all

    Nice job for any collection, let alone within one year! These are still the best toys ever made imo.
  7. 🤯 Haha, see now that looks fine to me but I know some people just can't handle it.
  8. Lol! I know huh? But we all know people will then take images from different sources and drive themselves crazy complaining that their shade of yellow is off. 🤪
  9. Wow, incredible! Some of those pics remind me of how my storage spaces look. 😄
  10. HG already has a note that they are moving and to expect delays on shipping and CS. With the holidays on top, constantly barraging them with emails and threats is just going to compound the problem. I mentioned this back with NY and other shops but either have some patience or just take action to get your money back if it has been beyond a reasonable time given the circumstances. Any business that is experiencing difficulties for any reason is just going to get worse if people don't leave them alone and give them time to do their jobs. There is similar talk going on now with the domestic retailer Dorkside and there is a great podcast that just came out with responses from people at the shop that say this exact thing... just leave them alone or if you must send something, send one email and leave it at that. If you can't deal with it, then just secure your stuff elsewhere and start getting your money back from them.
  11. Isn’t it the same Valkyrie with somewhat canonized transformation? How different should it look?
  12. Having the toy in hand is pretty key. But at that point, I'd rather just enjoy the toy than try to match its colors with uncertain and inconsistent source materials.
  13. Yeah, it's just always funny to me that people are using different monitors, differently lighted subjects and different frames of animation or other source material with no idea what processing or degradation there is to those sources to compare or often criticize the color of some toy. Its just a peeve of mine since properly calibrated monitors and reference source material is a basic need for any significant color criticism. I just like to enjoy cool pics like above and leave the color issues to color scientists with the proper resources.
  14. A perfect example of not trusting any image you see on the internet to judge colors of anything.😉 Unless you know how the image was processed and have a properly calibrated monitor for that image, it won't do anything but frustrate people who are particular about color matching.
  15. Haha, the things we do! Unfortunately for me, my stacks all go from floor to ceiling and I am out of space. Gotta figure out how to use some quantum reality bending to create more room.
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