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  1. Hahaha! That is awesome! Reminds me when I was in HS, I had access to military bases and there were a couple airbases nearby. I used to just go sit next to the airstrips and watch fighter planes takeoff and land all the time. Miramar was one of the ones that were decently close and I went there to watch the real “Top Gun”.😁
  2. Definitely a classic! Nice! so far I like the S1 and Senna Lotus you got the most.
  3. I have some in other scales and lower quality 1:18 so they don’t really count. All the ones you mentioned would be considerations based on space and money if I found the right ones I want. I’ll pass on the Fusion but I bet it’s a decent value for what it is. 😂 Yours is a good theme too but I fear that could get way too broad for me. 1/64 or around Hot Wheels size and those recent 1/32 Hollywood Rides cars are good and cheap enough for me to collect more of those…of which I have no idea how many I have at this point. It’s gotta be at least 10 large storage boxes full.
  4. Yep! My 1:18 collection basically highlights the progression and history of AWD technology in performance autos.
  5. Nice! I have the civilian version, also from AutoArt:
  6. Oh, it will make it to the States one way or another. Most likely by ferry from a Japanese retailer to my doorstep at the very least.
  7. They’ve delivered items for me in the past, which is fine. But the VF-31A I and others had ordered through them and prepaid for were cancelled with an excuse that they didn’t have stock to fulfill our orders. Then they relisted the item they supposedly had no stock of the next day with a huge markup. To me, that’s the lowest of the low I’ve seen from any of these shops.
  8. I’m not worried about it. Ports have been backed up since this all started and all my ferry shipments have taken 3 months instead of 1-2 months. All good with me as I consider it free storage until it arrives. Main point is NY sent out my order with shipping included for less than what most other shops charged for the figure without shipping and that’s my main reason for ever using them in the first place.
  9. I've mentioned several times that I would rather not have something than buy from ninnin or mykombini if those were the only choices. Fwiw, I still use NY as a last resort and in this case, they sent out my combo GBP set for a total of 32900Y (ferry) last month.
  10. Thanks! Hey @sqidd does that Blue Thunder have an interior worth sharing?
  11. Have you seen an image of the F-14A yet? I wonder what deco?...
  12. Damn, Blue Thunder! Nice! Love that Bond Lotus too.
  13. No. But the RS4 only came in Avant form. The Champion Racing S4s were sedans with RS4 wide body panels which is the same as what I have.
  14. Haha yeah, but it's modified from the standard body to the OEM widebody RS4 like this: Or ultimately kind of like this:
  15. Speaking of 1/18 car collections, I don't get many but just got this long awaited, highly anticipated model:
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