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  1. I Have Moshow Takeda Shingen and it is among the best quality, engineered, hefty and detailed figures I have at any price, let alone being around half the price of a Metal Build. It's bigger, better and cheaper than the mostly compared Metal Build figures I have.
  2. Yeah, I had fighter jets and tanks though. I gotta find my cards...I know they are stored away somewhere.
  3. Super Trump Cards! Those were the days. I had specs for every fighter jet of the times memorized.
  4. Just opened mine and I’m liking it!
  5. Yeah, they aren't the best and looks boring if you have more than 2-3 of them on the same shelf but just another good option in the variety of ways to display the sea of valks in most of our collections.😆
  6. These are nice if you can still get them anywhere:
  7. Lol, yeah Noel uses C&D's as toilet paper.
  8. Slave IV

    Hi-Metal R

    Closest thing to that I saw was a complete Jetfire in really good condition for $15. I let my friend get it because I already have my original plus Takatoku/Bandai Valks.
  9. Yeah, I e had those on order for years now. Still nothing.
  10. Slave IV

    Hi-Metal R

    That’s the great thing about having tons of basically the same toy in HMR, DX, Yamacadia or whatever form. I play with them whenever I want and usually have so many from each line that I don’t think I’ve ever worn one particular one down.
  11. This sounds about right. The Monster is an incredible release! Yes, but that original did have a decent amount of metal. You can club someone to death with it and still transform it no problem afterwards.😁
  12. For the price of one Lambo, I can get an Audi, Porsche, Benz, and if I'm nuts, maybe even a Subaru.😉
  13. There is that Regult Scout still floating around waiting for a release or not knowing Bandai. Also could check the upcoming KC one and hope it’s close to being as good.
  14. I know when I first heard about the HMR line and saw the reviews, I thought the same thing. Hi-Metal with barely any metal huh? Pass. Then I got a Regult and was so blown away with how good it was I ended up getting ever single HMR release with many multiples and never looked back.
  15. Low risk, maybe but the main thing is low returns. But don't underestimate the risks...Yamato made every variant a Macross collector could want and some in a relatively short period of time and look what happened to them. Don't want to get any more into a discussion about how supply and demand works but there is no reason for Bandai to worry about a few people whining that they couldn't get a Macross release they wanted or that they want more Macross releases because they will get to it when they get to it. Meanwhile, pump more resources into other items that they know there is much more demand for and therefore profit involved. It's safe to assume most Macross collectors also collect other high end toys and if all of a sudden, Bandai released every version of the VF-1 in a short period just because they could, a lot of us couldn't or wouldn't keep up and you get another repeat of the Yamato situation where a bunch are on clearance for a while before they all dry up and by then, Bandai won't want to deal with Macross and what's left in the secondary market skyrockets even more for the few of us to fight over. Basically, just chill and get the releases you want when/if they come and don't worry about it so much.
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