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  1. Mystery solved! Bandai copied the wrong version!
  2. I feel like I recall something about the DX VF-1 hands possibly fitting or easily made to fit the Arcadia VF-0? I could be wrong but that was the first option I thought of.
  3. Yeah, I think the reason they redid the whole thing was because they were aware of the issues of the previous version. Just be aware of the hip issue that may exist in some early releases that @MKT mentioned. Also, the only complaint if any for the Arcadia VF-0 is it doesn't come with fixed pose hands so they do use the small articulated hands. I haven't had any issues with mine but would just look better if they included some options.
  4. Nice! Unless you already have it and just filling in, I would definitely recommend you get an Arcadia VF-0. It’s redesigned from the Yamato and so good, I’d say it’s the best Valk toy ever made. Or at least top three.
  5. I've always had this opinion of graded anything. I don't need to pay someone to tell me how good or not good my toys, comics or whatever are. I've been collecting the stuff probably as long or longer than whoever's grading them so I know what I have. But, if people like collecting stuff that way, fine with me, just means ill never have those items in my collection and probably makes my, only touched by me versions even more rare and special. Plus, the 1/55 in particular being the greatest toy of all time is so much better when played with.
  6. Neither 😜 Sorry, stock photo since I haven’t had the chance to open mine yet.
  7. Thanks! And yeah, I was messing with the backpack and noticed something kind of give so I pried around and then it opened!
  8. I don't come around these parts too often but since the recent purchase thread got neutered in the main section, came by to drop these pics: Now I just need some Hovertanks! This figure is pretty fantastic overall, just like the rest of the KC figures. I saw some hate as I glanced through the thread but to me, the 1/12 figures are the gems of KCs products. Way better than their mechas and the best figures ever made for the characters they've done so far. Not sure if it was mentioned before but most KC figures have an unexpected feature that most companies wouldn't bother with, which is another thing that sets these figures apart. This one's backpack actually opens up and while it doesn't fit much, it's enough to fit an extra faceplate or optional hands. Pretty cool!
  9. Haha, it’s one way or the other for me. I’m not too bummed about that one because it’s more of a cool to have thing that isn’t going to replace my PF Arcadia or a possible bigger future SDFM version. But yeah, I’m either lag and miss out or go crazy and buy everything instantly in multiples. I was doing the latter for a long time but back into not caring as much and holding back mainly because I am way over the limit on space. If there is something I really have to have, I won’t miss out anymore though.
  10. LOL, I still kinda want that but gave up on it a long time ago. Hope it turns out good and I still get a chance to nab one later.
  11. Yeah, when I was considering it, I decided I'd go for the transparent if I was only going to get one. Just to have something different and I also just like the look.
  12. Did you get it at a decent price? I’m a bit bummed I skipped those and then lagged on getting any while I still had the chance for under $100. Then I eventually gave up.
  13. Echoing that the Arcadia 1/60 is excellent and still I'm many ways better than the DX. To me, the original 1/55, Yamato 1/48, Yamacadia 1/60, DX and HMR VF-1's all have merit and claim to being the best VF-1s ever made in different ways and all still worth collecting to this day. The point quoted above and regarding stock sitting on clearance is simple but seemingly overlooked by people always asking about prices and "just making more". There just isn't that much demand and profit in Macross for companies to be making more than we are already getting of these things. Get what you can when you can and if you missed out, high aftermarket prices are going to be normal when stock runs out and the total amount of products is so low compared to other similar products from much more popular franchises.
  14. Slave IV

    Hi-Metal R

    It actually doesn't. There are some popular items that sell out instantly and are in high demand but when we say "high demand" Macross, that number probably tops out around 10k, 20k maybe at most for the top items. While they probably have other items that can easily double to 10 times that amount. Obviously, I don't have actual numbers but I think I have a fair estimate based on how I've seen the market move in the last couple decades. I love Macross Valks more than any other toys but the passion of a relative few does not dictate business moves by one of the biggest toy manufactures in the world (Bandai is only 2nd to Lego last time I checked?).
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