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  1. Have you seen an image of the F-14A yet? I wonder what deco?...
  2. Damn, Blue Thunder! Nice! Love that Bond Lotus too.
  3. No. But the RS4 only came in Avant form. The Champion Racing S4s were sedans with RS4 wide body panels which is the same as what I have.
  4. Haha yeah, but it's modified from the standard body to the OEM widebody RS4 like this: Or ultimately kind of like this:
  5. Speaking of 1/18 car collections, I don't get many but just got this long awaited, highly anticipated model:
  6. Slave IV

    Macross figures

    I ordered the MegaHouse M7 figures but if they made Banpresto equivalents, I would have definitely preferred that route.
  7. Slave IV

    Macross figures

    Mirage Figuarts Zero was the first Macross figure statue I ever bought and I vowed never to buy another after I got that. After seeing other options including the Banpresto, I again say that those are worth it to me if they have characters/looks that you want. The Figuarts Zero Mirage cost 5-6 or even more times more than the Banpresto versions and there is no additional quality that I perceive as worth paying any amount more for. I would have paid or the SHF Walkure figures if they ever came out with them but now I'm kind of glad they didn't and I got Banpresto for much less. These idol figures are just display accessories for my Valks and I really don't need articulated figures or high end, precious material statues of them. If they make more SHF, give us "action figures" like that Britai they teased!
  8. Slave IV

    Macross figures

    Yeah, Banpresto are some of the best value statues out there imo. I don't really like buying statues but when I do, I think the quality and look of Banpresto is more than good enough especially for the price.
  9. Just watch this video. The poses they show at the end sold me instantly!
  10. I don't like Voltron. But that toy is so good, I had to get one just as a collector of great toys and super robots. No regrets at all, it is excellent.
  11. Cool! But that 1/55 is ugly in comparison. You should give it away! Just kidding! You NEED to keep that for your collection!
  12. I'm anal in another way, removing the sticker or residue would mean my set is incomplete. Thankfully, the stickers Bandai uses are easy to peel without damaging anything so I just peel them to open and then stick it back when I'm done. Beautiful picture! BTW, if you need somewhere to get rid of that old 1/55 junk, LMK and I'd be willing to take it off your hands.
  13. Oh nice! I have one of those on order. I usually don’t buy random stuff like that but it looked too good and the preview promo videos they had sold me.
  14. Can you just not peg that in all the way? I don’t remember the last time I was worried about how the bottom of the crotch looked on any of my GBP armored Valks. Naked Valks on the other hand…🤣
  15. Fluorescent lights do emit some UV. There are a lot of factors that have definitely been talked about in many threads but I don’t think there is any scientific fact that has shown to prove your figures will or will not yellow. Even variances in the plastic mix on your particular figure could make a difference. But in general, cutting out all UV and giving your figures space to “breathe” seem to help prevent yellowing in most cases. Detolfs aren’t really sealed all around so even if you put film on it, UV light will still get in so it will help but not sure if it’s the best method. To me, it always makes more sense to block out from the source. So maybe putting film over your light fixtures or using different lights if you can.
  16. It’s been talked about but it probably makes more sense to put the film on the window of the rooms where sunlight might reach it.
  17. Yeah, I like the stuff we've been getting but wish they would make some original movie toys. Movie style Motoko and tank would be excellent!
  18. Being picky is good. Don’t settle for placeholders. IMO, there are no “best” MP style Jazz or Mirage yet so it’s better to just wait until there is if you want them or any other characters. It’s not like they are going anywhere. Part of why I love collecting Macross is that I don’t feel any of my Macross toys since the original 1/55 can be considered placeholders. They are all great for different things with very little to no compromises considering when they came out. Now, there are some pretty crappy Macross toys out there but I don’t own many of those because…see beginning of my post.
  19. The Delta Valks are the beginning of Bandai starting to make better Valks.
  20. Could be a combination of tampo printing and weathering, panel lining and other deco applications. Adding the decals alone would take hours to do nicely so that alone is worth the price for those who care about the details. Personally, I’m fine either way and prefer they just make one version and leave it at that.
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