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  1. I’m pretty sure at least the VF-0 is a completely different mold and it’s definitely significantly better. The Arcadia VF-0 is arguably the best Valk toy ever made.
  2. PayPal still works but there are some quirks to get it right. Basically, if you don’t see the option for Yen with the card you are using, there is a setting issue or they just don’t allow purchases using international currency with that card.
  3. Oh cool! I'll have to get some of those then. It looks just like the Matchbox release that had fixed wings but I guess HW stepped it up a bit.
  4. Do you know if the swing wings work on that F-14?
  5. Wow, congrats! I almost find it more unbelievable that you got these for $35 uncontested. I definitely find it unbelievable that the wings seem to line up in Battroid mode better than any of my production DX VF-1s.😂
  6. Oh cool! I didn’t notice it there with a quick search but that’s not surprising.
  7. Is the PF readily available somewhere? I’m not planning on getting one but just curious because I didn’t think it was.
  8. I preordered the Angel Bird and CF years ago on aliexpress. Still nothing.
  9. It’s one of the official Arcadia 1Ss. Specifically, the non-PF DYRL Hikaru version.
  10. KO clear parts on official 1S.
  11. I love the Yamato 1/48s. The decos they had and simple, but perfect transformation make them irreplaceable to this day.
  12. Slave IV

    Hi-Metal R

    Am I the only one thinking to get more of these Hikaru 1S just to get extra red tipped reaction missiles?
  13. Probably an even better method. But still not as elegant as an actually working arm that was designed better to begin with.
  14. Sounds like a way. Too bad they didn't make the claw a bit more adjustable so that you could get it to grab the Valks securely.
  15. Yeah, I was trying to figure out a way to get the stand to hold the Valks the other way. Another reason why I just don't want too many of them. Clear arm options would have helped. Best I could play off:
  16. The main thing that sucks about the launch arm is I don't want more than 2-3 Valks displayed in launch mode. Sure, you can display them however you want but they only look right to me holding a Valk in fighter mode. If they made the other clear arm with storage, I'd buy 10 of those.
  17. So sweet! Damn, that picture really puts in perspective how huge the Sv-51s are. Especially compared to an SDF-1😆
  18. I messed with my Alto Full Set a bit when I first got it but left it on battroid mode since and it has been good this whole time.
  19. Back in the game and coming in strong! Nice!
  20. No problem! You missed out on some goodness there. Those were some of my earliest toys that brought me into the world of anime.
  21. It’s a Shogun Warrior. They all have wheels on their feet.
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