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  1. I stumbled across some of your old stickers in an envelope the other day. Do you still have that poor abused alps printer that could print white? That thing was a life saver for many of us 20 years ago lol.
  2. Just curious who the current 1/55 customizers, rebuilders, and parts hoarders are? It's been a while since I've been on. A long while... Like before 3d printing was around while@-@ There has to be a ton of cool customs and printed parts I've never seen or knew existed.
  3. wow nightmare@_@ A few I have never seen b4!!!
  4. monkeys live on!!!! my toddler already threw one at me!
  5. I have a 1/55 1d with fast packs lying around somewhere. I'm selling most of my collection but this wont be one of them. I will try and take pics and post them. It is a custom I pick up off ebay a few years back that I believe is/was a member of macrossworld. At the least he picked up some tricks from fulcy and a few others. I love my taka's and it pained me to sell my 1s on ebay a few weeks back. complete in box it sold for less than the joon's patriot!!!!! WTF? I do not see me listing my remaining taka's any time soon as they are worth more than that to me. Nice job on the blue taka. That and the red were the only 1/55 vf's I lacked when I gave up my quest to catch them all. The Taka is the grand-daddy of all the 1/55's and there were a lot of them. The most produced toy by various companies using the same molds that I am aware of. If I could send the guy who engineered it a gift I would. People write fan letters to actors and other famous folk, but how many engineers get the props they should?
  6. First props to Shaorin as another pioneer fan. Component systems are nice because if one component goes your entire system does not need to be replaced. my own system is of pioneer make for the most part. Before I go into the details of another of my aburdities I should say some back ground. From 97-99 I worked for an electronics chain which would put older items on clearence. My first pioneer reciever was a doloby pro 600 watt with learning remote discontinued in 97. No box, no instructions, serial number carved in it with a knife... found in the attic of a mall store... $27.50 with employee discount! I then abused the inventory locating system for the next few years tracking down discounted merchandise in other stores across the country. My store often lost money selling me the items at the discounted price as shipping from other locations was often more that the system price. the system was as follows until we moved to our first house 5 years ago. All components pioneer unless noted otherwise. 600 watt dolby pro reciever 540 watt dolby pro reciever 3 100disc linear changers pdap1 radio station control module/interface for the 3 disc changers Dual cassette deck with link cable to reciever for remote control interface. Tape deck has dolby versions I never heard of like "s" my pc with all my cd's and friends collections personally ripped by me at the highest sampling rate the program I used back the allowed 190+ something. remember... speakers make the best speaker stands LOL each reciever supports 2 a channel, 2 b channel, 2 rears, a center, and a sub pre out. I inverted one dolby system just for better surround techno music for a total of 14 speakers in the living room plus a powered sub shared between both receivers. I had a 2 channel mixer between my cd controller and the units so I could hear my videogame system sound fx with my own background music. I know I am forgetting some components and accessories and am not home till the 27th to check. The only problem the system presented was that the recievers used the same remote so I would always have to "tweak" the knob on one to make the sound levels equal. I finally solved this by getting another 540 watt and moving the 600 watt into the dining room. .... well that and when I moved I put all my wiring in one giant tupperware where it became a giant tangle of crap 5+ years after moving and the 600 watt dining room and a 300 watt spare bedroom set are all that is hooked up... for shame. It's on my to do list with all sorts of stuff... like cleaning my toy room lol. You can connect your pc to a component system easily enough and some games really should be played with great surround sound so you know the direction the thing trying to eat you is coming from.
  7. I'd never join a club that would have me as a member

  8. I don't understand why bandai doesn't mimic yamato and release stand alone fast packs and armor. The gbp came stand alone or gift-set... but that was taka. I know if bandai released a stand alone strike pack it would probably outsell valks as many of us already have vf's and jetfires lying around that would be much improved with a strike cannon or two. Seeker and o' armor would be super cool but I expect that they would not sell as well as stand alone... not everybody has loose e's and o's sporting resin . A gbp reissue might sell well however. Not that bandai would listen to me anyways but I can dream what does it cost to make an injection mold anyways? Even if the original molds are damaged couldn't bandai afford to but an original and scan it? And I doubt bandai would issue bandai a cease and "however the heck you spell" deassist.
  9. sweet. I've only seen the one pic of a stampee and your looks to be spot on so far
  10. I don't think I ever got bleemcast to work properly... but I had a modded psx1 so it didn't matter. I just recently parted with my modded psx1 and three dreamcast's with well over 1k of gamss/roms. I am pretty sure I still have the two disc genisis collection and the snesdc selfbooting discs imaged on one of my hard drives. Probably some more stuff imaged as well as I am a pack-rat. Give a shout if you have a dreamcast and I'll mail you some discs ... eventually
  11. I've been out of pc for a bit... Is there such a thing as a dos emulator? I have battletech crecent hawks inception in box with 3.5 &5 1/4 floppies. I played it on my old win 98 machine which dual booted to 2kpro and I believe it work on both. I ported it to my new laptop [via cd from the old tower], and it could not detect the 16k of memory neccessary to play . Any advice? everybody already know that there was a nes, snes, sega master system, sega genisis, and atari emulator for roms on the sega dreamcast right? I never got the intellivision emu to work though. Still great to have a couple hundred genisis games on one cd playable on dreamcast. Star control was always so much fun. suck limpet mines all who disaggree
  12. once upon a time somebody made a skyfire custom that looked nice. Basically a jetfire with a single booster but done well. somebody probably has pics saved around here. I won't go into the whole takatoku-matsushiro [joon's + china ko's]-bandai story as even I remember that that story is somewhere already posted on the forum. maybe dave remembers where. I know the story of the molds... not the toon. hey dave... not everybody has a photographic memory and remembers every post in every thread... especially those who disappear for months/years at a time. I will happily tip my beer to you for pointing out further places that info can be located at as well as humoring some of us long time noob's
  13. I wish my hands were still steady enough. Damn impressive.
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