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  1. I think I have some of a 1/72 yellow submarine ve-1 kit that I was going to kit bash with a 1/72 hcm. Pretty sure all I got around to was mounting the head. Maybe... been a while since I have seen it in the room of nonsense.
  2. wow nightmare@_@ A few I have never seen b4!!!
  3. been a number of years since I've checked in. yay adulting... looking for a cheap non broken toynami masterpiece beta to go with my sue alpha on behalf of my son. No point inheriting one without the other. I will happily buy if the price is right, or trade. lord knows I have stuff to trade,.... all older and dusty... are MIB clear 1/48 fast pack covers worth anything?
  4. monkeys live on!!!! my toddler already threw one at me!
  5. i probably have one lying around buried somewhere. me finding it in a timely fashion is something else. Ill try and remember to look while organizing that room.
  6. get a takara soundblaster. he holds two tapes.
  7. add MACROSS25 to the list if he isn't already there.
  8. I have a hik 18 and a brownie boxed lying around but I will need to check on the condition.
  9. how does one know if they have a new or old one? I have one still sealed in box and have no clue.
  10. When I sold off all mine I think the joon's averaged around $50. I think the non bandai that sold for the most were the matsu star fighter, the chinese strike without armor, the chinese super with blue armor, the space gandam, and the green joon's. I only picked up the "patriot" red/white/blue joon's just because I had to have one of every version 1/55 ever made. You should be able to get a reissue bandai brownie cheap enough and the bandais/takatoku/matsushiro were the best.
  11. the seeker comes with strike parts?
  12. I have a taka vf-1J 1/55 complete with unused stickers, instructions, gun, gun clip, missiles on spruce, extra decal stripe sheet, and catalog in a pretty good box. box has some corner wear. Early production as the plastic window was applied to the styrafoam and inserted into the outer shell, rather than be glued to the inner box. I have the vf-1a brownie 1/5 with unused stickers, gun, gun clip, missiles, and catalog in a decent box. Box has some small corner tearing and a tear on the face where the box cutout sticks up from the bottom. Also has some window denting. both vf's are in very nic
  13. for us old fogies who forget that there is new stuff... what scale are they?
  14. looks nice. Perfect transformation aka 1/55 bandai or removable bits like 1/60 yamato?
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