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  1. Metal Roboté­‚ (Ka signature): Z-Plus C1 Confirmed for July 2018, 16,200JPY (cr: ToysDaily)
  2. Recently started collecting Riobots - ordered Shin Getter 1 & Mazinkaiser Chrome. Thought I'd inject some life back into this thread RIOBOT Shin Getter 1 release date confirmed: 27th February 2018 Latest from Wonder Fest '18 RIOBOT Getter 1 Robo Devolution Final Form RIOBOT UFO Robo Grendizer & Spazer METAMOR-FORCE "BARI"ation Gravion METAMOR-FORCE Black Sarena
  3. Gonna wait for the official Bandai product shots before deciding if I want to get this. Leaked photos thus far (if real) looks underwhelming for an MG
  4. The MG 303E Deep Striker is confirmed as the 'Mystery' MG. The local established hobby shops over here just opened their pre-orders today. April 2018 release
  5. Rumblings all over the internet (including supply chain leaks) that the next MG to be unveiled on 01.01.2018 will be the 303E Deep Striker
  6. Might be a bug - not the first time it has happened on HLJ. Got an order confirmation after 30mins or so *Edit - shows Low Stock now, might not be a bug after-all
  7. Metal Robot Infinite Justice (cr. ToyzDaily) Zeta Plus C-1 is being released under the Metal Robot Ver Ka. line now
  8. After 3 hours of trying on sg.p-bandai, I finally secured an order
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