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  1. I'll bite if they give us an Arkham Knight Batman
  2. I like to keep things simple. 1 thread for 1 release. If I want any info regarding a figure I go to its dedicated thread. There will always be many pages of "chit chat" and "redundant info" regardless how we separate the thread into general info or PO, etc so may as well leave everything regarding a particular figure to its dedicated thread. For eg, I am interested in VF-1S but not 1D I can easily see if there's any new updates, info or posts for the thread. It works pretty well in 1/6 figure forums I frequent.
  3. I notic they have quite a number of pre-orders that require full payment whereas other retailers only ask for payment upon release. This is a cause of concern as they used to require upfront payment for only TWE stuff and not the normal ones. Are they trying to get the most money before shutting down?
  4. Really? Pay later is not available for them? Almost every other retailers only require payment upon stock arrival. It's going to be a hard time getting that money back if they don't follow through. I wouldn't risk it.
  5. That would be Fast 5. Ironically, the best installment in the whole series is the one that started their downfall.
  6. Hahaha.. fortunately I'm not as hardcore as the rest of you guys. That and the lack of space.
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