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  1. And HLJ went to discontinued status. No more hopes getting 1 from there now.
  2. Is it really an improvement if we still get ball joints that become floppy loose after a while
  3. Well.. hope the after market prices won’t kill me then. Bummer.
  4. Hope these are readily available upon release. I've come to like Arcadia's bulky proportions compared to the DX.
  5. I only ordered the decals and still stated as open order.
  6. Thank you for all the input guys. I think I’ll get it if the seller responds favorably. Otherwise I’ll just hope and wait for the hmr version.
  7. Aw man. Found a local listing that’s brand new and below retail and was thinking of pulling the trigger. How much of a dealbreaker is it that the ankles don’t match? Doesn’t stand well?
  8. Guys, does this look like it has the same ankle issues?
  9. There is by a chinese maker. Let me try to find a link or some pictures.
  10. Is this the one with battle damage bits to change on?
  11. Will definitely need panel line this as well.
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