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  1. Bit the bullet and bought the Amazon ones above retail. 😢 Now need to find the super parts.
  2. Gah.... I've been monitoring HLJ and the few hours I take my eyes off it went to discontinued. FML.
  3. Not touching anything Harmony Gold has a hand in.
  4. When exactly is this supposed to be released? Dec? Hope for 1 of the shops to open up slots near release date.
  5. eXis10z

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm glad there's a chance to get the 0s in this form. Couldn't get the arcadia one previously.
  6. Had a new hobby at that time and decided to cash out funds for it.
  7. Oh thank God it uses new super parts. I already sold all the old ones together with their valks.
  8. Come on.. give it to us in the OG colors.
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