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  1. @Skull005is an all round top bloke, thank you for the great transaction.
  2. Revenge concert has been great! Mayan and Megumi are loving it.
  3. @Knightdramon - a name you can trust. Thanks for the smooth transaction and flexibility with shipping.
  4. Thanks to @Xx-SKULL-ONE-xXi now have a VB-6 Konig Monster. Would transact with again, cheers.
  5. I'm sure Macross Chess would get a good response
  6. Calendar marked, lock F5's in attack position.
  7. I've been sending emails to this and a bunch of other email addresses every couple of days for months. Today received this reply: "Dear Customer we saw your message. We will look and see what we can do for your order. We apologize for the time it takes, we are doing it as quickly as possible. Best regards, Nippon-yasan.com" I made an order using store credit given for the DX tv supers they didn't ship. All items I ordered with the credit are long out of stock, best case I get another store credit voucher.
  8. I think new orders are going out okay, it's all the old orders that are seemingly boned.
  9. That's pretty interesting, I hadn't heard that before.
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