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  1. Luv both the japanese and english dubs of the old anime. Very funny in both languages. Especially the first three seasons back then. Too bad, some of them have passed on from this life. As such, not sure why Ranma Girl-type's hair is now pink instead of red, tho..
  2. Other than the dirt-cheap no-brainer 1/65 DX, I don't really see the desirability of owning any of the -17/-171 from Yamato and/or Bandai. Quite a downgrade in all aspects and forms from the -19 and the -21, and even from the -11b. The never-made Milia-17S variant would've been the only one desirable to own. imho...
  3. No blue-stripes on trailer and no spring-launcher for Roller. Oh, and tiny matrix. Preorder cancelled! /s Awww! Don't you be ruining the dream for some now!
  4. The gap using the brace is the same as with everyone else's. The skirts and stablizers positionings in your copy are probably just skewing the gap's view and perspective a bit on your end.
  5. M+ actually has the proper theme for this Bandai Bent Head-Laser "Mystery" syndrome (epidemic?) ...
  6. yet another issue with the unnecessarily removable parts to be wary about... https://x.com/ZEAMTIGER/status/1811737337275253048 as usual, Bandai-support is superb handling DX YF-21 issues... of jp-based purchasers... --- meanwhile, I'm still unable to find the lost part on mine and now contemplating of seeking Bandai support for it even if I'm not jp-based. what could possibly go wrong...
  7. Bandai jp-support and response is quite quick and immediate... to jp-based purchasers... https://x.com/cat_squadron/status/1812035961255338169 reference issue https://x.com/cat_squadron/status/1810653701285310787 web-translated:
  8. Bluefin was a distribution-brand and used to have a distinct logo pasted on SOCs and stuff when they were just one of the distributors for Bandai and other japanese companies. Seems like they were bought out by Bandai some time ago and is now called officially as Bandai-Namco. The Bluefin sticker was probably dropped, but they never updated their warranty-form to replace "Bluefin" sticker with "Bandai-Namco" sticker. The label below from your picture should be enough to identify and used as Bluefin distribution sticker since it states California, which is not in Japan...
  9. Maus' broken head-laser update: https://x.com/MAXX_2nd/status/1811726293433712829 web-translated:
  10. meanwhile... MarkH's DX YF-21 part-02 (Battroid ⇒ Gerwalk ⇒ Fighter):
  11. https://x.com/Mrk_arcadia/status/1806466686553616494 web-translated:
  12. Are they somehow affiliated with BlueFin or BandaiNamco-US to be even referring you to that form??? Your item was severely damaged inside the box. They either need to replace your item themselves or refund you your purchase cost, instead of giving you that runaround with a non-applicable form.
  13. Honestly, I think your vendor should replace the whole thing since you clearly have a very very damaged item still in box. But, nevertheless, Good luck!!! edit: fwiw, I see two seemingly separate damaged/broken parts on your toy (arm-wing/stabilizer and what looks like the damper panel sliding part) --- As an aside and maybe minor regarding the Bandai-Namco return/replacement form: I haven't checked my DX YF-21 box, but I'm not sure there is any Bluefin related sticker(s) on it since it's an import...
  14. not like BSF really cares and stuff, but he, too, successfully did the Robotech thing on this...
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