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  1. I think they're the same Bandai samples at the recent TN-2022. Just the original posted pics have had the wrong white-balance to compensate the flashbulb effect. It had the same wrong colors as the Arcadia non-PF all along...
  2. AE response regarding EZ-8 issue: So that's that. Will just have to wait Not sure how Bandai will do this replacement thing, but you guys better make sure to contact the shop you bought your Robot Damashii EZ-8 ver ANIME from regarding this issue.
  3. welp! The RD Ez-8 has been released and japanese fans have been Bandai'd, as documented in hacchaka's tweet and replies: https://twitter.com/hacchaka999/status/1595280447202004993?cxt=HHwWgsDQyarHyaMsAAAA And so, I just received my Ez-8 from Anime-Export. and I can confirm that I, too, just got Bandai'd as well... There were reportes that HLJ is holding off shipments of the Ez-8 orders. So, just be aware of this manufacturing defect issue if you also ordered the Robot Damashii Gundam Ez-8 ver ANIME...
  4. I think Jenius' group-pic was a bit more processed or something, as I don't think my own Yammie 1/60 has that kind of bright blue coloring in real life. Rather more dark drab than brightened. As such, here's my yammie yf-21 group-pic:. fwiw, I skipped out on the original 1/72 YF-21 as it had some issues back then that I don't remember anymore. Guess we'll all have to wait and see if the DX YF-21's final coloring will be the same or different than the TN-show prototype(s) they've been showing off...
  5. Nope. The 1/72 YF-21FP is quite significantly purple'ish. David's correct. The original 1/72 YF-21 had closer colors to the anime. add/edit: from the Legacy page: https://www.macrossworld.com/macross/toys/yf21fp_sample/_yf21fp_sample.htm sample:
  6. for tightening the hip ball joints, you can try either Kiki: https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/48594-product-review-kiki-loose-joint-fixer/ or the old reliable Future/Pledge polish: Not sure about the issue with the wheels, tho, I've read about oil/oily residue stuff mentioned from before. Could be very different from the loose hips joints.
  7. roflmao! Bandai sure do love backpacks. Maybe during Bandai's current Zoids-collaboration with Takara, they want Takara to hold their beer regarding backs/backpacks...
  8. not sure if ABP, but for posterity's sake, just cobbled the original promo-pic with Jenius' yammie yf-21 composite: The latest TN pic doesn't really have a matching perspective to Jenius' composite...
  9. Bandai nickel-n-dime tactics for DYRL DX VF-1... release and sell DYRL VF-1xx via TWE with "symmetry" tail-fin numbers release and sell Super/Strike Packs via TWE with non-removable/glued-in covers and stuff in extremely limited numbers. re-release DYRL VF-1xxx with correct tail-fin numbers with new "Mechanic" SSPs bundle via TWE. More likely just including the separate "corrective" decals sheet like with Kakizaki release since it's even cheaper for Bandai that way... re-release to re-sell Super/Strike Packs again as Mechanic Edition as TWE standalones again, with the removable covers and clear stuff Both will most likely be in extremely lmited numbers yet again...
  10. however they manage to do it, it'll still look like a huge fail-boat with the FPs...
  11. we all know it's just a demo-showpiece/prototype, but still Bandai, uhmm...
  12. My guess is the usual 1/WTF Bandai scaling. Sizing looks to be 140mm in orgroid-mode.
  13. hmmm... MrK seems to say they gonna do/redo a YF-21... https://twitter.com/Mrk_arcadia/status/1593422999792721920?cxt=HHwWgICp-dTx_JwsAAAA
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