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  1. https://twitter.com/Mrk_arcadia/status/1436193666565959680/photo/1
  2. Not quite. Bandai seems the only toy-company that regularly uses strict artificial scarcity on almost all their popular lines (Metal Builds, SOCs, SHFs, etc.) and licenses (Gundam, Mazinger, EVA, Macross, etc, etc). Especially when a particular item(s) is/are in heavy demand. On the flip-side, they'll almost always totally glut their market with several Mazinger variations...
  3. Yeah. I don't think "shelf warmer" can be applied to the DX Roy at all. Shelf-Warmer usually indicates item is still readily available in regular import shops like Ami or HobbySearch or HLJ as "new". DX-Roy just ain't available as "new" from the regular import shops right now, so it ain't actually shelf-warming per se. As far as we know, it seems only the secondary-market have some sort of DX-Roy glut.
  4. DX VF-1D pictorial at hacchaka.net: https://hacchaka.net/archives/52072262.html samples:
  5. preorder for the b2five mospeada figures from Amiami: B2FIVE Genesis Climber Mospeada - Mospeada VR-052F Stick Type(Provisional Pre-order) B2FIVE Genesis Climber Mospeada - Mospeada VR-052T Ray Type(Provisional Pre-order) B2FIVE Genesis Climber Mospeada Blowsperior VR-041H Yellow Type(Provisional Pre-order) po-price is 6980y each 3/22 release-date
  6. Not just a rectal-thermo, but it is so very multi-purpose, indeed... 😝 pic courtesy of flapjack over at tfw-forum....
  7. Welp! Per TD thread and Dengeki Hobby site, seems RGM-79(G) has been officially revealed today at Nations Tokyo event: https://bbs.toysdaily.com/thread-466956-1-1.html more pics at https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/1314222/ sample:
  8. The way Bandai's done their official promo pics and page for it, might as well now call it VF-31ASS instead... 😝 .
  9. saw this recently from t-rex's tweet: https://twitter.com/t_features/status/1419973048417980416 from the video: Actually, they got some some other RDs and diorama earlier in the video... add/edit: btw, not sure if Bandai made a silent update on their options-page, but I don't remember spotting it before... https://tamashii.jp/item/13693/
  10. 😝 I tell yah. Reckon Bandai took more than a decade to properly respond to Yamato's legendary fold-dildo accessory with this rectal thermometer for the VF-31AX. At least, the yammie fold-dildo has a nifty disco-lightiing gimmick... 🥳
  11. I still don't trust ThreeZero's Scopedogs. I rather buy more from Artstorm/B2Five than buy any from ThreeZero. Are you planning of buying them again despite the risks of them breaking on you again? Were you even able to get all your previously broken ones replaced by them and/or by your vendor?
  12. Yup. Heck! The arm is not even removable for anime-accuracy! 😛
  13. Nope. I think he just misread the VF-19 joke in the other thread..
  14. B2Five's Marshy and Snappy delayed again (at least from amz-jp):
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