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  1. No, it's either SS86 or whatever the next trilogy is. I've been told that it's going to be a Voyager-class. But I do believe Fans Toys has a Blaster in the works.
  2. Ok, from the more credible source this time... Remember I said we're probably getting Blaster? Apparently there's something floating around Hasbro under the name Project Jam, and it's going to be a repaint of said new Blaster in a collaboration with a band. Leader-class Blitzwing will be making an appearance. I'm not ruling out SS86, but I'm hearing that it's probably in the next mainline trilogy. Hasbro is almost definitely taking a page from Newage's playbook and releasing a Galvatron retool as Straxus. It'll probably carry the old Darkmount name, though. The Insectico
  3. I saw some of the people working on the new Nickelodeon show, and based on their resumes, it looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better. Why they don't just get someone to animate More Than Meets the Eye is beyond me...
  4. So... rumors from sources that have usually turned out to be credible are telling me we're getting a Kingdom Road Rage from the Tracks mold, and it'll be a Target-exclusive. I'm also hearing that Skids will probably come out next year, in whatever the post-WFC trilogy is called. I'm also hearing that in 2022 the Bumblebee movie could feature heavily in the Studio Series line. What's interesting here is that we're not talking about something like a reissue of Prime but with a trailer, a more movie-accurate Bumblebee, or a redo on Shatter or Dropkick. Apparently, we're talking about the
  5. I know Shawn has a thread for bugs, but everything looks like it went smoothly from here, much more so than the last upgrade. If I hadn't know better I wouldn't even realize anything had changed.
  6. Just wait until I get my hands on the Sparkless Seeker. That'll be my 9th copy of the Siege Seeker mold...
  7. Repaint roundup. Got this pair via FedEx today. The one on the left is Deseeus Army Drone, and the one on the left is Sparkless Bot. Both are Deluxe-class figures from the (mostly) Walmart-exclusive Netflix War for Cybertron line. The Deseeus Army Drone is a repaint of Siege Ironhide, and comes with the same missile launcher/hammer accessory. Multiple identical copies of the drone appeared in the Earthrise portion of the Netflix series, and yeah, this is about what they looked like in the show. I'm not sure how he works into my CHUG shelf, since I've been using the WF
  8. Amusingly enough, this (the digital version, anyway) is actually what I'm playing right now. Abusing the save feature let me get through the first Castlevania (although I played it a ton when I was a kid, couldn't get past the mummies then), and this will be the first time I've seriously played Castlevania II. I'm determined to finish all the games in the collection. Really wish Konami would do more Castlevania collections. While I'd most love for them to do one with the six GBA and DS Metroidvanias, I think another collection with some of the other missing and occasionally more obscur
  9. I mean... if it weren't for the fact that my wife watches a lot of the Chinese content I'd probably cancel Netflix. Most of the shows I watched on it left for other streaming services, and their originals have become them throwing anything and everything at us in the hopes that something might get the kind of viral popularity that Tiger King did.
  10. Interesting. Although, that might have to do with Hasbro's push for more brand unification, and/or the Netflix series. I assume it's available on Japanese Netflix? Is he Jetfire or Skyfire in it? Regardless, the MP line is all Takara, and there's nothing for Hasbro to force them to align with, so I'm still forced to conclude that references to an MP "Skyfire" would almost certainly have to be the one in the G1 cartoon, not an MPM Jetfire.
  11. I remember seeing it in the theater, but for the life of me I can't remember who I'd have gone with. Yeah, it sucked pretty bad, but was somehow still closer to the games than the new MK movie. I'll go to my grave defending the '95 film, though. It was cheesy, it had a tiny budget, but it was fun and didn't take too many liberties with the plot of the first game, simple as it was.
  12. Plus, I didn't catch the ThreeZero thing this morning when I saw it. It seems unlikely that Takara contracted ThreeZero to do an MP figure (I'm guessing now that this Jetfire doesn't even transform). If Takara really is thinking about an MP Jetfire it doesn't rule out an MP G1 Jetfire. Actually, now that I think about it, the Figure King article about the upcoming MPs mentioned Skyfire (スカイファイア), but it seems that the Bayverse one is called Jetfire (ジェットファイア). Probably due to Hasbro's toy-first push we in the West have gotten used to using Jetfire interchangeably with Skyfire (the Valkyrie
  13. Ooooh. Seems we were getting excited for the wrong MP Jetfire.
  14. I mean, saying a humanoid reptilian should be a cgi lizard instead of what's depicted in the games because he's a reptile is like saying Sub-Zero should have been a cgi chimp instead of a human in a ninja suit because primates.
  15. I pre-ordered that Megatron. It's also worth pointing out that they seem to have the Netflix Deluxes in stock. I ordered Deeseus Drone and the rusty Barricade.
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