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  1. I liked the voice acting in Transformers Cyberverse which were also non union VAs. I think the voice direction for the WfC show is to blame for the abysmal performance (I‘m not saying they should use non union workers though). That and I think they try to stretch out the runtime of the show by… …talking… …extra… …slow…
  2. There were rumors floating around that Takara will do an MP Jetfire and everyone assumed it was the G1 version of the character.
  3. Yay, finally an Arrow Head figure for my video game shelf that I can buy: https://www.hlj.com/1-120-scale-r-type-r-9a-arrow-head-qsq84243 I hoe it is good and if so hopefully they will make more, like ships from Gradius/Nemesis, Parodius, Axelay, Super R-Type…
  4. Looks great. The pictures make me long for a Metal Build version of the Duel Gundam. Even if Yzak was a jerk.
  5. I wonder if the English release of Macross 7 will come with Fire Bomber American music.
  6. Nothing announced that I’m aware of. If it’s getting a release I would image a price north of 150,000 JPY since they can’t sell the Fin Funnels as add on sets and he is quite a bit more massive than the Nu.
  7. I appreciate the offer, I truly do but I fear that shipping it overseas might kill this. Looking at the USPS site every option seems expensive. Probably sticking to amazon might be the best. Do those ornaments sell out or are they hard to get?
  8. I need to get that Shockwave ornament for my Christmas tree this year. However I don’t know how to get it in Europe. I‘ve never seen anything branded Hallmark before in my country and the local website seems to be selling postcards.
  9. I want a Metal Build Skygrasper sooo bad. If Bandai needs to design it so it combines with the Strike or Astrays to sell it so be it. After having watched the entirety of Gundam Seed I‘m puzzled that we got the Gunbarrel and Lightning Striker before a Skygrasper.
  10. I’m confused that they don’t churn out more Zelda and Metroid variants.
  11. Yes, you are right. I have the Delta movie somewhere lying around here.
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