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  1. I‘m excited for Metroid Prime, the Brothership and Zelda game. I‘m a bit worried about the gimmicky nature of the Zelda game which already greatly disliked in TotK. I just want Zelda with the Master Sword hitting enemies but I guess that is what the ALttP Randomizer is for. No Silk Song though? Buuuh! Dragon Quest Remake might be a buy as well but I have no time to play it.
  2. I‘m surprised that Legacy Deluxe Optimus Prime is so close to G1. I would have expected the Evergreen design. And to be honest, not having a lot of nostalgia for G1 Prime, I think that looks quite bad and not aesthetically pleasing. I can understand why people are raving about Missing Link Convoy because they have that nostalgic link to the 80s toy design but to me that is missing in the Deluxe. Why not use it as ab opportunity to update the design of Prime to make the Legacy line more appealing to younger people.
  3. @mikeszekely it‘s good to see that these early 3rd party figures are not crumbling to dust almost 15 years later. It gives me some hope for the longevity of my collection.
  4. If I remember correctly from MP Lambor, Lamborghini was super particular about the red paint used and Takara had to create a new paint to match Lamborghini‘s license requirements (on the other hand the Technic Lamborghini Super Car looks nothing like the original). Also Jang mentioned in his video that red is already blocked for Ferrari models. Looking at official colors for the Countach yellow seems an option which would make it stand out on a shelf with other Icons cars (personally I‘m not a fan of yellow). So white might be the easier/saver choice. Shame that the Icons Porsche is also white.
  5. Yeah, the recent Fallout show made me realize that I need a Power Armor for my Pop Culture Smash themed shelf.
  6. Are there any announcements/rumors that ThreeZero will shrink down their 1/6 scale Fallout Power Armors to 1/12 scale? Akin to the MDLX line for their Transformers line or the half sized Metal Gear mechs.
  7. Images for the Lego Icons Lamborghini Countach are out and the set is available for preorder: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/lamborghini-countach-5000-quattrovalvole-10337 Not a fan of the color (will yellow) or the shape of the hood but I don’t know what you could do with lego bricks to get it right.
  8. It’s available now at AllTheAnime: https://www.alltheanime.com/products/macross-plus-ultimate-edition-blu-ray £99.99 with £15 shipping cost to continental Europe ($147/€135). Crunchyroll store: https://store.crunchyroll.com/products/macross-plus-movie-ova-blu-ray-ultimate-edition-5037899090312.html $189.99
  9. Is there a reference how big Overlord would be compared to God Ginrai? really want a good looking G1 Overlord but the original toy is so damn expensive. I don’t know if Takara is able to produce what I want though.
  10. Decided to place an order with amiami since it was still available for preorder in Europe this morning. I really want Tamashii Nations to make more Build Fighter Try suits.
  11. @M'Kyuun right, and even Hasbro is trying to unify even different universes into the G1 aesthetic and style with the main line. But somehow the premier collector line, the best Transformer possible is this hodgepodge of different elements.
  12. @Seto Kaiba to be fair every major event in Star Wars takes place on the same 5 planets so I assume those people are quite used to Jedi shenanigans while the rest of the Galaxy far far away has never seen nor heard of them.
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