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  1. I still have a lot of Playmobil toys from my childhood. I adore the medieval knights sets: To this day I prefer Lego over Playmobil but they where still fun toys.
  2. Oh, the armor parts sold out already on AE. I was too occupied with work to notice. Oh well, I will try to get one on release day. It is already a super expensive week. Had to pay for MP Shouki, SV-51 Nora, MB Eva-00 and K3 Rodimus.
  3. It is worth a try. Some companies have excellent after sales support. Even if this is not the case your retailer might have a junker he scalped for other parts. I don’t know how the after sales support for MS is though. I know how you feel. I have two breaks I inflicted on my toys that are super upsetting: one of the canards of my VF-19Advanced and the hip swing bar on my VF-25F Renewal. Just thinking about them makes me angry If anyone has junkers of both toys hit me up!
  4. Leader Skyquake might be a Voyager+ toy: a bit bigger than regular Voyagers (like Prime:Prime) and he comes with a big gatling gun, sword and extra zombie head. Maybe they came up with a neat transformation for a jet that is not a box under a plane and need the larger budget to pull it of. Could also be a pre-tool for a new Seeker mold if it is a G1-fied version of Prime Skyquake.
  5. Isn’t Spider-Man supposed to be black and red? So the blue is a highlight of the black spandex.
  6. As I wrote somewhere else the castle doesn’t come with enough knights with visored helmets and separate chest armor. Including three or more of those knights would have been an absolute draw for me buying the castle since those where my preferred knights as a kid. With just one knight done like this to me it’s a set that is expensive and will take up a lot of space (the castle itself looks very good though). So maybe I’ll buy it if it ever goes on clearance. [edit:] Saw more pictures of the castle and apparently the queen comes with a knight helmet with golden visor and another helmet is in the armory for the knight with the hair piece (which I mistook as the squire at first). That makes the set more interesting to me. Still not enough horses for all the knights. My own Lego castle is the one they released after the yellow one (6080). And four knights on horses is a must to me.
  7. I just noticed that I don’t have a second blue VF-31AX to display the Armor Parts.
  8. Does anyone know the day when the X-0 Full Cloth will be released in June? I have a preorder with Luna Park and I think I need to poke them a bit once the toy gets released in order to have it shipped.
  9. Since all add-on sets up to this point have been web exclusives there is a high possibility that this one will be too. Looks good. Why the orange missile covers though?
  10. That is a lot of silver. Would look nice with some panel lining. Maybe in a dark purple.
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