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  1. I already paid for mine at AE. I really hope they fix all the issues till then.
  2. It could also be the case that Bandai did skip a bunch of quality control steps because the thought they had the design down to a T. Like skipping test shots and other procedures because they are so similar. In the end the only thing we could check for ourselves would be the country of origin.
  3. Without a doubt. I was just interested why there seems to be sich a discrepancy between the VF-31 and the VF-31AX since it is a proven design and the VF-31 Siegfrieds from the show where pretty much perfect from a QC standpoint.
  4. The Amatsu Mina Princess in the Sky version.
  5. For those who have the toy in hand can you tell where it was manufactured? I know that the paperwork that comes with HLJ orders usually states the country of origin. That way I found out that my Metal Build Gold Frame was manufactured in the Czech Republic I believe. I heard Bandai is manufacturing some of the Dragonball S.H.Figuarts in Vietnam and the first runs had all kinds of QC issues. Same goes for the Takara Materpiece Hound who was allegedly produced in Vietnam too and was a QC nightmare.
  6. Without anything to compare it to the detailing on the train makes it looks ginormous. I know it will be tiny but still… Also is the roof of the train just dangling on the back of the leg?
  7. Kuma, are you planning to do a full review on the Victory Leo? I’m curious what you think about it. Love the Kuro Kara Kuro pictures. I’ve got my SG Prime this week and other than the choice painting parts of the figure black I can’t find any flaws. A dark gray would have looked so much better imho.
  8. Since the War for Cybertron line is the first (complete and) unified G1 cast in toy form that comes from one source with one design language/principle and behind it I think you can make the argument that this is the correct scale that these characters should have compared to one another. Especially since this is what the creators of the Transformers had in mind for the characters and the models are represented not only in toy form but also in official media. Maybe it is time to abandon the holy scale chart and create a better one from the WfC toys.
  9. Could be a bad combination of lighting and the inability of the camera to pick up purples correctly. Later in the video you can see a comparison to the red Astraea Type F and mine doesn’t look that red.
  10. Hey isn’t that the old geezer from Build Fighters (Try)? Is he cosplaying?
  11. I loved to play with my Playmobil toys as a kid. They are high quality. But I don’t understand their appeal for an adult. With Lego I greatly enjoy the building process which is mostly missing from Playmobil sets. If you like the Playmobil aesthetic I would say go for it. Otherwise a scale model of KITT might be the way to go especially if you are not interested in the human sidekicks. 😉
  12. I think this and Wheely where just pack ins to make the box big enough for the leader price point both in the perceived value and box size department. I would have preferred if they had included a sword instead of this useless box padding. At first glance The Exo Suit looks very similar to the one that came with MP Bumblebee V1.
  13. I tend to agree. My interest in the show dwindled a fair bit after the setup was complete. After that it felt formulaic: wandering around doing good deeds, repeat. Still have two more episodes to watch so this can change. I think the Isekai nature of the show doesn’t serve any purpose besides keep him going in the beginning but he could that impetus from somewhere else like the love for his foster parents. Whereas in Jobless Reincarnation the past life has a severe impact on Rudys character. As I said I have two more episodes to watch so maybe this will change.
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