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Found 13 results

  1. Figured I'd relaunch our videogame discussion topic with the news that I've finally platinum'd Gundam Extreme Vs. Is anyone else still playing? There's some epic hilarity to be had playing through ranked online. Also, I'm not sure how much longer it'll be up (may expire at midnight), but Motorstorm RC for the Vita is/was a free full game download today.
  2. Looks like I’ll be picking up a PS4 in late October.
  3. what is your most anticipated game and why is it Cyberpunk 2077? e3 reveal trailer 48min gameplay trailer
  4. I could have sworn there was a topic for this game, but it appears this will be the first thread for X-COM: Enemy Unknown. For me, this video game kinda came out of nowhere; in development for 4 years, I wasn't even aware it existed until 2012. Since the early part of this year I've been following this game and each new video looks better and better. Details are as follows: A reimagining of the original 1994 PC Game UFO- Enemy Unknown (aka, X-COM: UFO Defense in North America) Turn-based squad game Made by Firaxis (makers of Civilization) Release date is October 9, 2012 Available for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Premiere video game website Giant Bomb just released a "Quick Look" at the new game and it's everything an X-COM fan could hope for. I just finished watching this almost hour-long video and I wanted to share the love. http://www.giantbomb...nknown/17-6601/ Pre-orders are available now from most of the major game distributors, including digital via Steam. Check it out!
  5. Hey everyone, I am not really sure if this fits in here, but the "off-topic" area should be good as this probably works under Science Fiction. Yesterday the trailer for the newest installment of Call of Duty was released. Except for the first Black Ops, Call of Duty was mostly a let down for me since Modern Warefare. Somehow this trailer made me interested again. Spoilers ahead if you didn't watch the trailer yet: I think I am going to try this one. Not on day one, but when it is on a Steam Sale or something else. What are your thoughts? PS: I know CoD is always something people start to argue about, so please be nice to each other.
  6. Haven't seen a topic about this one yet, but it looks like Bungie is beginning the advance marketing for its new game titled Destiny. The game is a FPS, but looks like a lot more with a much broader, more interactive game environment and social network considerations. A new look at the game has been released: http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/bungie-talks-about-destiny/2300-7056/ This looks like a great new project. It feels like a lot of the creativity from this studio is once again at the forefront for Destiny. They may just have more to them than Halo, which would be a nice surprise. Anyone else interested?
  7. Looks pretty damn cool IMO. Didn't think the colony would still be there though....unless it was farther from the atmosphere processing plant than originally thought. Still gonna pick this up. Trailer looks fantastic. http://ingame.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/09/01/7544289-decades-later-aliens-gets-a-sequel-you-can-play Chris
  8. can anyone recommend any gundam related games? Online is preferred
  9. A few weeks ago Steam had a sale from which I purchased this game called Dust: An Elysian Tail for about $7 (regular $15). The game had some of the best reviews of last year. With the exception of Fez it had been over a decade since the last time a 2D platform game with brightly-colored anthropomorphic characters caught my attention in any positive way. Having just finished Dust, I have to say I am sure glad I took a chance to buy this on sale because this game is incredible. I sunk almost 30 hours into the game and can't recommend it enough. I'd purchase this game for $20 and have no regrets. The game play is very metroidvania, using that familiar style of map progression for each location you explore and featuring light RPG elements that enable the player to build the character of Dust and collect treasure and items to enhance Dust's abilities. You have a flying companion named Fidget who has some basic magical abilities which Dust can then interact with using his enchanted sword to create storms of magical attacks. The combat is fun, varied and extremely addictive. The game uses a combo system in which Dust can combine various types of maneuvers into strings of spinning, jumping and whirling destruction. When combined with Fidgets magic attacks, Dust can achieve impressive visual onslaughts that light up the screen. Thanks to a very simple and elegant control scheme, the combo system is very easy to learn and reliably perform from one battle to the next. As you progress, Dust will gain new abilities and while most are familiar staples of platform games (the double jump, the slide, etc) they are all implemented exceptionally well. Developer Humble Hearts knows how important game control is and has built the game in such a way that playing the character of Dust is like a dream; smooth, responsive and reliable. Graphically Dust looks, plays and feels like a 2D Platform Game given the Triple-A developer treatment despite it's indie origins. Dust enjoys similar benefit of modern technology applied to a 2D engine in the vein of Mark of the Ninja. Every screen is dense, filled with animation, detail and a deep illusion of dimension. Dust goes straight for high definition in all the character, level and effects design. This is a game in high resolution with gorgeous animation and effects of a level that we all desperately wanted 15 years ago playing our Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The player character, the NPCs and enemies all look fluidly animated and the levels and effects are given just as much attention. Locations with snow, rain, wind, fire, lava and other visually striking effects are fully realized in stunning detail, each of which have an effect on game play. Dust is also fully scalable and some sequences in the game have the frame pulled far back to display your tiny player appearing in front of beautiful, immense vistas or enormous statues in the background all displayed in sharp, high-resolution graphics. I give "Dust: An Elysian Tail" 5 out of 5. Immersive, funny, silly, gorgeous, exciting, challenging and non-stop fun: Dust: An Elysian Tail pretty much has it all. If you're interested in taking a break from all the dark, gritty and realistic modern shooters and RPGs to enjoy some lighter, addictive retro-re-imagined fun then Dust is just the game for you. Available on PC via Steam and X-Box 360 via X-Box Live.
  10. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a standalone game chock full of 80's awesomeness. Starring Michael Biehn as "Sergeant Rex Power Colt" TAKE MY 15 BUCKS NOW! (Comes out April 29th for PS3, May 1st for PC and 360) Reveal Trailer First 15 minutes by IGN (SPOILERS! But totally awesome!)
  11. KOJIMA PROJEXT "NEXT" Joystiq.com: Kojima website updates with countdown and mysterious "5" 1up.com: Kojima Productions Teaser Site: Is That A "5"? IGN.com: MGS5 Announcement Coming This Week? The webpage source code reveals only these clues: "Hideo Kojima, MGS,METAL GEAR, NEXT, game, konami, kojima game, KJP, Kojima Production" Thunder and lightning? Is it Raiden? Is it all just a ruse? Might this end up being an entirely different IP? Stay tuned!
  12. Is anyone playing Halo 4? I've only played the first two campaign missions and so far I like what I see. The play control is smooth and you can tell 343 wanted this to be a faster paced game. The music also reflects this by urging you to jump in and shoot everything CQB style as opposed to playing the range game and picking off enemies from a far. As with every other installment of the series it's quite a feast for the eyes. All the exterior areas have a grand scale to them always alluding to what's beyond the horizon. Interior areas have vaulted ceilings that make you wonder what else is up there and everything is saturated with Forerunner technology. The new weapons are definitely interesting. I like that you can used either the Battle Rifle or the DMR. You can even customize your loadouts in Spartan Ops to carry two primary weapons if you wanted. The Forerunner weapons great to watch form in your hand once you pick them up and they expand and contract when you reload so that you can insert the new magazine. Spartan Ops I've had some good co-op fun with so far. You can fully customize your Spartan like you could in Reach but the character models are far superior this time. You can unlock and assign equipment packages in a Call of Duty type system. These equipment packages range from unlimited sprint to carrying two primary weapons. I personally won't be actively playing the multiplayer. I love my co-op gameplay to keep things fun while multiplayer tends to just piss me off. All in all, I really like it so far and look forward to some Legendary runs with my friends. Also feel free to send me a friend request if you have a gold account. Always looking forward to playing games with my fellow Macross fans.
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