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  1. You know you are a Macross Fan when you’re looking at pictures of an Airshow demo popping flares but you see Itano Circus!
  2. I sometimes wish they did do that. Their XL Enterprise A or Refit can’t remember which, is a travesty and FAR LESS accurate than the standard ones. An upscale version with better paint would’ve been much better then what they put out. Chris
  3. For me, I’ve noticed that pretty much every Star Ship has good and bad angles and that last picture above of the Nebula is awesome! The Neb’s look bad ass from that angle! Chris
  4. Some of these shorts are pretty good. This one I really liked...a quick little short story.
  5. Whilst not a fan of the movie designs for the most part I do appreciate cool pieces of engineering and finish. That looks amazing! Chris
  6. @pengbuzz your Tomcat is looking awesome! Chris
  7. Yeah, I too was disappointed they both are continuing. Just to be clear, my post above was “tongue and cheek” sarcasm. Chris
  8. Wait! Maybe it was the nightmares of a kelpian child that sent temporal ripples through the tachyon field which destabilized the Star at a quantum level accelerating its destabilization. Since this originated nearly a thousand years in the future the nature of Tachyons and their interactions with the temporal field dynamics caused the destabilization to increase exponentially. This way it can circle back to ONE ship...ONE crew....
  9. I thought the same thing....along with how long until the AF removes them again. Lol Chris
  10. Yeah the idea that these massive EMPIRES that individually more than rival the Federation can’t take care of themselves is idiotic too. As for TUDC, while I still do like the movie quite a bit the one line that always bugged me...even when I was a kid and saw it in the Theater was when the Klingons, while dining with Kirk and company, called the Federation (Which is a multi species government) a Homosapiens only club. I was like “Uh, how many other species are in the KLINGON Empire?” And if there are others in the Empire I seriously doubt they are free or treated well. Same goes for
  11. The whole story behind season 1 is just....just so far fetched or nonsensical. The Romulan story which I still can’t get behind and Picard’s “protest” as the Federation DID attempt to build a rescue fleet but then suffered a devastating attack that not only destroyed said fleet but also one of if not the main fleeet shipyard and a crucial colony of the Federation. But we are supposed to think the Federation is bad because they didn’t want to allocate resources, AGAIN, in the wake of that attack. Just dumb politics being forced in. I couldn’t watch more of the show beyond ep 3 or 4 but from
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