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  1. Am I missing something, isn’t this display only? Meaning this is not coming out? Chris
  2. I am so freaking tempted to get that new Eiffel Tower. It just looks so awesome…. It I have no where to put it. maybe later this year…. Chris
  3. That looks great William! I’ve been tempted to try Vonado or one of the others as I really want a B5 Omega class destroyer, but I keep chickening out as I don’t trust those Chinese bootleg stores.🤷🏻‍♂️ Chris
  4. Man I lost my access to this show just before the BIG (I’m guessing escape) episode a couple weeks ago. It’s killing me not getting to watch and keep up with things. Been avoiding spoilers this far. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up soon. Chris
  5. Yeah, I was going to say the same….and even with the custom molds for the COBI I still think the Brickveteran Corsair looks a lot better. The COBI one looks like a Playmobile toy to me. To each their own though 🤷🏻‍♂️ Chris
  6. WOW! I’ve always had a thing for the Eiffel Tower and that looks beautiful. But holy crap is that thing massive. I think LEGO is going a bit overboard on the sizes of some of these sets now. As much as I’d like that there’s just no way I could find anywhere to put it. Chris
  7. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like I was accusing you either. Just meant it as a generalization.
  8. The P-63 has notoriously bad visibility. A retired USAF fighter pilot summed it up well with what he believes happened. The P-63 was following his lead ahead and to his left. Since he is in a good left bank and likely watching his lead fighter (that could be seen flying by ahead of the B-17 in some of the available videos) the P-63 could not see the B-17 at all. Still there is some form of failure in planning or controlling the flyby’s as they shouldn’t have been this close in the first place. IMO a lack of situation and spatial awareness. Just wanted to point this out as many think the P-63 just flew right into the bomber without looking, when it was actually in a total blind spot from very early on in it’s turn. Chris
  9. You win Meme Monday! Love it. Chris
  10. Yeah, too bad it doesn’t have flaps down for when the wings are folded. I was a total sucker though. One I first went to the page it said 9 available and when I checked back a couple hours later it was down to 4 and they got me. Lol Chris
  11. Oh man the Brickveteran Corsair looks so nice…I couldn’t resist and pulled the trigger on one. There were only 4 left and didn’t want to miss out. Chris
  12. Another solid episode for me, though I was surprised nothing big happened. Usually the 3rd episode of each 3 episode block seemed to be the action episode. I wonder if they are saving for something special in the last 3 episodes…more than just the prison break. Man I really love this show. Too bad it seems to be getting overlooked. Chris
  13. So I just remembered that TMP actually established this already…what impulse speed is like. When Enterprise leaves dry dock it is using thrusters. Once she is departed the dock and is leaving orbit, Scotty informs the bridge that impulse power is available and Kirk tells Sulu to engage impulse engines ahead warp factor .5. The engines light up and Kirk orders departure view and Earth is falling into the distance very quickly. At 2:20 TWoK and TSfS started using that ahead 1/4 impulse power as an initial speed and it being really slow. TUC kind of changed it back were it should be. I love this redux. I too want to see more. Chris
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