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  1. Love the Elfman Batman score being used in the beginning too. Chris
  2. I can’t help but hear “Because I’m Batman…Because I’m Batman…Because I’m Batman” From HISHE to the beat of the music at the end of the trailer. Lol 😂 Chris
  3. I love that it is in-scale with the Lego Statie of Liberty. Can pair them together to not only give a sense of scale but kind of as a “What if” scene of Titanic reaching her destination. Chris
  4. I’m seriously tempted by the Titanic. Damn that is awesome. Chris
  5. Yeah, that is surprisingly softly detailed for that scale. I’m curious as to the price, though, I missed that Chris
  6. Dang, I completely forgot about this show. Guess I’ll be getting Netflix back for Dec. Lock and Key season 2 will be out by then, this, and then the Witcher. I’ll have some stuff to watch over my vacation! Chris
  7. Exactly! Though, smaller I’d imagine….like the saucer/main hull rim is only 1 deck thick. Chris
  8. Never been a big fan of the Romulan BoP, it always looked more like it should be a Federation ship to me. Like a smaller patrol vessel instead of a capital ship like the Connies. That being said the model looks pretty nice. Congrats. Chris
  9. This new line has Rex and most of the others non feathered. The only ones that are are confirmed to be feathered through the fossil record. Take a look Chris
  10. The science of Paleontology is always evolving. The feather debate for the larger Tyrannosaurs such as T-Rex, Tarbosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Albertosaurus, and Daspletosaurus has shifted back to non feathered. Skin impressions show very small scales on multiple different locations of their bodies. Some smaller more primitive species where feathered and the “Raptors” where also feathered. Like I said above the Carnosaurs such as Allosaurus, Giganatosaurus, Carcharldontosaurus, etc. where never thought to be feathered. Chris
  11. Newest episode is really clever. No spoken dialog….until the very end. Really enjoy this show. Chris
  12. Omg that looks horrendous. They actually made an F-15 look like one of those cheap 80’s plastic toys. Bleh Chris
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