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  1. Sorry meant the “modern day” main 3. The past sequence 3 aren’t bad. The modern day guy, the son (I forget his name), isn’t too terribly bad either. Chris
  2. I have to agree with this. The show is pretty good but the main 3 “young” people are so unlikeable. Kurt, Wyatt, and the Monarch nerd guy are the only people I like. Chris
  3. Yeah, the mains are there and “technically” can be position down but it’s just balancing on them and not secure and they will collapse with the slightest touch. Chris
  4. I just finished the Skyraider. What a nice kit! This is the second Brick Veteran kit I’ve bought, the first being the F4U Corsair. This is a much nicer kit. The Corsair is very delicate and the landing gear can not be deployed. While the A-1 has folding wings and fully functional landing gear…a space saver for sure. It is also very solid and less finicky than the Corsair. If you have the funds I highly recommend the Skyraider kit when the inevitable Navy version is done. Chris
  5. Yeah, I’m looking forward to the Sulaco. It looks really nice. On a different note, UPS just delivered this little bad boy from Brick Veteran.
  6. It’s funny you brought these up. I ordered a bunch of these over the past few weeks. Just waiting for them to arrive. I ordered the Large Voyager (pictured), then the Large Bird of Prey (pictured) and a mid scale Aliens drop ship, then the Large scale Enterprise D and the mid scale Constellation, and lastly the just released Large Enterprise E (pictured) and the mid scale Defiant (which appears to be about the same scale as the Voyager) Chris
  7. I received mine a couple of weeks ago and I love it! Chris
  8. Ornithopter pre-ordered!! Would love to see the Harkonen version too. Chris
  9. I haven’t seen Godzilla vs Kong. Is it required viewing? Last one I saw was Godzilla King of Monsters. Chris
  10. Definitely getting this one! But the pictures of the cockpit remind me of the age old question…..where do her legs go? Even if they wanted to make a full figure I don’t see how she could “really” fit in the darn thing.🤷🏻‍♂️ Chris
  11. UCS Venator has finally been revealed! $650 Oct 1 https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/venator-class-republic-attack-cruiser-75367
  12. I didn’t see this posted but may have missed it. It’s a few years old but was made by one guy! Sorry if it’s old news. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O7hgjuFfn3A&pp=ygUIYXN0YXJ0ZXM%3D
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