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  1. That amp board is an odd duck. It looks like it may have been an off-the-shelf unit back when the cockpit was designed, but I can't find anything quite like it currently available. It's based on dual TPA3118 chip amps, with one half (powering the bass side) probably in a bridged mono mode to boost power output. You can commonly find 2.1 (stereo + single channel sub) and 5.1 (4 channel stereo + single channel sub) amplifier boards, but the configuration above is uncommon for a single pcb. It would still be easy to replace, and pretty inexpensive to do so. You'd just have to use two or more separate amp boards, along with a standalone bluetooth module.
  2. Thanks Seto, that all makes good sense. I think that what kind of threw me for a loop is that going by the existing materials, it's implied that those dual pylons are never to be used on the inner hardpoints, and it seems like Master Files makes that explicit in their station charts. Probably, as you say, it has to do with clearance for different configurations of equipment and mode. Thanks!
  3. Lol. Could be, though I'd guess (hope?) that the reaction weapons aren't armed until well away from the vessel
  4. This is probably a dumb and elementary question, but why is it that on the VF-1 dual-mount RMS-1 pylons are placed at the outer wing hardpoints? Wouldn't you usually want to keep unexpended mass closer to the centerline of the vehicle for reasons of flight trim, balance, thrust alignment and inertial response? Is it just the case that this positioning is to allow greater flexibility in wing geometry when swept? I was looking at the Master Files materials and recognize that the later-block models may have had additional hardpoints in comparison to earlier models (eg; three single-pylon installations), but the basic configuration is still generally consistent with having more RMS ordinance located toward the outer extremities of the wing. I am unable to read the accompanying text from the books. Yamato, Arcadia and Bandai all seem to follow this convention with their toys, although Hasegawa and some other model kits seem to follow the later-block vision with multiple single hardpoints.
  5. I recently picked up one of these KOs. Same QC issues everybody else has mentioned upthread - some overly tight joints, tolerances off in other ways affecting general fit & finish, and on mine the right hand trigger finger was glued solid at the hinge. Did some minor disassembly and cleanup to fix some of the worst of it, and on the whole it's not terrible. For a VF-1S in Strike dress for less than the cost of a used Yammie/Arcadia, I'm happy enough with it. Paint on the 1S is non-premium, but the Strike packs were fully marked with stickers included for the skull roundels. Also grabbed the clear option parts for the extra $12. I do like all of the extra option parts that came with the basic valk: neck cover, pilot seat equipped neck cover, side fillers, and for whatever reason, two sets of fixed-pose TV hands.
  6. Cheers, Stampeed Valkyrie. I'm very enthused to get to follow along with your project! The Dynamo cab is really a great basis for it. Please keep the updates coming. On the control panel, I don't think the swiss cheese factor is all that bad - the buttons don't need a ton more local support than a plexi overlay will provide on it's own, and it looks like you've still got some metal under them. I like your idea to shift the controls over to the right a bit and to tighten up the button spacing. I'd see how much panel flex you get with the sticks mounted where you've projected them in those large openings - I'll bet it works out fine with the existing panel. Aero Fighters is a fun shmup in it's own right, have you tried running that pcb too?
  7. One of the regulars over at BYOAC did a dedicated SSFM conversion with his own art some years back and documented the build in this thread. Same unit and builder appears in the YT video below. Given that you're already launching into your own project you've probably already found Yotsuya's example on the web, but figured it was worth posting just in case you hadn't. Like you, he was not that impressed by the official conversion kit art materials.
  8. RIP Lt. Savik Very sad. I had been unaware of Kirstie's battle with cancer. I loved her roles in Star Trek and Cheers.
  9. @ChristopherB Full disclosure: I do not own any of these anymore, and I think we may have spoken about them in the past. I had a good start on collecting the Heavy Weapons series, but ended up with only six of the kits. At that point the Hikaru and Roy 3-mode kits were the ones I was really after. There was a period during which I just couldn't find any of them, and gradually lost vigilance in the search. That's why I'm so impressed by the complete collection of these you've assembled - really great job, which I know took some dedication! Photos of my old ARII 1/100 HEWAT collection, such as it was Also some miscellaneous other ARII 1/100 Valkyrie kits.
  10. Damn. RIP, Ray. His performance in Something Wild punched a hole through my pysche as a teen; that movie shocked me. He played probably the first truly sociopathic character I'd ever seen (or had at least understood) in media, and made me realize that they exist in real life too. He was a great talent.
  11. Aw man. Dude was a part of the tapestry, really enjoyed his movies. Time Rider haha... He had the best line of the movie in The Right Stuff, but I won't repeat it here 😐 RIP Fred.
  12. Apologies for the late entry here. Really incredible ChristopherB!. Good show man. I had a good number of those kits (will have to see if I can dig up the picture), but you've really done the impossible here. I just love the packaging and artwork of these kits, and they were fun to build too. Mind's blown that you managed to track them all down!
  13. That's a really great-looking model. Thanks for the backstory and background info on it, much appreciated! I think I remember the OG Shuttle set you mention, although I think it came on the scene a while after my prime building years (Classic Space and Expert Builder were my jam, up to about 1985). Here's to hoping that your new parts arrive in a timely manner and that you share lots of photos from your build 😀 👍
  14. Hah, thanks! Kawamori and Miyatake-san are great teachers. I had enough fun on that little guy that I picked up another set today after work, a Technic McLaren Senna GTR which was on sale at Target. I was big into Lego until my teen years, so it'll be fun to reconnect a bit with the hobby. Very impressive stuff on your Shuttle system! Is it a derivative of an official set, or something that you or other fans have designed? (Apologies, I'm a bit out of touch with the modern Lego ecosystems.) Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Orbiter!
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