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  1. Those are a new one on me as well. Thanks for the info!
  2. One of the most interesting things to me about the 1/100 kit (I mean, aside from the fact of its existence!) is that the 1/100 has a separate canopy part, more like a scaled-down 1/55 than a straight copy of the Takatoku or Bandai 1/100 toy.
  3. I was just going to suggest Walken for all roles. Pretty much the only way that I'd enthusiastically listen to a dub.
  4. RIP Carl. Really bummed to hear of his passing. His career in acting was great from start to finish.
  5. Hiriyu

    1/55's revisited

    Ah yes, the Fourgroid.
  6. Hiriyu

    1/55's revisited

    Glad to see you're still around @kanata67. Do you still have my old 1/100 "funky gun" VF-1 bootleg?
  7. You're hired. Have the draft ready by next Tuesday.
  8. That would actually be a cool storyline to explore: In the far future, a newly spacefaring PC-descended species discovers a long-derelict Factory Satellite rigged for variable fighter production. Giant WTF moment occurs.
  9. Those kits look great, 505th. Would have loved to see a little 25mm Gunbuster to go with the Exelion!
  10. I cannot read Kanji, but the Bandai/Victor copyright notice at the bottom suggests that it may have been from a soundtrack album release.
  11. That's interesting, had not heard of that explanation before, but it's a good one.
  12. Pretty clever! Sounds like you've basically abstracted the HUD control to a driver, so that if/when a game is changed or updated you simply update the 'driver' and everything else still works as it had?
  13. Those fixed-mode kits are looking really close to the old ARII 1/100s.
  14. According to the product page, the Eltreum model is nearly 14" long! Will definitely be thinking about committing to them, and agreed, they do look cool. I had the GX-34 and it was pretty phenomenal. I hope you do get your wish of a rerelease.
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