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  1. Well, I believe that we need whatever we can to help, even with helping out the subtitling (i.e. foreign language Subtitles such as Spanish, French, German, Korean, etc.)
  2. I think that there should be a campaign to bring Macross Series and Movies to other parts of the world besides the U.S. For Example, Macross Delta Absolute Live!!!!!! is highly demanded for Latin America so the hashtag on twitter would be #MacrossLATAM
  3. I have a theory on why there hasn’t been an announcement for a Blu-Ray release of Macross Plus yet is that BIGWEST is in the middle of a deal with some company (don’t know who but I think that they are going to be spending a hefty amount of money just to license it) Also, I think that the license is in a bidding war with companies like Crunchyroll, Amazon or Netflix trying to nab the license
  4. Well, at WonderCon 2022. They announced that Fathom Events is bringing the Macross Frontier movies to theaters
  5. It would take time for everything to get released. I think that what Creative Sphere is working on (that they can’t say because NDA) would make fans happy.
  6. I think that who would be BIGWEST’s distribution partner would either be Right Stuf or GKIDS
  7. I hope that we get a Blu-Ray release of Macross Delta for the North American fans
  8. We had to share the title with Batman
  9. If Big West were to make a remaster or a remake of an old Macross game(s), what would you like to see what game(s) would get the treatment? Me personally, I would like for Macross VF-X games get remade (fixing a couple of issues while updating the graphics). Also, it would be a good idea to finally release these games to the West.
  10. Zethus

    Uta Macross!

    Who thinks that Uta Macross would get an international version?
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