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  1. Beautiful metealic paint schemes in these twin builds: https://twitter.com/MyKilling/status/1788104952826794319
  2. So awesome I'm gonna steal that display idea! ๐Ÿ˜œ Seriously good paint job on that kit too.
  3. From the machine translation of the post it looks like it was done with a 3D printer. "Milia is homemade. I was a complete beginner who had just bought a 3D printer, so it was extremely difficult, but if a large quadruple low is possible in this day and age, I definitely wanted to give it a try (thank you Hasegawa)."
  4. Yep the bike and rider in those pics totally look like rendered images. Nice looking pics, but I don't think they have a whole lot of value when it comes to making a decision.
  5. Yeah, the PX06 moniker and that JAN code are both for the fighter kit. Funny thing is when I translate the page @Anasazi37 linked to into English (using the 'laguage' button on the bottom of the page) all the info about the fighter kit disappears, and it just shows the Rei Ayanami, the 2 Dougram kits, And the Asuka Langley product delays -- weird !
  6. That says "fighter" and my per-orderofthe battroidkit has a different JAN code, namely : 4545784013502. So, are we sure that delay notice is for the battroid kit??
  7. You're kidding, right? As for the changes in position or the holes. This was hand drawn animation remember.
  8. Really great build! The cockpit detail is exceptional. And the canopy itself looks spectacular! Congrats on a job well done and a beautifully finished kit.
  9. When he gets hit: Visible in transformation as he falls from the sky: And when he comes to a stop ( after destroying the Studio Nue building) in battroid mode amongst the rubble: And after he gets back on his feet: And in episode two:
  10. I was thinking that it looks like it would be a great solution for resin kits!
  11. Nothing to say about the relative legitimacy of the video, but I was very interested in that UV curing 'glue' he used. Anybody here have experience with that category of product? I imagine it's a special formulation of a UV resin, รก-la 3-D printer resin. Looks like it could be useful for gap filling/ rebuilding parts.
  12. Nice work salvaging that resin kit. Looks like it needed a lot of work! You did a really good job with what many would have abandoned. You should be proud of it. It turned out looking really good!
  13. Try this link. Scroll down and look at the Pick and Pack Foam, or the Convoluted Foam. I just always save the packing material from stuff I order or purchase always have lots lying around. https://www.uline.ca/Grp_18/Foam?pricode=DB055&AdKeyword=packaging foam&AdMatchtype=e&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiArfauBhApEiwAeoB7qEO61VrwLqij9PRVbqVbaDQrRc_rIHYncOV-bbxrViXMBqQY-RaHdRoCqiMQAvD_BwE That's a canadian site by the way๐Ÿ‘
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