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  1. Nice cover indeed. Pity the interior art pales in comparison. Wondering what will it take for them to release a better compilation book for the classics for the TV and OVAs? Seems those series should be due a new book or two.
  2. Wow! Such a project of devotion. Thank you for creating and sharing this. Looking forward to seeing more. Thank you! 👍
  3. Missed the HA action did anyone pick anything up? Agreed about nothing ruining the potential gains, but the who knows, something is always a brewing. Be safe friends.
  4. Nice book! Great addition JVmacross. Bet you have most of the merchandise referenced in the book.
  5. Surprising there aren't more kitchen ware stuff for Macross since the increase of popularity of Frontier and Delta. No Macross love in the kitchen.
  6. Nice add jvmacross. How much exposure does that site get Mokman? If it isn't popular the price might not reach higher levels. Will you bid?
  7. Nice Macross Zero posters don't get much love.
  8. Congratulations mokuji! Do you have a RS gallery? RS is down again so if you can share the url it would be great. Thanks!
  9. Nice! Didn't pick anything up, did anyone else?
  10. It is not uncommon for sellers to buyback a cel or even original comic art from a buyer when they consider selling. Often the buyer gives the seller a courtesy heads up and a first chance before listing online. Actually done this more than a few times. This might seem strange to some, but this practice is akin to keeping an interested buyers list, and notifying the individuals before listing. YMMV.
  11. Ah. Wish you offered it back to me at what I charged you, as I would've bought it back.
  12. Did not mean Keanu was doing the film for the cash grab, rather the studios. Studio interviews claim the trilogy was originally going to be about Neo's Resurrection. But the lengthy timeline gap does not lend any justification why this film even needs to be made now. Really hope they delve into the Matrix world instead of merely doing a soft reboot with an amnestic Neo.
  13. Yuppers, Ghibli art resells differently than Macross artworks, Btw, didn't even notice you were posting sold art & cel prices in another thread! 😏 Could you post the sold art and cel stuff in this thread instead? Thanks! Notice there is zero art discussion in the other thread, but here it is one of the main hot topics. Just a thought and request if you will. Some nice DYRL cels sold recently. Good prices. Wow, even the DYRL I sold to ZenAmako sold for much more than triple what I charged him. 😛 This TV cel was a possible fake, Super Dimension Fortress Macross Hikaru Ichijo Misa Hayase - 42,000 JPY https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h576110679
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