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  1. Congratulations mokuji! Do you have a RS gallery? RS is down again so if you can share the url it would be great. Thanks!
  2. Nice! Didn't pick anything up, did anyone else?
  3. It is not uncommon for sellers to buyback a cel or even original comic art from a buyer when they consider selling. Often the buyer gives the seller a courtesy heads up and a first chance before listing online. Actually done this more than a few times. This might seem strange to some, but this practice is akin to keeping an interested buyers list, and notifying the individuals before listing. YMMV.
  4. Ah. Wish you offered it back to me at what I charged you, as I would've bought it back.
  5. Did not mean Keanu was doing the film for the cash grab, rather the studios. Studio interviews claim the trilogy was originally going to be about Neo's Resurrection. But the lengthy timeline gap does not lend any justification why this film even needs to be made now. Really hope they delve into the Matrix world instead of merely doing a soft reboot with an amnestic Neo.
  6. Yuppers, Ghibli art resells differently than Macross artworks, Btw, didn't even notice you were posting sold art & cel prices in another thread! 😏 Could you post the sold art and cel stuff in this thread instead? Thanks! Notice there is zero art discussion in the other thread, but here it is one of the main hot topics. Just a thought and request if you will. Some nice DYRL cels sold recently. Good prices. Wow, even the DYRL I sold to ZenAmako sold for much more than triple what I charged him. 😛 This TV cel was a possible fake, Super Dimension Fortress Macross Hikaru Ichijo Misa Hayase - 42,000 JPY https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h576110679
  7. Expect a lot of CG, stunt doubles, and disappointed original anime fans. Keep up the stellar work NFLX.
  8. Enjoy Keanu but this fourth installment seems needless and a cash grab. Does anyone else keep seeing John Wick? Would it have killed them to change his appearance more?? Geezus. Will watch it just for him and hope the story is not a predictable and boring plot.
  9. The original Megazone23 OVA had IMO the best character designs from the series. Unfortunately they decided to go with a highly jarring and different character designs. Japanese anime fans did not respond favorably to the subsequent OVAs. Also it is interesting art from OVA 1 are the most sought after by collectors and command the highest prices. Must be a funny coincidence, right? Dangaioh OVAs are fantastic from character and mecha design perspectives! Kawamori and Obari lend their considerable mecha talents. The character designs by Toshihiro Hirano are top notch and showcase his brilliance. The anime is a visual masterpiece IMO, however, the story is fairly simple. My advice just enjoy the awesome visuals and music. Ghibli art has soared to the highest levels mainly due to increased global demands. That said, if you have not watched Ghlibi films and you can handle darker mature themes, consider Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa, and Laputa. Note the art from these series are generally 25+ years old and are not in the best condition. So there is that little detail that may give you pause if considering jumping into collecting Ghibli art. Good luck and happy hunting gents.
  10. The episodes are damn short (less than 20 minutes) filled mainly with asinine filler, expositions, posing, and inane reactions by stupid characters (Goll). Watching the series and the animation is very stiff, far too many held frames with little to no actual animation. The fight sequences are boring AF mainly due to the lengthy flashbacks detailing character histories. Far too much time is spent on the other filler/audience characters reactions. 🤦‍♂️ The story premise has been done before, ala YuYuHakusho, where the champions of Earth battle for the survival of its inhabitants against 'gods'. 🥱
  11. The classic character designs in M23 OVA1 by Hirano and Mikimoto remain the most memorable and popular for good reason. When most fans watch M23 they fondly refer to OVA1, not the subsequent OVAs.
  12. Zero expectations this will be a good action film. Tony Leung is a fantastic dramatic actor and I thoroughly enjoy his older dramatic works. But physically Tony is stiff, tiny, and unbelievable as an overpowering martial arts master/action star. Yes he did The Grandmaster film, but the action sequences while beautifully filmed, bordered on fantasy and superhero powers. Tony's Grandmaster film competed with IMO the far superior IP MAN film by Donnie Yen and it was not as well received by audiences compared to any of Donnie Yen's IP MAN films. Audiences watch Donnie Yen because he looks awesome and highly believable as a martial artist/action performer. Inorder to make Tony even closely believable DIS needs to use tons of wire-fu, cuts, and edits. Simply put, Tony is horribly out of his element and he was miscast; it is like casting Jacky Chan to do Shakespeare's MacBeth. 🤮 Simu Liu is considerably more believable as the main lead, opposite of Tony. It helps he possesses some martial arts training and the physique. He can do comedy so not too concerned if he is believable. Time will tell how audiences will receive this film, but I have mixed to low hopes.
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