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  1. @treker14 Nice Macross cel additions to your collection!
  2. Cautiously optimistic, but remain skeptical until solid details are revealed and we observe further developments.
  3. That is what every cel collector laments and says at least once.
  4. @jvmacross Gotcha! Your awesome collection is massive so it totally makes sense! PSA: Heritage Auctions has an upcoming auctions with loads of production anime cels with backgrounds and drawings from Akira, Angel's Egg, Ghibli movies, Robot Carnival, Lupin, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Urusei Yatsura, Vampire Hunter D, X, and lots more. Check out this url https://comics.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?No=0&Ne=35&N=793+792+3186+4294943322 if you are looking to spend big! Good luck all!
  5. Did you pick any up JV? Those would like great in your collection!
  6. That is an awesome piece! Congratulations again on adding the VF-1D settei. You nearly have a full set! What else you think you need to round out, or complete your set?
  7. First cel should not be from Orguss or Orguss 02, as most mechas from those series were not ground based relying on wheels.
  8. Yes most KOR movie cels are for Hikaru (dancing, crying, or her bang shot), few are ever for Madoka. Got better luck finding original Kentaro Miura or Rumiko Takahashi sketches. Saw those cels but already have one fro the same DYRL Misa sequence. Again pity no matching unstuck dougas.
  9. Interesting. Been searching for the first movie art for a couple decades, extremely low inventory. When even Yann, Young, and Rick did not have any it was a good sign these are nearly impossible to obtain.
  10. Sure you saw the cel from sequence A36 matching the first cel. It included the setup storyboard and Tatsunoko envelope but did not sell. Pity none of these cels include the douga those are beautiful if you can see them in-person. Which KOR OP cel (OVAs or TV)? Can you post a pic? Thanks.
  11. Interesting ZenAmako: Can you post the pics? Thanks.
  12. Welcome to MW. What brings you here? Does not look like any Macross mecha I am familiar with at all. Anyone else want to chime in and help the newbie Zambot13?
  13. Nice. Although the traceline damage is somewhat significant. Didn't participate as settei do not interest me enough to own. However that leaves one less competition for those of you who do collect, doesn't it? @Oden: You have an awesome settei collection. Did you manage to pick anything up to add to your large collection?
  14. Nice! Don't see many Macross Zero artwork.
  15. Good grief! They still look like cheap China or Taiwan knockoffs.
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