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  1. Smith flat out deceives and lies to the target audience about The Masters of the Universe. A bait-and-switch was done involving the marketing, interviews, and even the toys. I understand why Smith changed up the character focus and story lines, however, doing so definitely alienates the target audience. This series is definitely not a reboot, and is not suitable for the average new viewer. The series imposes multiple assumptions on the viewer (new and old), namely, remembering and understanding the complex character developments/relationships. Intersectionality, woke-ness, and social justice warrior (SJW) identity politics is constantly rammed down audiences throats by Holly-woke and Masters of the Universe is no exception. You can easily witness these disgusting elements, if you understand what Smith is depicting. As for Teela, I stand by my previous assessment, she demonstrates woke-ness, SJW, and an extreme irrational moral outrage towards everyone. Her outrage is based on a perceived injustice and her "feelings", because how she feels is paramount. However, Teela is not a victim by any means, nor is she repressed due to her gender. In truth Teela is simply not an enjoyable character, nor one seasoned, or new viewers can easily connect with and that is unfortunate. Smith's series is Masters of the Universe in name only. This beloved franchise deserves much better than this weaponized political piece of trash.
  2. Visually interesting and there are some highly talented voice actors lending their talents. Historically I enjoyed Smith's writing, but he has gone woke and panders to whims of the corporate overlords. This reboot should have been honest and simply named Teela. Completely false advertising and misleading AF.
  3. You paid about $250 pre-Japan shipping for both. Reference your old post
  4. Sweet! How large are these compared to a coin?
  5. Macross 30th Anniversary Three SD figure set SOLD to VF-1A Cannon Fodder
  6. @jzwolen That is a nice cel of SDFM TV Roy. It was most likely was used in the early episodes when more time was given to him. Do you have a douga, genga, storyboard, or timing sheet? Any one of those items will provide additional details. Can you share more about the origin history? Also, can you check if there are sequence number written on the upper right hand corner?
  7. Sure. We can always sell, or have a big blowout sale, like you always dreamed.
  8. Sometimes collectors consider selling to fund family obligations, consolidate, or just make room for better items too. Doubt most Macross art and cel collectors started with the intention to resell for profit. Of course, there is always exceptions like scalpers.
  9. Selling a couple items: 1) Hasegawa Macross Plus SD Egg Plane kit MIB. Unopened. $20 2) Gunbuster BOME Noriko figure MISB. $100 On SSL many times over. PM with your name, address, if you want to buy. Payment only by paypal. You agree to pay shipping and paypal fee (unless you fund payment as friend & family). Will remove listing once buyer sends payment; if listing is up, it is still available for sale. Thanks.
  10. Yes most Macross art 16 years ago was considerably cheaper than today. The most important question is will you sell anything? 😛
  11. Interesting. Maybe now is a great time to unload some Macross art? It is interesting to observe these cels (some from Carl Macek's own collection) all had backgrounds that may have been matching originals. If so that might be a contributing factor to the higher ending sale prices.
  12. Good catch jvmacross! Can you share more information about the historical use of this SDFM poster? It is somewhat unusual to create multiple hankens just for one product such as this vintage SDFM TV poster. Also, I concur with jvmacross that it is far easier to pull screen captured images for a poster as they did with many other DYRL, SDFM and even the FB posters. Perhaps this SDFM Minmay cel was also created for other promotional purposes we may not be aware of yet? Has anyone observed it used anywhere else?
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